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  1. Magnificent!! If we walk it will because we're up early and we'll still end up at the Boatyard for the time they open. Oh the perils of kids who wake up early. *sigh* But we do want to be there early to get our names on the list for the boat trip out to snorkel with the turtles.
  2. Pick a restaurant you'd like to visit. Pick an "upcharge price" you're willing to pay. When they start the sales pitch make your offer immediately. Some have experienced success with this on anything from Specialty Restaurants to the Ships Tours they offer.
  3. Whilst it's nice to have a reply............ this might be why...... This one may have a bit of a longer wait................. Call me cynical but it's a huge corporation, and like all the other large corporations they get to pick and choose.
  4. December 2020, so I'll be reading your review! Thanks in advance.
  5. Thank you so much for such a detailed response! I hope my picture posts correctly, but I gather you're saying the area where the white arrow is would be great for snorkelling, but out near the black arrow is where the stronger current would kick in? I think you've convinced me to go with the Spencer tour that goes to both Anse & Jalousie! Hopefully Stinger-pr will post a tour specific review for us.
  6. 20-30 mins along the waterfront sounds like a nice walk. We dock at 8, Boatyard opens at 9. Seeing as the kids usually make us "early risers" the timing might be perfect!
  7. Did you snorkel while you were there? I'm curious about the "reef" they indicate is there.........
  8. I think I'd be tempted to head over to one of their public social media platforms to explain your situation/ "nicely let others know"...... you may get contacted by the "special team" sooner than 1-2 weeks..............
  9. Thanks. We were on Navigator during the last few weeks pre-Amped. We were asking our waiter what they'd do while it was drydocked and he indicated he'd probably be pulling up carpets or otherwise participating in the reno! LOL There wasn't anything significantly off putting about it, I'm hoping the comment wasn't re: Service standards or something like that.....
  10. Our cab on the way back to port was a mini van, so I'd say you have a pretty good shot at getting what you're looking for.
  11. Thanks! Too early to request a review of the Anse/Jalousie tour you have booked for March? LOL
  12. We took a cab, about 15 mins. I can't recall what we paid. Both the "pirate ships" leave from the same place. We were 8 people and took two cabs. IIRC the rates were pretty standardized so we just opted to jump in the next available transport to get there rather than wait for a larger "bus". It's not a long enough trip to worry about "we all want to be together" As an FYI, they WILL NOT take you in a cab if you have wet swimsuits. Bring a change of clothes!!
  13. Yikes. Hopefully rectified by the Amped up they've got scheduled!!! Would appreciate further feedback if you get it! Not too late to switch back to an ABC....... and save the flights...... LOL
  14. Yes, that's the one we were about to book until we switched over to Freedom out of San Juan itinerary. Decided to just accept the cost of flights to San Juan. (had the "other" Southern itinerary we haven't done yet.) Anything I looked at for Carnival when we were planning didn't have the three combined. (ABC) in 2020.
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