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  1. Interesting. I read this as, if your traveling Sep 14 or later: April 15, your pre-booked MDR reservations will be cancelled. June 17, you can rebook your MDR reservations in the App, under the new plan.
  2. Actually, your post gives more information. Thank you.
  3. If a room steward is nearby, ask to be let in. If not, use the crew chat on the App to have the room steward open door for you.
  4. Great recommendations here. I have to say Silverado and Caymus were my two favorites Cabs also. We like to go to Vines and try suggested wines and sometimes find a new fave. Loved Belle Glos Pinot and Seghesio Zin too. Enjoy your wine cruise on Sky! 🍷
  5. Sometimes, it’s a crew member. I’ve avoided that crew member if possible. Enchanted, we had 2 crew at the piazza that would almost knock you down with that cologne. Whew!
  6. That’s a real problem! No mess with my 🍷. 🤣
  7. This screenshot shows you already have the wifi single device package. To switch to your July cruise, which I assume the above screenshot is not the July cruise? On the App you should show the next cruise… just click bottom right photo…brings up cruises. Click on view all or the picture of the next cruise by scrolling over to the right, swipe left. Click on the cruise you want. THEN, look at the wifi/internet for that July cruise. Book your internet package unless you already have it included in a Plus or Premier package? And, yes, you should show a 50% discount on that wifi screen to purchase. If you don’t, then your loyalty status is wrong on the App. Hey, a lot of us have that issue. 😳
  8. Here’s a review from cruise critic on the Solar eclipse cruise. Emerald Princess 4/8/24. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/what-s-it-like-to-go-on-a-solar-eclipse-cruise
  9. No reply is a no reply email from them. If you’re trying to add a past cruise, that cannot be done by the “link a booking” as it does not work and never has. Never try to link, it can cause issues. The agent’s on the PCL phone should be able to do this, or if you have a TA/CVP (or your daughter’s), call them for assistance. Or, you can try again the 1800 Princess phone. Other suggestion, try an email to: customerrelations@princesscruises.com In the Subject field: Urgent Sailing: May 4, 24 List: Name: Captain Circle Number: Booking no: Sail date, ship Explain you want to add an old cruise to this account, so it will be updated when you sail on May 4th. You have tried many times with no success. Haven’t had much luck, but maybe you will. If you can’t get this done ahead of the cruise, I’d take information with you on the cruise to guest services/captain’s circle for help. Let us know.
  10. Responded to you in New Princess App thread. Go to App search: search Princess Cruises 2nd one down. Click on Get. Also, from cruise personalizer on the Princess website. Check in, you’ll see a Google or Apple link to download the App. Welcome to the Princess Forum.
  11. Go to the App store: search button: Princess Cruises You should see it, 2nd one down. Click on it to get it. You can also download it from your cruise personalizer, check in…you’ll see a Google link or Apple link to download the App.
  12. If you’re looking for information on Jamaica, I’d read the State Department information on traveling. We no longer get off the ship at Jamaica stops. JMO Go to: Comprehensive Travel.state.gov Search: Jamaica travel advisory The Sky, is a beautiful ship. The only thing we don’t like is the noise in the Piazza, when the ship is full. Volume..way too high.
  13. We usually get the final folio by email within a few days. Some have reported not receiving them. Check your junk mail also. Your CC hold should fall off, 5-7 business days, depending on your bank.
  14. No it is not necessary. It is reusable only if it’s a b2b, same ship, continuous journey.
  15. Maybe it’s those in your rollcall? 🥴
  16. Big family!🤣 Do you know all those people? Crazy. Must be on the Sun. SMH
  17. Wow. Sounds like something my Engineer DH would do. He’s always trying to fix things. 🥴 It is a shame you had to spend your vacation time on this. Clever though! They need to replace those worn out sofas. Have a great cruise now.
  18. Just like your name…I would be careful of booking this, but YMMV. My thread won’t post on here. So Just google Princess Promotions cruise critic and several come up.
  19. Glad it showed up. So, about 10 days before.
  20. PacnGoNow


    You can ask in the MDR at breakfast for a bowl of them. Bring your ziplock baggie. Also, I’ve always seen nuts at the Horizon/Marketplace at breakfast (near the oatmeal) and at lunch (near the salads). If you want a bowl, just ask at the buffet and they can go back and get it for you. We sometimes ask for extra olives (lunchtime at buffet) and take to our cabin for later with wine and cheese. We bring on small sealed packages of snacks/nuts/crackers for our excursions, (Depends on the ports) if we take them off.
  21. It still says $24.99 a day on the website with elite 50% off. When is the next segment? You can buy it on the App when the next segment starts.
  22. We saw that also on the Sapphire. Disgusting. I don’t care what the culture is…not in your country now…do that in your cabin! Very unsanitary. I could not eat there again. Disgusting.🤢
  23. I felt the same as you when I saw a woman had dressed her miniature dog up in matching outfits and a hair bow, pushing her dog in a umbrella stroller. Really? I asked her what type of service dog her baby was. She said it could smell when her husband’s blood sugar dropped to a dangerous level. IDK I would hope a physician would document the need for a service dog. BTW, thank you for the informative and great review.
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