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  1. Just one word of caution. If your daughter, or you for that matter, are particularly prone to seasickness, be aware that the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay can be rough. I wouldn't avoid the trip for that reason, but be prepared with wrist bands and Bonine. If you have time in Barcelona at the beginning, be sure to go to Park Guell and other locations designed by Gaudi. Your daughter will find the design comical. The Barcelona Zoo is another nice attraction.
  2. Socializing on board is a two-way street. There is almost always a way to find some commonality. Once you start a conversation, slip in "If you don't have other plans, would you like to join me for dinner?" Note the difference from "May I join you for dinner." Put yourself out there. You aren't looking for long time friendship. It's only a week. Sometimes you might encounter a couple who just want to be left alone, but you may find a couple who are looking for someone else to talk to besides each other. And we have found you can't make judgments based upon age or nationality difference (or similarity, for that matter). Wear a Bucs hat, but make sure you are ready to talk about Brady and the Gronk.
  3. Just one question about the electrical outlets. Do they now have one next to the bed? The only issue I have had with outlets has been having to run an extension cord for my CPAP machine from the nightstand to the other side of the room, and taping it down.
  4. Tell us more. The website doesn't show anything new. Do you have pictures? Is this all where the crow's nest is? Is the jaquzzi on 6 or is there a new one by the pool? So curious.
  5. Those don't look like take-home bottles, which means you can't enjoy the aroma of SeaDream in your own shower.
  6. Added Magic Fingers to the Bali Beds? Replaced the TOY Bar with a self-service minibar? Put real crows in the Crow's Nest? Replaced the floor in the golf simulator with a sandbox to make it feel more familiar? Turned the stack into a climbing wall? Can't think of what else they might have done.
  7. This barge, as well as Scotland, is part of European Waterways.
  8. You also don't want to put down any substantial non-refundable deposits because ports-of-call can be changed for a variety of reasons. The concierge desk often books private excursions, but in this case I would take Reunionmama's advice and do your own due diligence.
  9. We've barged in Holland and Bourgogne (see pic), and are hoping to do the Scottish Highlands this fall. Yes, no rough seas (although if the monster shows up on Loch Ness it might get rough), and if you are feeling seasick you can always get off and walk or bike. And the barge is tied up at night, so you don't even get rocked to sleep like on SD. The canals we have been on are very shallow. In fact, the Dutch canal at one point had a highway underpass. That was cool!
  10. I hope you do get back to SD, knothead, but you would probably enjoy barging, too. Only a few passengers and maybe 4 or 5 crew members, delicious food and all inclusive (including tours). Cabins are very spartan, but used only for sleeping, so not a big deal. Very relaxing, and if you get a good passenger mix dinner conversation can be wonderful. I know we are not supposed to give out names of TAs, but I'm sure you will be able to find a LADY who specializes only in BARGE vacations, who happens to be located in Chicago, but books people from all over.
  11. my recollection is that there are now 2 USB outlets. There's also one 110v outlet, which should still power your phone if you have the plug. BTW, it is only SD2 that has the second 220v outlet under the dressing table. SD1 doesn't have that.
  12. Gotta stop licking those frogs.👅🐸
  13. Just checked the website. It shows the Deck 2 at $8,280 pp and the Owner's Suite at $24,600 pp. For an 18 day, that is a good deal. Wonder if you were looking at the Norwegian prices in kroner, which is about 8.28 to the USD. That would come out close.
  14. You don't enjoy a fine red from the cellars of Chateau d'Sherwin Williams?
  15. We have always stayed at the Hilton, too. Nice pool. Rooms face the beach. And you can walk to Lobsters Alive. A short cab ride into town and the port.
  16. When taking a vacation is more of a hassle than working, you know something is wrong. I have enjoyed working from home for the past year, not having to deal with the anxiety of whether my flight will get me where I have to be, or get me home. No worries about weather, mechanical issues, or anything else that is beyond my control. Grateful that top tier airline and hotel status have rolled over to next January, but not looking forward to being at the bottom of the pecking order again. I am going back to business travel soon, with mixed feelings.
  17. The killer for the cruise industry is Florida's prohibition on companies requiring proof of vaccination. Miami is the largest cruise port in the world, and none of the companies will sail out of Florida if they can't require vaccination. Big article in yesterday's New York Times on the future of cruising. I hope this all get resolved before our New Year's cruise. We are scheduled to disembark in Palm Beach. First time in my knowledge that SD is sailing into and out of US. I hope our reservation at Mar a Lago is cancellable.
  18. I hope you are able to do the cruise in August, but I'm not optimistic about Europe yet. France, for all intents and purposes, is closed. They aren't even giving vaccines. I don't know if Italy is doing any better. We, too, are booked for New Years, and I'm fairly confident about that trip. We have a trip to Scotland in October, and we are now encouraged that the airlines are looking to create a travel corridor between the US and the UK where you don't have to quarantine. But now the question is whether we will need a second round of vaccine before we go since it will be more than 6 months. And if so, do we have to do the "Hunger Games" thing again? A lot depends upon how responsible people are going to be. Did there really need to be 38,000 people in a ballpark?
  19. We will both be in St. Barts for New Years. Hoping that works out. The last time we were supposed to do that the high seas required that the entire harbor be evacuated. Maybe we can plan a lunch together.
  20. Our TA got us a 2-night stay, perhaps because we arrive on Christmas, perhaps because they were desperate for guests, or perhaps because her agency has a special deal. Don't give up too easily.
  21. We are now booked for the New Year's and following week cruises, so we are also sailing out of STT. When we sailed from there a couple of years ago, it was right after the hurricane, and there was no place to stay, so we had to change our arrival plans, which included a pre-cruise stay at the Ritz Carlton. Spoke to a colleague from USVI a couple of weeks ago and she said some of the hotels never reopened. We booked the Ritz Carlton again. Not geographically desirable, and more than we wanted to spend. But it looks like it has been well- restored. Right now it has been 13 months since we were on SD. The longest interval we have ever had since we started with them. Way too long.
  22. Ah, but a diet of G&Ts can cause one to forget one's password.
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