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  1. I wouldn't want to encourage you to do something you are uncomfortable with, but I95 would be way faster and easier as the tunnel for the port connects to the highway. You can map out on Google and be prepared for where your exit is to make it less stressful. There is very little traffic on a weekend morning on I95
  2. There are places in baggage claim to do just that. And it's a huge baggage claim area that will be empty. You'll see employees grabbing coffee and what not, too. Plenty of quiet places to go sit. It's a great idea. Kill 30-60 minutes and go enjoy your cruise!
  3. 90 minutes? That's not actually true, though. Lots of cruisers show up and check in prior to 10AM. We always show up at 10AM and we are hardly the first ones there.
  4. Intercontinental, Hampton Brickell, Hilton Blue Lagoon.
  5. No, don't grab breakfast. We get to the port around 10AM and there is always people already there. By the time you get your luggage, you may want to just find a place to sit for a quick 30-45 minutes then head to the port. Miami Airport has food and beverage vendors in the baggage area, so maybe grab a coffee there and relax for a few.
  6. I've never paid attention to signs so I'm not sure. Maybe someone else can chime in. The ships are lined up and very visible. So I would just drive to my ship. I've never heard of anyone not being able to get a spot. Should be fine. Remember, people are getting off your ship and leaving the parking garage. And they will have been doing this for hours before you arrive!
  7. Yes, thank you! Maya Chan is next level. Such a special place that is hard to explain until you go.
  8. I haven't been recently. I remember it being nothing special or all that touristy. These tours do look interesting, heck, I may even go on one. Is Little Havana getting the Wynwood treatment? I used to hang out at Wynwood just as it was gentrifying as I had a friend with a business there. Just starting to get artsy, but very grunge still. I hadn't gone in a couple years and then went for dinner not long ago and it's basically a different place. Feels "hip" now. Way safer/cleaner. Maybe Little Havana is going down the same path?
  9. You don't need directions like that at PortMiami. It's easier than Port Everglades in that way. There are large garages right in front of the terminals. You couldn't miss them if you tried. Never had trouble finding a spot. As Carolyn mentioned, there is a tunnel that was recently built. It connects I95 and PortMiami. It couldn't be any easier getting in and out. Lightning fast. I promise, you are thinking too deeply in to this. There is no security check point. You'll enter the port from the tunnel and park at the garage closest to your ship. You can see all the ships as you enter the port. Just park near your ship. Big parking garages. When you leave after disembark, there is no traffic or anything. Just hop in the car, pay for parking on your way out of the garage, follow the signs for the tunnel and on your way. We park the car then just walk up with our stuff. Plenty of porters to drop off your luggage and point you to the entrance. Don't stress it, this is way easier than you think. PortMiami is outstanding.
  10. Depending on when you are visiting, Joe's Stone Crab would be my suggestion. I would also second the suggestion for Drunken Dragon if you prefer Asian food. Alter in Wynwood would be a budget buster but not outrageous, either. Might be worth looking at. Or really any of the restaurants in Wynwood and you can check out the area and wander around as well. Or as Carolyn suggested on another thread, lots of great spots in Little Havana.
  11. The cruiser is only here for a daytime port stop. Lots of restaurants and evening entertainment, but I don't think it's really much of a daytime cruise excursion. At least not compared to some other options. If you are looking for a walking tour, I just don't think Little Havana is that kind of place. However, it's easy to see on the HOHO bus.
  12. Yeah, that's exactly what I said.... Other lines have a $50 - $100 difference to pick your own cabin. NCL has a $500 difference. You are paying for the perks. It's why the sailaway rate is similar to the regular rate of other cruise lines. Then you pay $500 to "select your cabin" and get the "free" perks. That's how this works. Sometimes you come out ahead on NCL in comparison, sometimes you don't. But they clearly charge for the "free" perks.
  13. It's just across the street. For sure you can walk. Kelly's Landing is right next door to Southport as well.
  14. And it's only getting worse. The days of FLL being the small accessible airport is long gone. I'm not sure what their plans are to solve the traffic issues, there is no space to expand the loop or widen it. Total lack of infrastructure for international flights. Such a disaster. I really dislike FLL for the most part, it's one of the worst and most mismanaged airports we go to by far.
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