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  1. I researched the brewery after hearing about it , reading about it's location and seeing pictures of the old brewery and new. From what I recall the owners/ brewers sold the brewery and recipes to a local restaurant and the location moved to restaurant location in the village. It did not sound like the new owners were brewers but very enthusiastic to continue the breweries traditions. I would like to know if someone has tried the beers since the brewery moved to it's new location . from the beer list nothing pops out but I would try a flight to support a local craft brewer, just wish it was
  2. Check a flight from SD to LAX , john wayne, or long beach: may be able to get it in the 100 to 150 range one way ( less than an hour flight) . then get the shuttle or uber airport to SP. not sure if costs and time will work out less than UBER . just something to look at . good luck .
  3. i think we are in Juneau for 11 or 12 hours so a couple hours on the bus? maybe a good time to let the legs rest. maybe stop at the brewery .
  4. 12 $ for what? I is good to be the KING!
  5. there is a Ton to see ! All within "easy" walking ( it is all flat) distance of the Church on Spilled Blood. you will need to do your research. I would look at a map and pick a couple of places you might like to see. then depending on the drop off spot make a goal of getting to that spot. It is a big place. but you will only have to navigate one major street if you get tired, walk back the other side of the street to your meeting point. you can walk a block off the main drag and come right back It is so easy .do not let this tread or what you read here intimidate you into thinking that you ca
  6. thanks, that will be a stop from now on . I never knew. ( the passenger service desk patter for day of boarding )
  7. here is a duh question, in the posts it is common for one to write something like in this post "The back page of the Princess Patter will show which restaurant is open". where do you get this patter? isn't that in the room laying on the bed. usually we eat before we are in the room.
  8. Thrak, Take the bucket from Bar to Bar? What are you some kind or Crazy Genius! That actually sounds FUN. Like an Easter egg hunt but with BEER.
  9. asked princess about my pre paid gratuities with the BSE when I spoke to them about the NZG and NDG. I was told that on their end they see the gratuities as prepaid. I have minors in my room and their drink packages do not show up , however princess says that their packages will not show until closer to the cruise and to check in 3 weeks before the cruise. Have prior and more experienced cruisers had a like experience and did it all "just work out in the end"? man i hope so!
  10. since posting the above I was told by Princess that in order to use the codes : NZG or NDG. I would lose the onboard credit that came with the Cyber sale ( i think the 2 promotions have the same obc and with the codes that my family members fares would be re booked at the new 3rd and 4th passenger fare. so not a good deal for me.
  11. princess did not know what i was talking about with the codes above and tried to re book the BSE for me. (which i already have}. We booked under the Cyber sale package then the BSE. to this date the drink package seems to appear under my cruise personalizer ( but not the prepaid gratuities, do those reflect in the personalizer and if not how does this work ?) . anyone have any information on how , what , or why with this "new promotion" .
  12. so from this thread are posters saying you are charged local tax If you order drinks in port. If one has the drink package are taxes added on top of the package price? I understood that one post indicated that the cost is not incurred until away from port to avoid taxing the package. and one post indicated that his wife's drink was taxed a port , but his beer was not. looking for clarification thanks.
  13. You CAN do Moscow on a 2 day lay over It was offered on our cruise by the ship, I believe. we did have some on our ship do this. However, I believe that they had already been to SP before and felt they had done SP. If you leave early and arrive late like an itinerary to Moscow would require, I would suggest you pick a lighter trip in SP on day two. SP is a massive place, distances are Big. We did SP independently with Visas, when looking at tours x 2 days verse visa cost the independence out weighed the costs of the tours. money wise not much difference. There was a LOT of planning that wen
  14. Visit Rasputin's apartment in SP . There has to be a ghost in that place. The guy wouldn't die ! Shot , poisoned, drowned and they could not kill the guy, I bet he must be still present in that apartment. SP must have a ghost tour. I am sure that place is some kind of haunted. You will need your rest between days in SP! we got visas and went solo. I have to say that SP at night is special.
  15. thanks for the explanation. perfectly explained.
  16. the thread seems to be going a little sideways, so I figure I will ask a drink package question not on topic, but I am unable to find a answer elsewhere. here it is, Do you pay for the beverage package on the last day of your cruise? the day of disembarkation. if the package hours are 6 am to 6 am and your ship ports at 615 am on the final day , am I paying 70 $ for that last 15 minutes. I realize that I will not be off the ship at 615 but realistically after breakfast with maybe a mimosa. Just looking at the math and and placing that 70 $ over the length of the days minus the last, as i KNOW
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