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  1. Kudos to Princess for being responsible, respectful and proactive.
  2. Everyone has their own personal price point. We love to cruise. We also love X, but— we love to vacation more. So, if an X cruise is out priced and another line costs less, for what we consider comparable, bye X. And if a great land based vacay is less than the cruise, bye cruise.
  3. Last year X said after Thanksgiving. In actuality it was early Dec, about Dec 9. With the uncertainty of things due to COVID, I would not be surprised if it is later.
  4. We had Panama Oct 2020 booked. It was first posted by Celebrity right after Thanksgiving 2018. We did lift and switch to move that cruise to Oct 2021. I am not certain if that will happen and expect maybe after this Thanksgiving, the second half of 2022 will open.
  5. I guess the death cases don’t matter unless it effects you, personally. My next door neighbor and friend of 30 yrs with NO previous health issues died from COVID after close to a month on a vent. I have 3 past nurse co-workers first responders ,who also, did not have past health issues, die from Covid My daughter gets tested weekly, as she works In LTC. As long as people continue to think all those BS, hoax, and selfish crap that this is not serious, we will not be safe or welcome elsewhere. I can’t blame them. Curious, Do you wear a shirt and shoes before entering businesses? Do
  6. I am not TeeRick, but I highly believe we will not be sailing by then. Jmo, but even if a vaccine were green lighted by spring 2021 (which in imo would be early), then we have to deal with the issue of distribution. This is supplies to distribute and transfer safely, staff to inoculate and protocol for who goes first etc. Add in the variable of vaccine efficacy. Now add in how much of the population will vaccinate. Meanwhile testing is still a cr*pfest in most places and the virus is not controlled n the USA. Next, the cruise lines will have lots of issues to deal with. Social d
  7. Happy, healthy, peaceful new year!
  8. A year ago last May, my DH and I were in a small group touring the Vatican. We were on a break and talking to those around us. Short story, the man I was speaking with works with my brother.
  9. We did a round trip out of LA/San Pedro last Oct on the Eclipse. It was wonderful. There were 5 sea days out, then island hopping from Hawaii (Hilo, Kona), Oahu and Maui, then 4 sea days back and a stop at Ensenada, Mexico. We loved it.
  10. If the efficacy rate for a future vaccine is only between 40-60%, I wonder if masks would still be required anyway. I guess everything is a wait and see.
  11. Vaccines are not 100% percent effective, that’s why. Most vaccines like measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox are >90% effective. However, the flu vaccine is about 40-60% effective depending on the strain. Then add in the variable of each person’s immune system is different. Some respond better than others.
  12. ITA Our society lives by no shirt, no shoes, no service. There are businesses that clearly state no food or drink allowed signs on their doors. We have seat belt laws. We have texting and driving laws. No smoking areas. These and others are not questioned and are enforced. No one bandies about personal rights violation for those things. Had we had clear, concise direction from our leaders and enforcement in March, we would not be dealing with this in July.
  13. Can’t like your post enough. Thank you.
  14. I can’t blame them or anyone else that chooses to ban USA. Until people act like mature, responsible adults vs ignorant, selfish children, I don’t see a curve reversal. Jmo
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