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  1. There is no docks that a taxi can take you to reasonably. Just do the excursion. They know where the gators are going to be, plus they have little mini zoos with gators and what not. Out of FLL, the excursions will either go to Holiday Park or Sawgrass Recreation. Both have plenty of gators in the area. I ride and fish out by Sawgrass Rec and see gators all the time.
  2. Yes. And the restroom has a shower in it as well, though it's a cold shower (no hot water). The upstairs has a dining table, fridge, sink (kitchen-ish) setup and balcony. Downstairs has a hot tub and restroom. We find the villa well worth the cost and makes for an absolutely perfect beach day.
  3. Paradise Island (Atlantis) does not have "red and blue" water slides. If you saw it in a cruise promotional picture, was it Royal Caribbean? If so, and probably likely, is that you were looking at Thrill Waterpark on CocoCay. That's their private island, and has a killer water park on it.
  4. I don't think anyone truly knows what is going to happen at this point. The legislature may very well not get involved, and the referendum may be legal, or not... who knows! I would point out, again, the California Prop 8 that was voted in then overturned by the courts, despite the wishes of the voters. I think it ultimately depends on whether those affected feel the impact to their businesses will be worth the fight, notably the cruise companies themselves. And we'll need to wait and see how they respond, if they respond at all. They may very well look at it as a good excuse t
  5. They could simply be unenforceable mandates. They are missing an enforcement mechanism, possibly. But most mandates to have enforcement.
  6. If a majority of neighbors voted to bulldoze your house and provide you with no restitution for your life's work... would that just be "the most pure form of democracy there is"? Or would you say there should be limits on what they can impose on you? Just curious where the limit is on what the majority can vote for... or is there no limit? It's just fine for you if the neighbors vote to destroy your business, livelihood, and your ability to feed yourself and take care of your family? Super granular? All good?! Also, there is a reason why we are not a true democracy, and instea
  7. I'm betting these posts will get deleted for going too far off-topic, lol. But we already have protections against majority rule. For example, every State, regardless of population, has 2 senators. Anyways, recognizing something isn't working right doesn't mean I have to have all the answers when it comes to fixing it. But simply, there should be limits on what voters get to impose on others - and in MY opinion, this is an example of it. It went too far. If you started your dream business and it happened to rely heavily on cruise tourists in Key West, you may feel the majority
  8. Yes, absolutely tyrants. I'm not a fan of majority rule. I mean, just on this thread you can see a local proudly proclaiming how they never go downtown anyways... but heck, they sure voted to remove visitors from downtown. We can just agree to not agree on that one 🙂 I do agree that some ports, in some cases, would be overwhelming - especially European ports. But Key West, eh, I just don't see it. The cruisers are in the part of town that is HOPING for big crowds! It's not like overrunning Santorini... In fact, Mallory and Duval are busier AFTER the cruises leave...
  9. It seems private islands are the future of cruising in the Caribbean, like it or not. I have mixed feelings. Personally, we don't cruise for "destinations" - we land travel for that. So private islands also create a pretty fun, welcoming experience as a cruiser.
  10. Have you been in Key West, as an overnight visitor, when cruise ships are in town? I think the issue is overstated, personally. I mean, sure, I prefer less crowds, but it's not THAT bad during the day. It's kind of fun having a cocktail and watching the cruises leave, then enjoying the sunset celebration. Heck, I've been to Key West dozens of times as a daytime visitor (not cruiser) when I had my plane. It was just a total non-issue. I never felt it was overrun or out of control. The reality is that cruisers are not overrunning the town. And that Key West is a town t
  11. Thanks for sharing. A few interesting stats. Cruise passengers make up well under half of the visitors to Key West. Also, lodging makes up more than 50% of the tourism revenue. Which really continues to point out how unbelievably misleading the "8% of revenue" number really is. What would be relevant is what percentage of revenue do cruise passengers account for at the restaurants, bars, tours, etc. How will the affect the aquarium? How will it affect the Hemingway House? Trolley operators? Downtown retailers, parasailing tours, fishing tours, etc. S
  12. The 92% number is irrelevant, and highly misleading. Considering the high cost of lodging in Key West, it's safe to say a huge portion of that 92% is going to corporate owners and right off the island. Does it account for airfare as well? But it's a cute number if you want to believe it and pretend it matters. I would venture that restaurants and stores on Duval, the trolley's, Hemmingway house, tour/excursion operators, etc... they are certainly going to get hit with more than an 8% dip in revenue. As I've said, fine with me. Key West is a lousy cruise destination and we try a
  13. Neither Key West or Nassau are dumps. It's really such a naive thing when people call them that.
  14. Wow, I didn't realize someone could completely misrepresent what I wrote to this extent. Congrats.
  15. Isn't that where the cruise passengers go?!! Lol. That was pretty much my entire point. So I'm glad we agree. Most locals don't even go there, but voted to screw shops and operators that rely on that tourism.
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