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  1. Agreed completely. I wonder if next they will try to sink a pier into Klein Bonaire. (I know, I know, it's protected, but the point stands)
  2. 3 alcoholic drinks a day on the SeaPass, anytime, and eliminate the "Diamond Lounge Happy Hour Menu", allow 3 drinks of any kind. 2 alcoholic drinks with your meal, again not off a Happy Hour Menu. 2 specialty coffee's a day on the SeaPass Close the lounges and put in a pay restaurant or turn it into some extravagent level of suites people will pay ridiculous sums of money to sleep in. The free booze still flows for those fixated on it and RCCL/RCI/RCG revenue is satisfied they may end up ahead because of the Luxury Elite Moon Dust Category Cabins.
  3. On the other hand the only confirmed "upgrades" to ships they're doing is LESS than originally planned. (i.e. cancelling the AMP for some ships, but going ahead with required drydock maintenance)
  4. The rhyme or reason is "the competence of the person processing the request" and their ability to navigate the RCL programs that handle the finances. So far as a group the department is failing, which may be a reflection of how corporate handles customer money to begin with. There are, however, those who are doing things "correctly" the first time around. It's really just rolling the dice until you get someone in the second category.
  5. "All calls recorded for quality assurance purposes" Keep escalating.......
  6. Yikes, they’re messing with the terms again? In non-RCL speak could you advise the differences? We’re holding off a L&S as long as possible for a Dec booking but if they’re gonna keep messing with conditions we may just give in and switch it now.....
  7. I'm guessing they don't cancel anything far enough out that would prevent taking in a final payment.
  8. Not familiar with Carnival ships/sailings. Are the cancellations through Oct aimed at specific itineraries and/or destinations? Just curious why they got a longer timeframe? I would assume the San Francisco "through 2020" is a similar reasoning?
  9. Into 2021 in one go just might finish off some cruise lines. I think the goal is keep the hope alive and use the money coming in from bookings to payout the money on cancellations. 30 - 60 days at a time revolving interest free loans.
  10. Now will RCL extend the L&S option deadline past Aug 1? Would be in their best interests I would imagine.....
  11. You mean 1 year +/- 4 weeks to L&S right? I haven't heard that there's a $200 fee to L&S, did you get charged this?
  12. You're correct, it's more like a current Holiday Inn. Holiday Inn Scottsdale and EOS room:
  13. Two kids...... booked Explorer based primarily on the Amp and itinerary. For now the itinerary is the same........ will have to manage the disappointment of no slides etc for the kids. OBC would be great, but reality is RCL aren't in the habit of exceeding expectations, thus the fine print absolving responsibility regarding itinerary changes, inflexbility on payment schedules etc etc etc. It's a company that provides decent value and prices to begin with up front, so I'm sure on the business side there isn't much room or inclination for "above and beyond", regardless of how they advertise. I will be disappointed if the drydock doesn't fix windows and if carpets look like a herd of elephants have lived on it for a few years. My hope is a well maintained ship with good service and decent food. In my experience rarely does RCL fail on these points. This is all assuming we sail in December. If not we'll hope they extend L&S, we'll move to 2021 and hope it's AMP'd by then.
  14. One more question if I may.......on an Anthem Southern itinerary from NJ..... do you recall how far down the U.S. coast do you travel on the first day? Would you get as far as the coast of FLA? Thanks!!
  15. Sideways interior? Haven't heard of that one before...... do you recall the room number? Absolutely want to look to book one of those if it seems bigger!!!
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