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  1. Probably don't need to mention this, keep a clean dry towel for the seat on the way back to the ship. It will be certainly appreciated 😎!
  2. The blow up vest is what i use if i have to. They pack small and you can adjust the level of air when wearing it. Yes, a rashguard is necessary. Something you should consider is matching shorts to protect the top back of your legs if you burn easy. I bring a little sample size bottle of woolite and handwash the clothes in the shower with me. I take 2 so I don't have to wear a wet rashguard. If you don't get a full face mask, most likely you will have a snorkel in your mouth, so you shouldn't get anything in your mouth. In all these years, I've never got anything weird like plankton in my mouth. Hope this helps.
  3. Thank you! I've been looking for fins like this that are shorter. After a knee injury (and arthroscopic surgery) I was advised to not wear fins until my knee was stronger, but my long fins feel too unstable. I have been snorkeling without fins for about a year. Its doable, but I only snorkeled where I've been before, or if going off a boat tour, I stayed close to the guide in the water. These look like they will do the trick!
  4. Hi Amanda, I also have fit problems with masks. One of the things that really helped me is having a built -in purge valve. If a little water does get in, you can easily blow it out. I also prefer a single window because it doesn't press on the bridge of my nose. The bulky two lens mask feels heavy, and I can't see well because my narrow face means my eyes are closer together. Some manufacturers make adjustable swiveling buckles (where the mask meets the strap). The fit isn't just the skirt. The entire mask has to have the right comfort features too. This article may be helpful - www.divein.com/snorkel-mask. Read all the way to the bottom of the article, the end explains features well. Last thing, it's very important not to be pushed in to buying a mask that is not comfortable or what you want. the last time I went to a dive shop I told them I needed a purge valve. They didn't have masks with purge valves and told me I didn't need one, and to buy one of their masks anyway. I told them thanks for their time and left. See you out in the water😊!
  5. Been a long time since I was on the Volendam. They were with us in HMC last month. Just wanted to comment that you can get a travel size Downey Wrinkle Releaser at your grocery store. With a little practice you can get very good results. I bring mine on every cruise. If you only need a touch up that's the best way to go. When we were on the Koningsdam last month the laundry department was somewhat lacking. On the clothes that came back wrinkled, I used the wrinkle release, and they looked much better. A side note... I don't particularly care for the smell of their laundry detergent. I also bring a bottle of generic febreze (Dollartree) that I use on the clothes, sheets, pillows, comforters, carpet, beach towels... But I will never complain about free laundry!
  6. Eurodam - 18 Mar 20 - 18 day Hawaii - CaliforniaAC - Amaris & Jerry - Cruising with Bill & Di
  7. Hi, We've done it twice. I can tell you that the island is fairly easy to navigate, the roads are good, and in most places flat. Once out of the city, there's not much in the way of traffic either. One thing I would point out, as we have had this happen, check to see what time the rental car office opens. We rushed over to pick up our car by 8:00am, only to find out that the rental car company didn't open until 9:00am, and the employee got there around 9:30am to open up. It may be better to e-mail the local office than use the open hours that Hertz will have on their website. We pretty much always rent a car in Curacao. There's a rent a car company at the Mega Pier. We've never done an organized tour there. We just organize our own. One more suggestion I would make is to carefully check your tires on the rental car, and to make sure you have a spare in the trunk. Basic, I know, but one rental car did get a flat (thorn in the tire), and another had the steel belt showing through the side wall when we picked it up. They had to bring a tire from the airport, so we had a bit of a wait. Both in Curacao. Enjoy Bonaire! AC
  8. Hi, We have been going to Vigie Beach for years. We have walked from Point Seraphine, and also taken taxi's and taxi-buses. For years, there was nothing there. The last time we were there (last November) they had finished the construction, and everything was open. There is a public restroom on each end. The beach is long, and natural. The snorkeling isn't great, but swimming, in and out etc. is easy. In November, Point Seraphine was closed, and they were doing heavy construction. You may possibly be docking at the point in town.
  9. Just a quick word on that. This happens everywhere. If the cab drivers suggests anything besides where you want to go, tell them it sounds nice, but we are meeting our friends there after their tour. Most likely, you will end up where you want to go.
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