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  1. Not sure if E731 on the Crown is the same as on the Caribbean Princess, but we have had E731 on the CB twice. Loved the larger covered balcony. Vibration usually is limited to docking maneuvers coming into or leaving port. My wife and I will always book E731 on the CB if available. We had the family suite on the Crown in 2018 on the port side. Same vibrations coming in and out of port. This suite is all the way up front. You can see the photos of the couple having a Balcony Dinner on the Princess website. (FYI, when under sail, you can't enjoy the balcony due to the 20 plus knots of wind
  2. We were on Deck 18. Loved it. Not sure there is a bad YC deck?
  3. We were on the last MSC ship to dock in Miami on March 15th, 2020, Meraviglia. The crew in the YC did not know what they were going to do as far as getting home or staying on the ship. The YC staff could not have been more gracious or accommodating on the last day. Breakfast served in YC was good as the rest of the cruise. When we were ready to leave the ship, we were escorted directly to the Customs area. US Customs was clearing passengers off the ship so fast we were in our car by 9:00 am.
  4. Yes, we were on the last sailing, docked on March 15th. Arthur was so awesome! You are right, watching Arthur during service was a delight. He treated everyone in the dinning room as if they were his only customer and his staff was also top notch!
  5. Our March 2020 sailing on the Meraviglia YC was one of our best cruises ever. We have sailed on Princess in inside cabins, mini-suites, full suites and Owners Suites. The Butler service on MSC was awesome from check-in, to the YC area on board. The Concierge desk would handle onboard reservation for dinning or shore excursions to airline flight changes. YC drinks were included including all over the ship. Food in the YC was good to excellent as was the service. We enjoyed being escorted to the Cirque du Soleil and seated in the front row. Escorted off the ship at every port for excursions.
  6. Totally agree. Our cruise on the Meraviglia in March 2020 was awesome as we were in the YC. Anywhere we ordered a drink outside YC was "free" and the bartenders served our drinks with a smile. Being escorted to the Cirque show and seated in the front row was very nice. The YC experience overall was worth the money. We really enjoyed the private island and the YC experience.
  7. We were in the Yacht Club on the Meraviglia in March 2020. Ocean Cay was awesome. I have to agree, the Cabanas were way over priced. We were impressed with the food , bar service and the free umbrellas on the beach. MSC could have done a better job providing smooth sand instead of the rough crushed stone on the beach. Better yet, having the beach area to the left of he Club House to Yacht Club guests. Smooth sand, clear water and no wind.
  8. Sailed once on Diamond Princess, once on Crown Princess and three times on Caribbean Princess. Don't go to shows, so crowded theater is not a problem, but I see other lines have similar issues. You can't have a 3000 passenger ship and expect to seat everyone in a 900 seat theater. We love the CB and will sail on her again Medallion Class ship is wonderful. Also, if it's in your budget, Club Class dining is wonderful. We never waited more than 5 minutes for a table Service was better than any of the specialty restaurants.
  9. Once you try the Yacht Club, you will be spoiled. After 6 cruises on Princess, 2 on Carnival and 1 on MSC, YC was over the top. If you are worried about it being too fancy, just ask for help. If you feel you might be intimidated in the YC, just do want you feel is right Heck, you will never the 200+ people in the YC again, so have fun, treat the staff well and enjoy being pampered.
  10. We sailed in the YC , Meraviglia this past March. Shorts, jeans, bathrobes were allowed in the dining room for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, shorts, jeans and casual clothes were worn. Elegant night, some folks really dressed up, but most came in nice resort casual. Never saw anyone turned away for being "under dressed". The YC experience for us was one of the best cruises we have ever taken. Do your research, learn what to expect and just go with the flow. Treat your Butler and the assistant well and they will try to make your cruise special. Same with the staff in the lounge a
  11. We have only sailed on three cruise lines. 6 with Princess, 2 with Carnival and 1 with MSC. On Princess, we have enjoyed an inside cabin, three mini suites, one family suite and the Owners Suite. Carnival 2 wrap around aft balconies. Our last cruise was this past March on the MSC Meraviglia in a YC1 suite on deck 18. Cabin was larger than a mini suite on Princess, balcony was a little smaller. The Butler service was amazing! From private check in at the Port of Miami, escorted to the Yacht Club (Butler and your YC band can over ride two of the forward elevators) , just starts a w
  12. Best response I have seen in a long time. Don is right, I don't have to cook and someone is waiting on me. The MDR is usually good and we have been spoiled the three times in Club Class. Same food for the most part, just outstanding service
  13. We have sailed on the Caribbean Princess three times. Two of the cruises were in E731. The last mini suite on the aft starboard side. Balcony is covered and is extended. If you don't care about Club Class dining, best mini on the ship for our money.
  14. We have been to both on the Sunshine. Both restaurants are very good for the $15 pp upcharge. I love the bone in pork chop at Cucina and the pork belly at JiJi. Depends if you like Italian or Asian food.
  15. Come on, it's called Marketing. We receive a marketing email almost daily. Since the wife spends a "little" in the casino, she receives some awesome deals. Even before the shutdown of the cruise industry, we both received at least two marketing emails each week.
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