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  1. In the US, we can't book that far out. We did really well going through Princess with our flights for our Princess WC, but I haven't had as good luck with Cunard, sadly. We were able to save quite a bit through booking our own flights to NYC for this summer's cruise over the offer from Cunard.
  2. Wow! Just checked the Norwegian Air site and you're right. The savings are amazing, in time as well as money. I'd been using google/flights to compare rates and NA didn't even show up on their listing. Since you've flown with them maybe you can answer this. Are there electrical outlets at the seats in Business class? I travel with a portable oxygen concentrator and need to save my batteries when I can. See you in 670+ more days! 😉
  3. On our 2018 Princess WC, there was a muster drill at the beginning of each new segment--LA, Sydney, Dubai, Venice. But it didn't involve much. We didn't have to even bring our life jackets to the lounge where we were slated to gather in the event of an emergency. Other cruise lines may do things differently.
  4. How lovely that airfare is included for you. It was not for our WC booking. Must be something for UK passengers. ;-)
  5. We'll be joining Elephant1151 in Ft Lauderdale for the rest of the 2021 WC (97 days) on Queen Victoria. Only 670 some days to wait!
  6. Glad to hear someone else enjoys sea days and considers the ship itself a destination! A new port every day gets tiring in a hurry for us. That said, I am looking for more new ports that repeats. But even if it's someplace we've been before, there's usually something we wished we'd done the previous time. Can anyone who's done a Cunard cruise speak to the cost and quality of their ship's excursions?
  7. Did they give you a reason for dropping Haifa and Corfu? I was wondering if the bombs sent toward Tel Aviv today have anything to do with that. Sad about missing Corfu. We went there on our Princess 2018 WC as an alternate stop when we were unable to tender in to Santorini. Corfu is charming and the residents so very happy to see us come. As far as looking for reviews, keep in mind that people are as happy or as disgruntled as they choose to be. Your mileage will surely vary. But If you're still looking, I would suggest you check out the Cunard Queen Victoria & Queen Mary 2021 WC's. Those start at about the $17,500 you're planning to pay Costa. Where are you embarking? You may find a savings in airfare depending on where you hop on and off. But Cunard isn't going to Easter Island, Japan, South Korea or Thailand, so that may be a non-starter for you. Whatever you decide, this will be a wonderful adventure. I always try to approach travel without pre-conceived notions of how it will go. That way, I'm always surprised and usually delighted!
  8. So true! What a pity my secret royal status is only recognized when I'm on a cruise ship!
  9. Agreed! That's why the DH & I love to pull our little camper around from time to time. However, nothing compares to the total pampering of a cruise vacation!
  10. Balance really is the key to everything. While part of me would love to escape and do the whole 245 on Viking in 2020-21 if I could afford it, at the same time, I don't think I could bear to be away from my friends and family, my church and my whole "land life" for that long. I guess that's why per diem costs are really secondary because, of course, they'd be less on a longer voyage. Everyone needs to figure out for themselves what fits with their lives and budgets. Then throw themselves into the adventure with abandon and Emily Dickinson's advice in their ears. "The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience!"
  11. LynnTTT--I"m sure you and your husband will have a grand adventure! When do you set sail and what port are you most looking forward to visiting?
  12. Just want to offer a bit of a contrarian position here... While the all-inclusives sound wonderful, one of the benefits of doing a Princess or HAL is that you can pay for your trip incrementally. When we did our 2018 WC, we raided our stock account for the base fare, but all the extras came out of our regular household budget. We bought insurance on the base fare only, which was a savings over the higher priced cost of an inclusive. We booked our flights through Princess and got business class seats for only $800 for both of us. Our TA provided us with pre-paid gratuities, but we saved up and brought cash so we could give out extra tips. Our visas cost us a couple hundred. We did the applications online ourselves. We used points on our Visa card to pay for the pre-cruise hotel. We booked all the excursions before we boarded, picking and choosing a few each month leading up to the cruise so they were all paid for ahead of time. We never had to wonder what we'd do in port. We were all set. We bought some internet minutes pre-boarding, but then we hit the Platinum loyalty level after the first segment and got 500 free minutes each for every segment thereafter. Our TA gave us a nice little onboard credit which covered our laundry (which will be complimentary the next time we travel with Princess and hit the Elite level) and other odds and ends. We're not drinkers, so we ended the trip with a little extra in our shipboard account, which was refunded to our credit card. All told, the trip was less than $50K (Full disclosure: we caught a heck of a sale. Our balcony cabin was just $16999 per person for the LA to Ft Lauderdale 94 day trip. I keep watching the fares, but so far, lightning has failed to strike twice.) But bottom line, there's nothing wrong with cruising a la carte. Our per diem expense was about $532 for both of us. Even if you think only of a sea day, where can you get a hotel room, three multi-course meals, and live evening entertainment for that? We had some excellent adventures, met some wonderful people and will go again as soon as we can. Hopefully without breaking the bank...
  13. We've never met, Charles, but I feel as if I got to know you and Judy from reading your wonderful posts. I looked forward to each adventure as if it were my own. My heart aches for your loss and am praying for you during this difficult time.
  14. 176 days till we board the Queen Mary 2 for a 21 day adventure from NYC to Norway & back again! Can't wait!
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