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  1. dress code.... almost back to normal.... now we need some ships.... the way I interpret it, cruise line, like a bit of decorum in MDR particularly at dinner, but there are some who agreed and others who don't. look at it as a request....... Having said that everybody is aware of the Cunard dress standard, which is old school... they make it point of explaining it.... it is simple if it is not for you, don't go.... So Cunard is not our list of cruise line,, but one does make a little effort to look reasonable when going to dinner...
  2. Down here Cruising starting to look like late 2022 due to border closures... As for what type ?? unsure, it will depend on what is for offer and the price.... Until then cruising in on the back burner...... Don
  3. Old is a state of mind.... the only thing is I don't recognized the person in the mirror.... But people always asked what do you want to be when you grow up ( not out...lol ) Now if they asked be happy.... but nobody will ask..lol Don
  4. Junior Suite ? One Room Suite ? Half Suite ? Half a suite..... a rather nice balcony stateroom ( RNBS ) Best Balcony Cabin (BBC).......I have Payed more than You Balcony ?? Almost but not a suite..... Upmarket Balcony..... The mind Boggles....
  5. I think it come down to choice.... some of us prefer a real book, other love kindles and the like.. Cruises offer lots of opinions, a paper news letter and cruise cards, can work hand in hand with medallions and smart phones.... Just saying one day the battery will go flat... remember the idea of the paperless office... and how then every area had a printer.... people like a hard copy, something to hold in your hand..... I love technology worked with 3D Cad for 25 + years... but one like to switch off... and went through the period where your new
  6. disembarkation day breakfast is the introduction to the real world... Generally Juice, coffee and an omelet with toast. one goes from specialty restaurant, were everything is made to order,, back to club class in MDR... which is still very good... Then back home, to cooking, driving adn cleaning up... Don
  7. I use 9-18mm zoom mainly used on 9mm Photo of ship atrium on the Golden Princess Don
  8. I think the general drift is... that cruise lines want to talk and discuss and those in power, are on a different page.... ( this is shown by wanting the ships staffed with Australian..... and even the hospitality industry is having big problem getting local staff ). Also i think in my opinion, those in power aren't interested, and will keep in pushing the date of possible start further out . So with the long lead time to get a ship staffed and ready to go... there looks little chance of anything happening this year. Predication .... the power to be, will say ok
  9. Basically..... first step... is set a budget and how long 4 -7 nights ( 7 would be nice ) Then you have a starting point.... Balcony or Suite ( check the perks you get ) Planing is the best part, so look at what you can get for money..... and go from there. Don
  10. Even before Covid prices went up and down depended on the date ,even by moving dates as little as three weeks , saved 15% off the fare same cruise same cabin.... Simply it is what the market will bear... supply / demand... But now the cruise line are in need of money and people will be willing to pay, so I would expect prices to increase in the current climate..... It is even happening with local accommodation, rises of 30% plus, example like charging full rate off season... everybody is trying to recoup their losses.... Don
  11. Love the way company rename things.... is it trying to make the old... new ?? simple a spade is a spade... pretty easy....... Cabins or stateroom... will become rooms and the new rename. crew incentive... how about service charge..... or what about put the fare up to include this..... or include a drinks package into all fares...... both will make money which is the bottom line..... finally travelling resort instead of ship I don't think so....
  12. What we do for extend time away... ( we live in an apartment ). All bills are now via the internet.... except council rates... so mail box we have checked every 2 weeks...a long with quick check of outside of apartment. Turn off water and most thing electric, Only turn fridge off if longer than 6 weeks... Relax..... also our insurance has no problem we us being away in the apartment block. Don
  13. Cruising does not equal drinking... as suggested go to land based AI.. at lease they can't fall over board... If a drinking holiday is required go to the local bar... a lot cheaper..
  14. shore excursions..... really depend on the country you are visiting, not the CDC or Cruise Line. If one must go of only excursions provided by the cruise line so be it..... So they are trying to herd the cats..... if you don't like it..... nobody is forcing you to go on the cruise
  15. Could be the old supply and demand, as not a lot of Club Class about 15-20% of mini suite are Club Class So numbers wise a similar number of Club Class and Full Suites which combined only make up 5-8% of all cabins...... Don
  16. Love it.....they are all spot on... Have stayed the about the same weight for about two weeks which is OK, going away for a break on Tuesday for 16 nights which will be great. not taking scales or measuring tape, we are on the coast so lots of walking track, which one will be using... it will be cold about 10-15 deg C so gloves, beanie, jacket with hood, to stay as warm as toast while walking enjoying the views, which will be great. So relax, long walks, and not too much food ....lol Cheers Don
  17. Things on must take list Clock battery powered with Temperature read out ( to set room temp ) Small knife blade about 2 inches to cut fruit Wine saver for bottled wine Small bottle of creme balsamic vinegar for salads make from stuff from buffet for lunch Disposable pepper grinder for food bought back to cabin from buffet otherwise normal stuff... Don
  18. Sandwiches on a cruise.... not really... sometimes for a lunch snack chicken caesar wrap Favorite Sandwich.... Hot Roast Beef, tomato and onion, bread must be buttered... yummm. Don
  19. Absolutely agreed.... on a cruise have always disconnected, no computers or phone.... ( check phone once a day on port days in case something happens at home ) the idea is to relax away from everyday life...... the motto keep it simple ( it is called a cruise card )... Some would say.... you can order a drink sitting st the pool... how about get up walk to the bar, talk to the bar staff and get your drink..... It is not like you have to be anywhere else... Technology is good.... and helps people.... but this is the other way....
  20. Tell them they are dreamin..... no idea.... like that is going to happen..... Well that is it... if they are fair dinkum about this.... no cruising for god only knows......
  21. creme balsamic vinegar dark and somewhat thick.... does run off we get one from Moro.
  22. sometimes Caesar Salad ( but where is the Egg ? ) in the MDR but for lunch, get the ingredients from the buffet ( lettuce, tomato, onion cucumber fetta if available, take to cabin to sit on balcony, add creme balsamic vinegar, ( bring a small bottle with us ) and enjoy with what ever else one has bought.
  23. soup on a cruise.... generally no,,, had french onion soup once... ever again.... well it had some onions, but that was about it Soup for me my homemade pea and ham thank you, served with buttered toast.
  24. Yes spot on taken from green point brighton... something from the past... Cheers your go..... Don
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