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  1. See you on Saturday. I agree with the packing issues - totally had forgotten. So excited - it's our first time in Alaska!!!
  2. I would say both are important.
  3. You get a hot dog, make a PB sandwich. Request a salad at dinner - nothing else. You do whatever you want to do. It's wonderful. Someone else cooking and cleaning. And if you have dietary requirements they meet those with a smile on their face. HAL is the best.
  4. Cunard has just announced that world cruises on QM2 and QV have been cancelled for 2022! Very much a bummer. That ends our plans for a tour of Australia and New Zealnd form22. Everyone stay safe. We hope your countries will open up safely and the businesses survive.
  5. Travel the world. Meet new friends. Lectures. Music. SEA DAYS!!!! Unpack once and enjoy a long trip!!!! The crew is what makes it special. Never a frown. Never a sad face. Always happy and so willing to help,
  6. I was told by the world desk agent that once an itinerary was set and further deposits had to be made that I could switch to my TA.
  7. They did not leave from a US port nor stopped at a US port. I'm not sure if CDC policy applies to them. Similar to Europe cruises.
  8. No clue. But I think it would be great with including New Zealand??
  9. The HAL World cruise woman stated that the Grand was for 2023 and that they had not decided whether it was a Grand Asia or Grand Africa or Grand Australia. She asked what my preference would be and I stated any of those but preferred a Grand Australia.
  10. Where can I get that information? Don't see anything posted on HAL site.
  11. A back and forth run would be great!
  12. Thank you to those replied to my question! Hope things improve for the world.
  13. Curious - would someone answer this question? why is the number of vaccinated people so low in Aus / NZ? So want to come over there in 2022!
  14. I'm from the US and hope to goodness that the cruise lines call the Florida governor's bluff and if need be move to another state. Agree with u that the cruise lines should be the ones to decide not some politically motivated governor. FYI - I'm not one that thinks everything is me mentality - there are many of us that feel that way - it's why we have a new president!!. I love to travel and meet different cultures and embrace different cultures! In fact, we both love Australia and New Zealand that we plan (and hope) for a trip next February for over 2 months.
  15. I'm from the US and have been following this line of conversations because we are hoping to travel by cruise to Australia and New Zealand early next year. Love your conversations and speculations. FYI - the US unfortunately is a country divided because of political views and those trying to jockey for the 2024 presidential race (Florida) do things that he believes the former president wants. With that said my hope is that the cruise lines prevail!!! Cruises to Alaska will resume this summer. Cruises to Greece will resume as will the Caribbean. Yes a card was issued but there is now talk of some type of vaccination passport in order to travel internationally. My glass is always half full and I hope that politics aside we Americans can get our act together and come together for the respect and safety of each other. We are so ready - as are many of you - to get back to traveling the world - preferably by cruising. Stay safe and hope for Australia and New Zealand to reopen sooner than stated.
  16. And cruising resumes for Alaska RT from Seattle. Now to get to Australia on our cruise in February!!!!
  17. Wish he would stay out of it!
  18. Saw a posting on FB that Fred Olsen had cancelled. I haven't verified it though. We are booked on 2 different segments on Cunard's Queens. And another on HAL (not world) all docking in Aus or NZ. My guess is they aren't going but anxiously waiting and planning alternates.
  19. When I booked for July sailing the TA confirmed not full capacity. Looking forward to being on a ship again and cruising with fully vaccinated folks. It's going to be a great cruise.
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