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  1. My experience over the past 20 yrs with X, it all depends on when you booked your cruise. If you book your cruise early, you may have gotten the best rate (I did on my current and in past cruises). Then a “special” like this comes up. But— maybe the cruise is almost full or has been out for a year and actually gone up in price, so it might now be 20% off, but it in actuality, as I just checked on my own future cruises, is still a LOT more than the original price. Check the fine print and facts.
  2. Totally agree. We have sailed on Summit deck 7 right around that particular room you are considering, 6 times. Deck 7 is quiet and in the past 3 out of the 6 times, Robert was our stateroom attendant. We love him and hope he and his have been safe and that we hope to see him in the future. Summit is great.
  3. Continue to have a beautiful, healthy cruise. Looks wonderful.
  4. We often get reservations 48 hrs out. No issues. let me say, for me, if I’m not cooking and not cleaning up, I grateful beyond measure and very happy.
  5. Simply, thank you for biting the bullet and posting my thoughts. Thank you. I’m so effing over the selfish mindset that continues to feed this pandemic, because THIS is what is feeding the virus and allowing it to mutate. I hope these posts are not removed.
  6. Luckily, I live where there is excellent Italian food, so I find Tuscan a mediocre comparison. It’s not bad and we have had good meals, but I don’t find it comparable to Murano. In all fairness, I don’t think Murano stacks up to many steak houses either.
  7. Thank you. 😃 glad you had a great cruise and am appreciative for the info.
  8. I asked this above, but it was not addressed. Currently, children 5 yrs old are not vaccinated. Will there be ship board restrictions due to such? If so that could enjoyment ( pool, theater, dining venue) also, are those restrictions unforced?
  9. The Summit has always been our favorite ship. We love her dearly.
  10. Just curious, but if you are unvaccinated, won’t you be restricted to certain activities, such as swimming pool etc? I would think restrictions would interfere with a 5 yr olds fun— no pool, no shows.
  11. We did a lift and switch from an Oct 2020 to this Oct 2021, also and cancelled this Oct 2021 cruise last Dec 2020. I had many of the same concerns and felt none of them would be addressed fully until close to sail date. I put the money on from that cruise on a Canadian cruise for Oct 2022 instead. I have no desire to cruise and quarantine or have restrictions on excursions.
  12. My name is Karen. I’m a daughter, wife, sister, mom, grandma and friend. I worked as a nurse for over 40 years. I’m a friend to many. I love animals and am a loving pet owner. I volunteer. What another example of sad labeling society has chosen vs kindness once again. jmo
  13. DH, nice shirt and pants. Me, usually a nice dress, skirt or cocktail pants. Dressy top or tunic. We like to look nice, pack light. Keep it simple.
  14. ITA. One of my daughters has an undiagnosed auto immune disorder. She has had some horrendous reactions to IVs, vaccines and meds— yet was still advised to be vaccinated. Those doing vaccines are able to deal with possible immediate issues. She has been fully vaccinated, thank god. AND she had minor, minor side effects. Vaccines are a good thing and I am sooooooo thankful. (Said as a professional health care worker)
  15. Congrats and Mazel Tov on your 50th. Such a blessing.
  16. Personally, as a lifelong health professional, I hope and pray(JMO) most will choose vax. Just wanted to clarify. At this point in time, I don’t believe the issue with other countries is vaccine refusal, but vaccine availability. Be safe and healthy, friends.
  17. I consider myself a glass half full person, but also one who looks objectively at the facts vs through rose colored glasses. So maybe a pragmatist? My opinion is that there will be many factors involved with this issue, than simple vaccination of industrialized nations. Will cruising other than 7 days up and down be USA coast or to the Caribbean be possible? Will we be able to travel freely to all other ports and schedule private excursions, regardless of how much of their population is vaccinated? Will foreign airports be open to all travel? Maybe the vaccinated might only contract a minor case, but it can still be spread to others. Yes, things are moving forward, however there is a long way to go before something more definitive can be announced. There are still large numbers in the USA who are not wanting to vaccinate.
  18. Exactly what we did years ago! We cruised Coral Princess after the land tour southbound from Anchorage to Vancouver and even spent some post time in Vancouver. We went early September and had lovely, but misty weather.
  19. After a few martinis at the Martini bar, just hang it there!
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