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  1. It's hit or miss at Maya Chan and can often be murky. To me, it doesn't matter much. I'd prefer nicer water consistently but for that to be the focus is missing the point of Maya Chan. It's a beach hangout. Natural beach. And they have a small plunge pool as well that you can use to cool off.
  2. Having sailed the Haven on Escape... I would sail an inside on Symphony over any Haven cabin. The Haven is nothing special. It's only decent because the rest of the ship is a crowded mess. Symphony doesn't have that problem, so no need for a Haven. The solarium on symphony is better than the Haven. And the entertainment is light-years better than NCL.
  3. Don't go to the malecon. Go to Maya Chan. There is a reason everyone raves about it. I personally don't mind the 20 minute taxi. Get to see the area. And it gets you away from the vendors and nonsense in the touristy area. Maya Chan is fully all inclusive. Yes, taxis are included and they will meet you at the port and get you in a taxi. Food is the absolute most authentic Mexican you may ever have. All you can eat. Drinks, all you can drink. Whatever you want, they will give you. It's a special place, seriously. You haven't seen anything like it and nothing will compare. And for the price, it's an absolute steal. Just go. You'll be booking costa Maya cruises just for Maya Chan in the future. You'll see.
  4. Awesome review! It's hard to explain to people sometimes. Not the best water, sometimes seaweed, but easily the best beach/day trip in the Caribbean. By far. Its just so damn amazing. We always do a beach massage as well. I think Mark and Jane being cruisers, they know exactly what cruisers want and nail it.
  5. Well good thing I don't need a job. Your idea of customer service and hospitality pretty much guarantees you would never be in such a position. Your entire post is basically putting employees above the customer. That's comical. Utterly ridiculous actually. Disney put out a fantastic book "Be Our Guest" and has classes as well. You should get a clue about how hospitality works. It would be helpful.
  6. Correct. 10PM is a reasonable time. Which is when festivities end. Midnight is not. The party got cut short at 11 due to guest complaints but was scheduled until midnight. Pointing out that other shows and activities end at 10 only proves my point.
  7. How is a party at 11pm at night, with a loud band, a few feet from guest cabins in any way undisruptive? Let alone "undisruptive as possible". Really, it almost couldn't be more disruptive. If I were RCCL corporate, I'd be very concerned about the judgment of the hotel director on this ship. It's so clearly a bad idea. I'd be so uncomfortable if I were in charge of this. Just looking at the cabins right there. Knowing people are trying to sleep a few feet away. And as I said, I'd probably grab a drink and hang out on the balcony enjoying the festivities as a guest. But it's obviously not unreasonable for some guests to be disrupted and unhappy. This shouldn't even be controversial. And again, nobody is saying the crew don't deserve a party. It's the location and timing of it that is questionable.
  8. They could easily have the band on the stage and use the rest of the theater space, including the stage, for drinks and dancing. And it's irrelevant. If there isn't a good place for the party without disrupting guests, than you don't have the party. Maybe studio b as well would be an excellent space. There is a bar in there, too. Big area to hang out. I've been in customer service all my life, this is really basic stuff. Especially in hospitality.
  9. Do you think approving a loud party in close proximity to guest staterooms, late into the evening, was entirely outside of the companies control? This shouldn't even be controversial. It's obviously not a good idea from a customer service standpoint. Some people, myself included, wouldn't mind it. But its not unreasonable for others to be unhappy. This was simply not a good idea. Give the crew a party, do it at the crew bar or the main theater. Somewhere non disruptive.
  10. Cute story. But nobody is suggesting the crew shouldn't have a reward for their excellence. Nobody is saying they shouldnt have a party.
  11. I have never been home after 8am from any cruise and I live well past the airport. Even a cruise from miami where an accident completely shut down the highway. I still made it home in FLL before 8am. I have friends who take early flights after cruises with no issue. We have people on this very forum taking pre 9am flights who make it. In fact, never heard of anyone missing their flight under normal circumstances. Always a risk of missing a flight. That's life. But a 9am flight is not crazy if lined up early for self assist. Pretty easy to make actually.
  12. BNBR


    The bugs are definitely subsiding. Drove up the middle of the state today (US27) and didn't hit a single one. None at my house either and we had a ton last month. Hope for the best! Maybe you will just miss the buggers.
  13. My first thought was that it was bad business to close down a neighborhood on the ship for a crew party. It's just not good customer service. That's a major spot for guests to use and hang out. But then I was thinking, if there is no aqua show, then the Boardwalk is empty at 9PM anyways. So it's not a bad location. Then I'm back to, bad idea, because Boardwalk has boardwalk cabins. Disrupting your guests with a loud, late night party for crew is kind of ridiculous and just a bad idea. I stick up for the crew all the time it has nothing to do with thinking they don't deserve it, but yeah, throwing a loud party that disrupts your guests late in to the evening seems pretty obvious that it's not a good idea. I can't imagine them doing this again on the boardwalk. Is there an evening when the main theater is available? Studio B? Surely there are better places on the ship to hold a party like this. Even Dazzles (maybe not enough space though).
  14. It was probably pointless. You can't be a butler to 14 cabins at the same time. How can you serve proper meals to all those cabins? They can only drop off the food. They won't press your shirts either. It's still a nice little thing to have I guess for some people, but I didn't find the butler even worth the tip, and we always tip so it was a net negative for us.
  15. Kind of like being on the Norway during the explosion then swearing NCL is the worst. Or Viking a few months ago in Norway. This happens to every single cruise line. If I used those standards I'd have to denounce cruising all together. Celebrity dominates the cruise critic rankings as the best line. Based on your complaints about the regular cabins on NCL, it seems a Celebrity Caribbean cruise would be right up your alley actually.
  16. Be realistic. They aren't butlers (there are international standards for butlers and NCL isn't even close). They are glorified food runners that you may or may not find any use for. Most people tip them at the end of the cruise, if at all.
  17. Weird. I had the opposite experience on X. And I also found NCL to be substantially busier and more crowded than other lines. They really push the limits. Anyways, your other comment read as if the regular cruise experience was so bad, you had to book haven. I figured, why not try other lines?
  18. Why not just sail a different cruise line that doesn't have these issues?
  19. Ditto. Just saved $50 and the drink package is at $49 now (was $52)... so nearly $100 in savings.
  20. Now that a fully upgraded Oasis is coming to NJ, you may want to give that a try!
  21. I heard they are replacing Jamie's with Olive Garden. You will get coupons daily in your stateroom.
  22. Just a thought. A lot of cruise cancellation coverage only covers half the fare. As others mentioned, if OP can find someone to pay half (as a solo cruiser, makes sense) and take a single spot in the cabin, they would pretty much end up with the same result.
  23. For ONLY medevac, Good Sam TravelAssist. There is no medical coverage though so if you end up in a hospital, you need something else. So you would want to make sure that your existing medical coverage is adequate for your travels. Many do cover international. Many don't. We recently switched our primary health insurance to a much cheaper plan but with very limited service area. Then supplemented with an Allianz travel plan. Funny enough, the Premier ended up quoting cheaper than the basic. So we ended up with cancellation. The switch saves us several thousand dollars a year. Which goes back to my previous statement that insurance is complicated and people really should spend more time closely reviewing their needs. Being over insured can also be a huge waste of money.
  24. Yes, it's extremely inflated through the cruise line. If you are going to buy it, look elsewhere. insuremytrip.com is a popular spot. Insurance isn't that simple though. Do you just want medevac? Does your health insurance cover you internationally and with terms you find agreeable (call them)? If you just need medevac, Good Sam TravelAssist is a great option. Maybe your health insurance doesn't cover you outside a limited home service area. In which case you may even want a more robust annual travel plan that covers all travel. Allianz is a good option for this. In any case, start with calling your existing health insurance provider and getting the details on exactly what is covered and what your area is. It may be international already, or you may be surprised to find out that some weekend drives you take are to places you have no coverage. Start there. Then make a decision.
  25. I'm not in Australia, I have no idea what your insurance is like. For us, you can cover your entire family with medevac, unlimited trips, for $79/year. Which is much cheaper than comprehensive on just a single trip. Insurance is complicated. There is no right answer. It largely depends on what your current health insurance covers (travel/international, etc.), and even some credit cards provide travel medical and comprehensive. My issue is all the passive aggressive humble bragging that comes up every time someone misses a cruise - as if buying cancellation insurance is a no brainer. And every time you get the comments like "Just call your travel insurance company" when the poster knows that the OP most likely doesn't have travel insurance.
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