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  1. I took my wristband off the first day and never heard a thing about it the entire cruise.
  2. I'd look for a hotel next to CityPlace in Palm Beach. It's right next to the airport as well. Check out ER Bradley's for an outdoor dinner, it's kind of "the" spot 🙂 There is a Marriott Residence Inn right between CityPlace and Bradley's. Pretty much puts you right in the middle of the things to do and see. Clematis Street nearby is also a bit of a hot spot. https://www.westpalmbeach.com/cityplace/
  3. My kids were with us in the coastal and the suite lounge a couple of weeks ago on Symphony. I'm guessing since it's basically one in the same (coastal/SL) - it's an "Everyone" venue. But who knows, as these rules are constantly changing. There should be a listing of each venue for the specific ship that shows vaccinated/everyone.
  4. My youngest (6), he was fine with the pre-cruise test, he was fine with the terminal pre-cruise test, he was fine with the day 6 morning antigen test. When the day 6 antigen test came back positive for abnormalities and the doctor onboard wanted to do a PCR, he freaked out like you wouldn't believe. Kids are weird like that. I think the PCR one has a chemical on it that burned his nose a bit and set him off (but apparently not the PCR at the terminal? Who knows). Thankfully the PCR came back negative after an hour quarantined in the stateroom and we were able to enjoy CocoCay 🙂
  5. Was just on it recently. No major changes other than some mask wearing when walking indoors. Bars, restaurants, shows, activities pretty much all the same. Obviously with so few people, don't expect lots of great trivia or anything like that, but otherwise they had a ton of live music, all venues open, comedy, etc. No need for a mask when in vaccinated venues inside or anywhere outside. So it's overall a pretty "normal" cruise with a lot less people on board.
  6. Not necessary. It's a large lot with plenty of space, well organized. They knew what they were doing when they build the new terminal and parking.
  7. Terminal A is brand new and the garage is outstanding. Absolutely park and just take your bags. You'll ride the elevator down from the parking garage and step out right at check in, no crossing the street or anything. Look to the left and there should be a porter right there. If not, just walk to the right a few steps and you'll see porters. The elevators are right smack in the middle of the drop off area. Drop off before you actually check in. The distance to walk with your bags is extremely minimal at Terminal A and if you want, you can even drive up a floor or so extra and just park near the elevator if you prefer. Prior to COVID, there were porters in the garage that would take the bags out of your trunk prior to parking. So also consider that this service could make a comeback eventually. But even without it, the distance to walk with bags is negligible.
  8. Ah, yes, that's true. I should have specified unvaccinated children between 2 - 11.
  9. The Key was useless even when the ships were sailing full. It's utterly pointless now. Don't waste your money.
  10. Bummer with the new pricing. While it was $10 per child, last week on Symphony we were not charged one single time for our 2 kids and they ate right off the adult menus at every specialty restaurant, every night of the cruise. It was a great deal. Though $69.99 isn't unreasonable for the week either.
  11. If traveling out of South Florida and you are unable to get a PCR test from your home area in time, there is a concierge practice with the equipment on site and can do the PCR test with varying turnaround times. 24 hours is the cheapest, but they can do them in as little as 30 minutes if you want to pay more. They'll even come to your hotel. It's a rock solid option as a last resort, though obviously if you can get it done cheaper or free, that's the best way. The peace of mind knowing you can at least get your test done immediately in a pinch is nice to have in your back pocket. https://labmastersmd.com/
  12. Please note that this is NOT a valid test for children between 2 - 11 years old anymore, read my post just above this. You will likely be turned away if you show up with this test for unvaccinated children.
  13. A few things. You can buy the 6 pack and use it with 6 different people. There is no connection to the information you input when you order and the account you use when you take the test. Simply, you create your Navica account and when you do the test after logging in to your account, they simply scan a QR code via your camera and attaches it to your test. You can make 6 different accounts, no problem. For children, you simply add them in the parents account. It's under settings, super simple. When you take the test, the telehealth person already knows your account and just verifies the childs information with you quickly. They'll also ask for the parents photo ID which you show via the camera. All that said, it's now irrelevant. Since as of today, unvaccinated guests (obviously children) MUST have a PCR test and the eMed test is not PCR. Royal also specifically states that telehealth tests are not accepted for non-vaccinated guests/children. The eMed tests are only valid for fully vaccinated guests. So it's pointless to discuss how to test children for a sailing.
  14. For what it's worth, JR's is closed for breakfast the entire sailing this week on Symphony. So is El Loco Fresh.
  15. As another poster said, we also sailed in 2019 and you could use it for lunch at Jamie's or anything that was open. There was no restriction. It also said it's good for sea day lunches on the marketing material, but we used it at Johnny Rockets during a port day without issue as well. At no point was there ever any pushback at any restaurant, Playmakers, etc. Walk in when they were open, enjoy the food, no bill. I sure hope that hasn't changed. For your reservations, you could do it at any of the specialty restaurants. Just have a list of your choices, walk up, and they'll punch them all in on the computer and get you setup. On that sailing, there were multiple stations in the Promenade setup just for dining reservations. But post pandemic, who knows if they are still there. We'll find out next week. There is no way to book via the app for unlimited dining, at least not back then and I still don't see it on the app now.
  16. Does the waiter sit next to you at Chops and force feed you until your plate is empty?
  17. Note that it's based on availability. They can be a little more picky about people just showing up at a place like Wonderland for dessert and there may be no availability to do so. You can try though. And with the lower passenger numbers, it may be fine. We had tried to swing by Hooked and grab lunch and they looked at us like we were crazy, no reservation? We have no tables, sorry.
  18. I'm not understanding why people keep saying it's "too much food." Are you ordering 12 entrees at a specialty with the UDP? Lol. I don't get it. It's an app and entree just like the MDR. The food isn't any bigger.
  19. Yes, Johnny Rockets is included, except for drinks and shakes. Other than some apps at Vintages, the package really does include just about everything. It's not meant to be restrictive.
  20. Yawn. Ok. Stick it to those servers! As I said, I leave a modest gratuity. I also never said it wasn't included.
  21. Might be included. I don't know. I leave a modest tip. If that's a lot for people, then they probably shouldn't be dropping an extra $200/ea for specialty dining to begin with.
  22. You still get a $0 bill that you can leave a tip on, at least that's how it was last time I used it pre-pandemic. I don't think it's any added cost unless you were doing buffet with no tipping. The tip still comes out similar to what we would leave our MDR server.
  23. They are already picky about who they give the tests out to. You have to qualify to even get one. Maybe in the future, but right now I think they seem to have all the business they want and a limited supply.
  24. I ordered the right one. It's approved and hopefully shipping soon. Cruise is next Saturday. We'll see.
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