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  1. We loved the 4 dining room concept on Edge, and I am very happy that we rotated through all of them. We enjoyed them all, and tried many of the items that were specialties of the specific restaurants. Ironically, after looking at the menus in advance, I expected to prefer Normandie to the others, but that is where we had the most indifferent service on both evenings that we ate there. That said, the food was very good in all the restaurants, and the service was excellent in the other three. We made reservations well in advance for 7 pm each evening and only once had to wait to be seated. We are looking forward to the Apex when we can cruise safely again.
  2. Do the 1A's have open balconies? I cannot determine that from the pictures. They look as if they have a window. What about the 1B's? Cheryl
  3. Thank you for your responses. I will try to get this worked out tomorrow. It has been a sad experience dismantling a cruise I was very excited about. I am hoping that by 2022, there will be effective covid treatments, and a reliable vaccine,and that I won't have to worry about cancelling travel plans. Cheryl
  4. I hope someone might be able to clarify a similar situation for me. We used an online agency to book a cruise to Hawaii for this fall with a non-refundable deposit. If I book a cruise with a very different itinerary and length for winter of 2022 at the same time that I drop this cruise, will the new cruise have the same booking number and will this prevent us from having to pay out of pocket for the deposit on the new cruise? We paid nrf $450. The new cruise is $250pp refundable Has anyone cancelled a non-refundable cruise, and rebooked something different at the same time, and did you have to pay the new deposit and get fcc for the deposit on the original cruise? Thank you. Cheryl
  5. We dined at Fine Cut last week, and were surprised that we did not find it noisy. Both the food and service were excellent, and we had a lovely evening. We were seated not too far from the balcony overlooking the grand plaza, but I think the section closest to the windows might be quieter. Enjoy your cruise. We loved the Edge.
  6. We are not in a suite, unfortunately, so we will not be able to enjoy the special embarkation perks, but we tend to be relatively patient once we get to the terminal. I just received another e-mail from Celebrity regarding the expected traffic issues on Feb 2, and they asked me to respond to indicate that I have received the message. So I think we might allow ourselves even more time. On Saturday evening we will be staying about an hour north of the port, instead of the usual 3 hour drive from our home, so we should be able to get there early. 9 days to go - getting excited. This will be our first time on Edge, and I have read so many differing opinions that I can't wait to experience it for myself.
  7. Thanks for all the input. I think we will plan just a bit of extra time getting to the off-site parking facility by mid-morning, hopefully missing the worst of the disembarkation chaos.
  8. Le Grand Bistro sounds great. Thanks for the tip. I will have to take a look at the ap. I haven't checked it out since we installed it a month or so ago, and nothing showed up at that time. The cruise is getting close, just 11 days - can't wait.
  9. We will embark on Edge on Superbowl Sunday and have received an email from Celebrity warning about traffic congestion and delays when driving to Ft. Lauderdale that day. We usually try to arrive at the port around 10 am, and have been able to check in and embark without much delay. In light of anticipated traffic issues, we are planning to drive to the port earlier than we usually would, but in case traffic does not slow us down, we do not want to arrive so early that we cannot drop our luggage or will have an extended wait to embark. Does anyone who has taken Edge from Ft. Lauderdale know how early check-in usually starts and when we might expect boarding to begin? We have Elite status and our boarding info usually says that we may arrive at the port at our convenience, although it does not do so this time. Cheryl
  10. Thank you for the suggestions. I am disappointed that we cannot expect the Eden Cafe to be open - it would be an excellent choice. We always enjoyed the crepe restaurants on deck 5 on embarkation day before they became sushi restaurants. Being able to drop our carry-ons in our room upon boarding will make it easier to search out someplace for a light lunch, perhaps the spa cafe. We embark in 12 days; I cannot wait to check out the Edge after reading all the hype.
  11. Can someone please tell me what options are available for lunch on embarkation day on the Edge, what kinds of food they offer, and at what cost? I would like to avoid the crowds at the buffet if possible. Thank you for any suggestions. Cheryl
  12. With the classic package, can I order premium water like Evian or San Pellegrino and pay the upcharge as I can for alcoholic beverages?
  13. I have a question about the non-alcoholic beverages on the classic beverage package. Is there a dollar limit on non-alcoholic drinks , and can we order a premium non-alcoholic beverage (like San Pellegrino sparkling water or a premium juice) and just pay the amount (with tip) that is over the classic limit? Cheryl
  14. The port is at least an hour from both theme parks, so depending on the transportation schedule, you might have 7 hours at the park. Depending on how crowded the park is and what kind of rides and activities you want to do, the wait time in lines, especially if you don't have express passes, might also cut significantly into how much you can do. Everyone has different ideas of what is "worth it", but it is a very expensive day, and you would be there for the busiest hours and longest lines. You don't say if you are taking children, and if so, what their ages are. I think adults and older children might have a great day at Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. We took our 8 year old grandchildren last year and had a great day; I think they find Disney World more exciting, but they enjoyed the activities and rides, met an astronaut, and learned a lot about space travel. It is close to the port, and spending the full day there would give you enough time to do most of the activities without feeling rushed. Airboat rides on the St. John's river are also popular. On a sunny day, we have seen many alligators sunning themselves on the river banks, and the ride itself is interesting. If you just want a relaxing beach day, you could take a cab to Coco Beach, just 15 minutes or so from the port. In addition to the beach, there are several restaurants, mini golf, and shops - an easy day. Whatever you choose to do, I hope you have a good day. Cheryl
  15. The Spa Cafe was open on the Silhouette on embarkation day in Southampton on August 25. It is too bad that it is no longer open; the food isn't great, but the buffet is so crowded that we generally avoid it. The only time we tried to have lunch there, it was very difficult to find seating for 2 of us. Cheryl
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