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  1. Jane if you are at that stage, I highly reccomend Miriam Stoppard's book Quit Smoking Worked for me, at least 60 a day but not one in over 35 years. Be strong and good luck
  2. Morning ,noon and night, have also slept on it.Star gazing and cognac,whats not to like.
  3. R307 Aurora details under: There's plenty to do on a P&O cruises holiday, lists Anderson Bar, The Beach House, Champions Bar, The Glass House, Oasis Spar but does not mention Sindhu! Seems odd? Been on her a number of times, and although the food in Sindhu was rather paste on, not cooked in, and was a little bland for our taste, we always enjoyed the ambiance and the occasion.
  4. No I am still working out how many bottles I can pack into my case!🤣
  5. Megabear2,Well done keep going! Were we not being led to believe in the early pandemic days that the air con filter systems were being upgraded, I am sure the insider! referred to this at that time. So why are so many people still coughing? We after our first cruise in 2016, having experienced a bad bout of coughing bronchitis illness, other 3 weeks, took certain steps on our next cruise and never suffered again, but others on our various cruises did. What we did was to take two hand towels, laid a dry one scrunched up on the floor, soaked the other one so it was dripping wet, and placed in on a wire coat hanger which we hung under the air con outlet in the roof, let it drip down on the one on the floor. We related this to lots of people that we met on board, over many cruise, and the thanks we received was proof that it worked.
  6. The money had already been spent, so that don't lose that again, what they lose is the different experiences
  7. Ehg Hi Trust all is well. with both of you My answer is two fold 1/ Why limit yourselves?🤣 2/ Spontaneity
  8. Taken the plunge Baltic Cruise May 2023, 7 ports of which 5 are new. Last cruise December 2019, lost 3 to cancellations since.
  9. Suggest that you e-mail them today, with your query, and further tell them that you will wait for there reply, before you pay the balance.I would also send e-mails to different departments including his nibs. Sorry to hear of your predicament Just seen that this has already been suggested,slow off the mark!
  10. Was looking to do a B2B for 30 nights in September 2023, The Dames t/a have just informed me that we can not use a fold up push wheelchair on board. Seems a bit strange as they have adapted inside cabins!. We were looking for a standard balcony cabin. But not any more!
  11. As you are discovering ,very difficult with small wheels. My wife's chair has 2 small in the front and 2 larger ones at the back. when mounting a kerb, I lean the chair back allowing me to place the small wheels on the pavement and then lift the chair and push forward. In some of the cobbled Baltic ports ,I found it easier to walk back wards effectively pulling the chair. all a learning curve for you, it will be better next time, and there will be a next time!
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