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  1. I wouldn't put it past RCL at this point to start turning 8/9 day cruises into 7 day itineraries should the 7's start sailing but the 8/9's not be allowed........ with the requisite $100 per room credit for the missing 1or 2 days of course.....🙄
  2. What I suspect you will find is that Celebrity will go to the "all inclusive" mandate to generate extra revenue, however there will still be some sort of loyalty level perks out there to be had. Whether or not those perks matter to people is a different story. Is your brand loyalty worth assigned seating at shows? Or a bathrobe in your room? Or a separate check in counter? A loyalty discount that can't be applied to existing sales, which when priced are less than if you use the discount? A different colored seapass? A seat in an "exclusive lounge" even if it is serving alcohol that ha
  3. Huh. And here I thought Explorer had been moved to San Juan, replaced in Miami by Radiance. I guess that was just in the current "let's find a way to drive cancellations of bookings at lower prices" they've got going on moving ships around and switching itineraries. LOL
  4. Aruba/Curacao/......... La Romana Dominican Republic Has the perfect ABC's turned into the ABD's? I hope not!!!
  5. I like to think they have escape clauses, but it's government, who knows! LOL I do know some of the $$$ was sent over already to front the research/testing parts. Regardless just hoping for a successful vaccine and rollout to as many people worldwide as possible!
  6. Agreed, however they're up to 76 million doses from Moderna/Pfizer on a population of 38 million.... with an option on 186 million more from other companies (Sanofi, Johnson & Johnson, Novavax.) So they're pretty close to being excessively over-purchased if one of the other companies joins the "success group", and knowing the way we do things there's probably no cancellation policies... LOL
  7. Saw a report yesterday we've actually pre-bought too much..... something like more than 2 doses per Canadian. The report was one of the typical hysterical "wealthy countries hoarding vaccine" type..... but nevertheless we were top of the charts on a per capita basis....... by A LOT.
  8. I predict big sales on excursions/packages for Q1/Q2 sailings to generate some interest free loans on sailings that likely won't ever leave port. Anything past that will be big banners, same prices.
  9. Thanks Ken. So basically don't even look at it, they figure it out after the fact? Just curious as we are planners and if we need to plan for a bill for extra port fees, so be it, we will. If we end up with a credit that'll be a nice surprise.
  10. Completely incorrect. Soliciting replies to see if A) this is common and B) standard practice The cruise fare is protected. For that I am grateful/ believe RCL has a duty to provide what they sold. Had port fees gone UP on the new invoice I would have no complaints as they are in fact DIFFERENT ports. The part about choosing what costs go up and down is laughable. It's pretty logical to wonder if the port fees should change given they are, as mentioned, DIFFERENT ports. Let's try and remember here that RCL is the only person attempting to have thei
  11. Curious what to think here. First sailing booked was a 9 night ABC cruise. We were moved to a new ship with new non-"similar" itinerary. Puerta Plata/ St Thomas/ St Lucia/ Barbados/ Antigua, When we got our first new invoice it was about double the cost for the fare but the Port fees were about $100 less. (4×$25ish) We called on the price protection and were told a new invoice would come automatically and to wait for that. It has now arrived with the exact same amount owing on the cruise fare as our first booking BUT with the Port fees also back
  12. We booked the 9 night specifically for the ABCs As mentioned above you can still go to Bonaire - from San Juan I do believe that Bonaire has some size restrictions to dock at its pier. I think Oasis class and larger would be unable, possibly Freedom class. (I stand to be corrected) We kept our booking with the non-similar itinerary because we have such a great price locked in. Our next booking will again have Bonaire on the itinerary - but looks like that will be a different cruise line. Again, as mentioned above, Woodwind is an excursion that cannot be highly p
  13. As a booking that was affected exactly the same way we are very very disappointed in how it was handled. We booked specifically for the ABC's. Given Radiance CAN dock at all three ports (no size issues) AND the fact that the ABCs are still scheduled from San Juan there is NO reason the itinerary change was 100% necessary......... other than to generate cancellations, which I still believe was the goal here.
  14. For our invoice change they indicated wait till after Oct 31 to even bother beginning to look for the correct one. I think they're fairly backlogged processing these. We'll give them a few more days before we call again. Maybe next week.
  15. I think they're extremely backed up on invoice changes. Our ship change to a non-similar itinerary performed by RCL resulted in an invoice more than twice our original price, even though these moves are "price protected" We called immediately and they transferred us to "resolutions" fairly quickly, First thing they said was "wait till after Oct 31 then call back if you don't get a correct one automatically" We'll probably give them a few more days as I suspect the answer will change to "wait till after Nov 15 then call back if you don't get a correct one automatica
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