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  1. We were on the Carnival Sunshine for the August 29th sailing during Dorian. We received a 50% refund on the the cruise, which showed up on our credit card about 3 weeks after we returned and a 50% future cruise credit. We received a letter in our cabin about the 50% refund and credit and explaining the process, had to be used by 2021. There is a form to fill out and submit after you book your next cruise. I called Carnival after finding the cruise we wanted and the customer service rep asked for our previous booking number and was able to fill out the form from her side and have it submitted. This was on a Friday and by Monday afternoon, Carnival Customer Service had sent us an email confirming the credit and updated the booking price. If your credit was 25% off say a $1500 cruise (base rate, not taxes or port fees), you would receive a $375 credit off the base fare on your next cruise, still paying the taxes and port fees. We are very happy with Carnival for the refund and future cruise credit. We sail on the Sunshine November 21st and our aft wrap around balcony on deck 7 cost less than Cheers.
  2. Great question. Wife and I had a hard time finishing all the food served. Maybe trying a few different apps would be nice, but could not imagine ordering more than one main course, but that is just me. I don't know the answer, but my "guess" would be to charge extra for at least another main dish.
  3. Love the tomahawk chop! Some of the best service and food on the Sunshine.
  4. The parking lot opens at 10 am. We had Faster to the Fun and the shuttles started heading to the ship at 11 am. We boarded the ship by 11:15 and were in our cabin by 11:30 am. Port charges $20 a day to park. Handicap Plachard parking is free, (Must have person in the car that is issued the Plachard), Pre-pay online or credit card at the Port, NO CASH PAYMENTS ACCEPTED.
  5. Wife had knee surgery in July. We sailed on the Sunshine August 29th. She had a cain to help and when we went down to muster drill, the staff sent us to an inside station. Very nice.
  6. This Thursday, August 29th, is our first trip on Carnival (Sunshine). We booked about two months ago and FTTF was sold out. I checked almost daily to see if FTTF would open up. About 2 weeks ago, we were able to buy the FTTF, the next day it was sold out again. Hope it is worth the $$.
  7. We always buy travel/medical insurance. I am in the private air charter business. A one-way pick-up in a light jet from Nassau back to my home in SC is over $10,000. Gets more expensive the further down you go in the Caribbean. Mexico gets very expensive, lots of extra fees private operators have to pay the government. In Cancun, it would be over 14K+ to come home. The thought of having to use a hospital in a 3rd world country makes me cringe. When we were in Grand Turk on a Segway tour, our guide was telling us how greatful he was that the locals could go to the US for medical procedures. He said you don't want to have a serious procedure done in our local hospitals.
  8. I was referring to the second part of the answer. Now can the OP do what I do? Probably not. With a regular self assist debarkation and normal USCB lines he might get to the airport by 9 or 9:30. If checking luggage, there's an extra line to wait on. Carnival recommends a noon departure or later. I'd say if the OP is doing self assist walkoff and taxiing to the airport, an 11AM flight should be doable. If the OP has checked luggage and doing a zone departure from the ship, then maybe best to stick with the noon recommendation.
  9. Best answer I have seen in a long time.
  10. FTTF for our cruise August 29th on the Sunshine had been sold out as we only booked a few weeks ago. Looked this morning online and it showed FTTF available and booked it. First Carnival cruise, hope the extra $$ is worth it. Only 16 days to go.
  11. Thank you for the well written review on the YC. We are booked on the Meraviglia, YC in March 2020. Yeah, we are excited!
  12. We cruise on the Sunshine August 29th. I made the booking request last week for the Steakhouse in the Carnival planner. Took about 2 days to receive an email confirmation from the restaurant manager. Printed out the email to take with us on the cruise.
  13. eagletwo

    Beginner Scuba

    We used Cozumel h2o, private intro to Scuba. My wife is certified, but had not dived in 25 years. I have only snorkeled on our cruises in the past. I am 60 and DW is 55. We searched for a long time to find an outfit that offered an outing for just the two of us. The taxi ride was maybe 5-10 minutes from port to the marina, $5 per person. We were met by our dive master, Nacho and the boat captain, filled out some release forms, loaded up in a 25 ft boat with canopy and were on our way right on time. During the trip out, Nacho went over all the safety items and equipment. You can bring your own mask, fins and snorkel, our use the equipment they provide. After a 20 minute ride, we put our tanks on and were in about 4-5 feet of water to do a little training. Yep, open water, not a pool. Stayed here about 20 minutes. I am overweight and the dive shorty for me felt like I was in a vice and could not breath. So I took off the dive shorty and wore my t-shirt. You definitely want something to protect your bare skin from the BC jacket. It will rub your skin raw in just a few minutes. Anyway, once Nacho was satisfied with our progress, we got back into the boat and went out about 10 minutes to deeper water. The plan was to stay with Nacho, go down to 30-35 feet and drift for about 45 minutes. WOW! Best excursion I have every been on in 6 cruises. Water temp at the end of August was warm, even at 35 feet. We came back to the boat and rested for about 25 minutes with water and fresh fruit that were provided. Our next stop was another 15 minute ride. Over the side and back down to 35 feet for another 45 minute dive. Just awesome! FYI, we never got far from land and dived in an underwater protected park. Visibility was perfect! We thought the price was very reasonable for a private boat and a two tank dive. Cozumel h2o does offer outings that will accommodate 12-14 people and the price is less per person. Since our ship did not get into Cozumel until 10:00 am, our dock time to meet Nacho was a little before 1:00 PM. We got back a little after 5:00 PM with plenty of time to get back to the ship. Did not depart Cozumel until 10:00 PM. The owner was great to email with and answered all of my questions. We will be back in March 2020 and will book with them again.
  14. Wife ordered a steak off the CG menu on our last cruise on the CB in January. She was very happy with her steak. Our service experience in the CG last August on the Caribbean Princess was disappointing, so we did not want to pay $58 for surely waiters again.
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