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  1. I've done birthday dinners first night in both, and everything from S-class to the signature class ships. I think the biggest consideration for me would be if I had assigned or unassigned dining. The first night can be long, long lines for the unassigned dining room. An idea for starting the birthday dinner on a lively note would be cocktails with appetizers before dinner, with an open invitation to your roll call to stop by and say hello. Then have a nice quiet dinner afterwards. Happy birthday🎂
  2. Too long for me as well. But all cabs in Curacao are expensive. By chance is anyone else from your roll call going? At the very least you could split the cab fare to get there. We have taken a cooperative before, but I don't know how that would be post covid. It's not far though. Have fun!
  3. Thanks for your info! We crossed Bahia Piscadera off the list and added Cas Abou. The ship is an all-vax, but I'm still bringing the mask. Hoping the restart is well thought out. Take care, AC
  4. Talked with my husband tonight, Cas Abou would be about 15 minutes further. One question; How do you return the car? Thanks Jerry!
  5. Thanks for the advice! I will check out Advance. I am aware of, and enjoy "island time", but I can't begin on all the stories about Avis. I love Curacao's drivability though, and it's beauty. I looked at Cas Abou, and I was worried about the drive time. Take care & happy travels!
  6. Hi, we've been cruising to the the southern Caribbean for over a decade, and we have been to a number of great places, and we love the beaches on the far end of the island, especially since the ship didn't leave unit midnight. This trip, the ship departs at 5:00pm; You can't imagine my disappointment! Usually Avis doesn't open until 9:00-9:30, and they don't have your car there, sometimes (don't get me started), so you normally don't get on the road until about 10:30. We will need to be back to drop off the car about 3:30 to get back on the ship by 4:30. That gives us
  7. I remember when... At the PC- We always took advantage of the $10 charge that they offered only for the first night. That was probably around 2004 or 05. Happy to bring cash, We always tipped well over what we paid for the cost of the meal. It's true as well that some didn't tip at all.
  8. After our first Luggage Direct experience, we were hooked! It was the same routine, and we put our luggage out the night before. If you can't get small samples, bring partly used items, then leave what little is in them on the ship. You can also buy TSA approved bag & bottle kits that you can fill at home. If you look at the cost vs. the hassle of getting a porter at the terminal, tipping him, luggage into the airport trans, tipping him, the porter at the airport, tipping him, well, it makes using Luggage Direct very reasonable. Please don'
  9. We are booked on the Volendam in November, and that is one of our stops. With a bit of research and discussion with my husband, we found that the beach we were going to go to is the same beach as on the HAL excursion. We're going to take the excursion. Happy travels!
  10. In a very short time, the reef in the water in front of Carambola was killed. They never impressed upon their patrons not to stand on the reef. Now it's dead. We won't go there ever again.
  11. HAL's unofficial slogan is "Newlywed or nearly dead". So the times sound about right. Wonder how they will schedule the entertainment😊!
  12. I certainly hope your Spanish Farewell cruise sails... Mines the next 😄
  13. Don sometimes gets long winded and opinionated, but, I don't believe he thinks of himself as a journalist, or that his channel is the you tube equivalent to CNN. We think of him as entertainment value. Not serious reporting. The ships off Southern California have been doing their ships mechanical maintenance for weeks now. It only makes sense. With CDC restrictions and certifications, crew can get off the ships at U.S. ports and go to the airports since the first part of March. New crew can get on the ships, but have to quarantine 14 days once they board. Last week, t
  14. DH and I really enjoy gala night. We dress formal on those nights. Since we have laundry service we have room in the suitcase. One of the nicest things about gala night is that they're icebreakers. If someone looks wonderful, I can compliment them and not feel shy. I love to hear about earrings received for anniversaries, scarfs bought on exotic trips, or a ring that has been passed down through the generations.
  15. DH loves the Grand Dutch Cafe. I don't think we were four days into our Koningsdam cruise that he had acquainted himself with the whole staff working there. Every time we passed there someone would greet him by name. I think the drinks there are now included in the drink package.
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