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  1. Push in the little button on the bottom with a blunt toothpick and set all the numbers to zero . ; )
  2. They can be a little thin when it comes to accurate info online. But dont worry , if its showing at all your covered. When you get within a week of cruising call and get a current Amenities list from either NCL or your travel agent. and bring a copy ; )
  3. Thanks all that clears things up nicely .. Going to give MSC a whirl , those prices are really something. dexddd , Yes Ive been away for a while , needed a break. Was living with a female panther up on the mussel shoal for a season ;)
  4. Can one of you NCL Platinum that have saild on MSC explain what the perks are that transfer over ? I believe its Yacth club or ( Black ). In a nut shell , if i book a balcony as platinum ,,, what do i get ; ) Any info is appreciated.
  5. Fly into LongBeach .. Not as many flights as LAX but alot more convenient
  6. Well after all these years of not getting off the ship to visit the Straw market I'll have to start. And if they Ban straws can you still use them on your balcony or in the Casino ? Next up , the straws cousin , the nefarious cocktail napkin :eek:
  7. Okay , can someone please start a new thread on Straw smuggling , its only a matter of time . The Do's and Dont's ... Oh the horror
  8. I just love that little ship :cool::cool:.
  9. All of this financial shenanigans landing at the feet of the customer can all be tracked right back to Frank Del Rio and his shady ways.. Period
  10. I looked,,, unsuccessfully .. Can anyone tell me how reasonable an 11:15 AM flight home out of LaGuardia airport (LGA) might be . I know it may be tight , but how tight ? need a walk off ? Thank U
  11. God always protects drunks and babies . She has No idea how lucky she is. At night , probably doing 18-20 knots and drunk.. Thats her one pass.
  12. Theyll love it .. That ship was built for that age group . If you go during a school holiday , there will be No shortage of kids the age of your GK's ;p..
  13. menus.. http://www.beyondships2.com/norwegian-escape-menus.html
  14. Yes , and EACH restaurant will charge (1credit) against your DP . You must tell them at time of ordering tho.. Id go to the restaurant , there is always something for the non-fish eater and same for Cagneys ..;);)
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