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  1. Im Not going to wear a mask . Period ! Del Rio said its okay 😏
  2. It is owned and operated by Miami Dade county in partnership with the city of Miami . Not to mention the dozens of contractors that work the shore side . All in all 350,000 jobs are attached to that chunk of concrete ;
  3. I agree . I think by late Fall the mask issue will be no more ..
  4. If the cruise line changes the rules of the contract After you have booked thats a breach and they must offer a refund . Im sure there will be a time limit tho ...
  5. Hahaha.. Unless you plan on swimming the 20 or so odd miles out to sea. That big ol pier they dock at is Miami proper ; )
  6. Incorrect , J&J found its vaccine was 85% effective at preventing severe illness and 100% effective at preventing hospitalizations and deaths 28 days after individuals were vaccinated. Therefore masks are a waste of time .
  7. Right then !!!!! No more masks ... Lets get cruising !! Im booked , but I wont say when 🤭
  8. Im having the same issue. I want to wait until NCL isnt mandating the mask . Has anyone heard their plan ? 2022 ? wait and see ??
  9. Very important to go the first night . Half the teens dont go back after that . As already mentioned they group up and do their own thing . My girls loved the teen club . Now in their 20s
  10. Thats not even a question.. Port Canaveral is a pain in the butt.. Aside from visiting the museum , its a bust and expensive to park. Most defiantly go to NOLA . You will have great time and getting around is very easy . Dont miss the WW11 museum , very interesting and of course Bourbon and Jackson square ..
  11. Start small . Start selling survivor only cruises . You must have had the virus in order to book . Pool of 100,000 by now. Anyone ???
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