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  1. We were in the Yacht Club on the Meraviglia in March 2020. Ocean Cay was awesome. I have to agree, the Cabanas were way over priced. We were impressed with the food , bar service and the free umbrellas on the beach. MSC could have done a better job providing smooth sand instead of the rough crushed stone on the beach. Better yet, having the beach area to the left of he Club House to Yacht Club guests. Smooth sand, clear water and no wind.
  2. Sailed once on Diamond Princess, once on Crown Princess and three times on Caribbean Princess. Don't go to shows, so crowded theater is not a problem, but I see other lines have similar issues. You can't have a 3000 passenger ship and expect to seat everyone in a 900 seat theater. We love the CB and will sail on her again Medallion Class ship is wonderful. Also, if it's in your budget, Club Class dining is wonderful. We never waited more than 5 minutes for a table Service was better than any of the specialty restaurants.
  3. Once you try the Yacht Club, you will be spoiled. After 6 cruises on Princess, 2 on Carnival and 1 on MSC, YC was over the top. If you are worried about it being too fancy, just ask for help. If you feel you might be intimidated in the YC, just do want you feel is right Heck, you will never the 200+ people in the YC again, so have fun, treat the staff well and enjoy being pampered.
  4. We sailed in the YC , Meraviglia this past March. Shorts, jeans, bathrobes were allowed in the dining room for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, shorts, jeans and casual clothes were worn. Elegant night, some folks really dressed up, but most came in nice resort casual. Never saw anyone turned away for being "under dressed". The YC experience for us was one of the best cruises we have ever taken. Do your research, learn what to expect and just go with the flow. Treat your Butler and the assistant well and they will try to make your cruise special. Same with the staff in the lounge and pool area. A smile and thank you go a long way.
  5. We have only sailed on three cruise lines. 6 with Princess, 2 with Carnival and 1 with MSC. On Princess, we have enjoyed an inside cabin, three mini suites, one family suite and the Owners Suite. Carnival 2 wrap around aft balconies. Our last cruise was this past March on the MSC Meraviglia in a YC1 suite on deck 18. Cabin was larger than a mini suite on Princess, balcony was a little smaller. The Butler service was amazing! From private check in at the Port of Miami, escorted to the Yacht Club (Butler and your YC band can over ride two of the forward elevators) , just starts a wonderful experience. Our Butler and his assistant kept our cabin spotless and our mini fridge stocked with our favorite liquor, soft drinks, juices and snacks the week. The YC has it's own Concierge desk to help with any reservations for dinning or shore excursions. They will even help with airline reservations. We found the Head Concierge to be excellent. The YC lounge is big and never crowded. Same with the YC restaurant, never had to wait for a table. If Arthur is your Head Waiter, you are in for a treat! Best I have ever seen. Food is subjective, but we liked eating in YC, more European taste, but I always listened to Arthur and was never disappointed. Steakhouse was awesome, Japanese steakhouse just so so. Wife loves Japanese steakhouse back home, this was a disappointment. YC pool area was great. Hot tub was great, pool was cold but refreshing. Service in this area was good. Food offerings were fresh and bar staff friendly and yes breakfast needs tweaking. We even rented a cabana one sea day, didn't think we could be spoiled any more, but wow! Champagne, fresh fruit, shrimp cocktail, cooler of soda and water. Butler checked on us every 20 minutes and brought us cocktails all day Best $$ ever on a cabana at sea and sure beats The Sanctuary on Princess. We had read on these boards that the crew were not friendly and could be rude. Not on our cruise. We went all over the ship to visit the shops and other lounges. Every staff member we met smiled and were always helpful. Our YC drink package worked everywhere on the ship and in Ocean Cay. We loved being escorted by a Butler to see the Cirque du Soleil, front row seats. My wife does not like stage shows, she loved this experience. The YC experience on Ocean Cay was wonderful. Butler escorts you off the ship to the YC tram. 15 minute ride to the very private YC area. Lunch was great, lounge chairs with umbrellas provided, butler brings you drinks and the water is beautiful. Bring water shoes, beach is rocky. I could go on, but all I can say is for the money we paid on this cruise, it was a far better value than any of our cruises so far. We will be back...in the YC of course.
  6. Best response I have seen in a long time. Don is right, I don't have to cook and someone is waiting on me. The MDR is usually good and we have been spoiled the three times in Club Class. Same food for the most part, just outstanding service
  7. We have sailed on the Caribbean Princess three times. Two of the cruises were in E731. The last mini suite on the aft starboard side. Balcony is covered and is extended. If you don't care about Club Class dining, best mini on the ship for our money.
  8. We have been to both on the Sunshine. Both restaurants are very good for the $15 pp upcharge. I love the bone in pork chop at Cucina and the pork belly at JiJi. Depends if you like Italian or Asian food.
  9. Come on, it's called Marketing. We receive a marketing email almost daily. Since the wife spends a "little" in the casino, she receives some awesome deals. Even before the shutdown of the cruise industry, we both received at least two marketing emails each week.
  10. I don't know why Holland America has not cancelled May sailings to Alaska.
  11. We were on the Meraviglia at Ocean Cay on March 14th. The ship backed into the port to dock and the starboard side of the ship is tied to the dock. Great time on Ocean Cay.
  12. We just left Ocean Cay today on the Meraviglia. First, YC is awesome! Just make sure you bring everything you might need with you the first time to the YC area on Ocean Cay. We are pretty savvy on what we need for a beach day. Well, today we did not have our stuff together. Forgot: water shoes (lots of small rocks at the beach area), personal straws, large hat to wear while in the water. It is a long ride from the ship to the YC area. Took me about an hour round trip to get the items we forgot. I would not pay the $399 for a YC cabana. They are nice, but I will take the included umbrella and loungers. Same waiters come by to take your drink order. Food at the YC restaurant was very good. We departed early this evening to get dock space in Miami tomorrow. Light House show was great. Sad to be leaving this ship. YC has been worth every penny!
  13. We received a similar offer a few years ago on the Crown. We liked the two cabins/two bathrooms and the suite benefits but the balcony was not really usable most sea days. With the ship going 20-22 knots and the wind coming across the deck at over 25 mph, it was a bit much. We found out why the deck furniture was metal when around 3 am one morning the wind was so strong we were awaken by the chairs being blown all over the balcony and banging into the railing. Only way we would stay in this type cabin again would be $XXXX of refundable OBC. I think Princess shows this type of balcony on some of their advertising, a couple having diner on the balcony while at sea. We smile every time we see the photo.
  14. Thank you for your honest review. We are looking forward to our cruise on March 8th.
  15. We have used Park n Fly for our last two cruises from Ft. Lauderdale. They don't take your keys, nice drivers and no problem with pick up after the cruise. Will use them again on our next cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale. Wish they were in Miami.
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