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  1. 11 days until the DH & I board the Queen Mary 2 for a 21 day trip to Norway and back. If you'd like to armchair travel with me, check out http://roundtheworldwriter.blogspot.com ! I'll be blogging all the way!
  2. Good point, Floridiana. But I wonder if in the case of a medical evacuation, it might be sensible to rely on taking the essentials off in carry-ons and the rest of the luggage being shipped home. Still, it's another good reason to pack as lightly as possible. I've been lobbying for one large suitcase for the DH & I together for our upcoming 21 days on the QM2. I think we could do it, but our combined shoes would probably send us over the weight limit.
  3. We've been on Holland American, Princess, Norwegian, Carnival, Costa, and a couple of now defunct smaller lines and they have always stored our suitcases for us. However, the notable exception was the Pacific Princess when we did our 2018 WC. Evidently, they didn't have a storage space for luggage and we had to fit everything under the bed.
  4. We made a Walmart run in Honolulu (of course, there's a shuttle!) & found that Australia was a good place to replenish toiletries as well.
  5. Never say never, lovegod1. Back in 2017, we thought we'd have to wait until 2021 for our first world cruise, if at all. But I watched cruise prices every day and almost miraculously on our anniversary no less, Princess had a steep drop in their prices. It didn't seem real. We got a balcony for less than they had been advertising an inside cabin. I've not seen a sale like that since, but I check all the time. You never know. If not a world cruise, you still might be able to do a more extended voyage. We took a 30 day in 2016 and loved it. There's something very special about a longer cruise, a sense of timelessness, of a true escape. A longer repositioning cruise is often a very good value as well.
  6. QM2 in NYC and sail across the Atlantic during Fashion Week. After a stop in Southampton, we'll cruise to Norway with stops in Bergen, Alesund, Flaam & Stavanger. Then it's back to Southampton and then back across the Pond to NYC. We're counting down the days.
  7. Isn't it wonderful to have so many choices? Some like it casual, some don't mind playing dress up a bit. We enjoyed our 2018 WC on Princess, but the onboard music wasn't to my taste. (Though you can't go by me. I'm a self-confessed musical snob. Still it would have been nice if one of the lounge acts wasn't a glorified karaoke exercise. I seriously dislike canned accompaniment.) The Belinda King dancers who were with us for 12 weeks were outstanding! Their shows were often standing room only because people who attended the first show wanted to see it again. We did most of our excursions through Princess and had excellent adventures in each port. The Pacific Princess had been refreshed before our trip, so the old girl was in pretty good shape. The crew was attentive and eager to please. The DH usually wore a jacket to dinner even though it wasn't required, so I"m sure he'll be comfortable on Cunard. We're taking a 21 day voyage on the QM2 this summer just to be sure. As far as the dress code goes, it's really only in the evenings. A man can get by with a dark suit for formal nights and a sports coat and trousers the rest of the time. I'm sure we'll see a few ball gowns, but from what I understand, most women wear formal separates. I certainly will be. I'll be blogging from the QM2 this summer on RoundTheWorldWriter if you'd like to join me!
  8. I like to have a few spare outfits when I travel. Since I started having the "power surges" of menopause a few years ago, I never know when I may need a complete change! Ah, dubious joys of that eternal, internal summer...
  9. Amen to that, Wendy. We never really need as much as we pack. I'm throwing some things together for a little 6 day trip we're planning toward the end of the month. I laid out the following pieces on my bed this morning: 14 item wardrobe capsule Pants-Black, Navy, white capris, Jeans Tops—Black tank, navy tank, white tank, blue print tunic, teal tunic, multi-print sharkbite hem tank Toppers—salmon sweater, olive sweater, black cardigan, black & white kimono Just for grins, I decided to see how many different outfits I could create with these 14 pieces. I quit counting at 41!
  10. Lynn, we checked two large suitcases each, and hauled a 20 inch rolling carry-on each, a backpack, as well as my medical equipment (a cpap, & my portable O2 concentrator) on the plane with us when we did our 2018 WC on Princess. It was a lot to keep track of, but I liked knowing it was all there. Just a thought...if Business class airfare is within reach, you can check 2 large suitcases apiece with 70 pound weight limits instead of 50 without an extra charge. Whatever you do, check the big pieces curbside if you can. That way you have less to waggle through TSA. And by all means, hire a porter right away. Your backs will thank you. Have a wonderful trip!!!
  11. No, sadly. We did have an excellent violinist as one of guest performers and when we were in Venice, an operatic soprano and tenor came aboard for the evening, but there was no resident musician that specialized in the classics. We're trying Cunard for a 21 day this summer, hoping the music is of a more classical bent. But I'm a self-confessed musical snob so this probably wouldn't bother most folks.
  12. No need to wonder if you're cut from fine enough cloth for an adventure like this. You are. We'll be on the QM2 for the first time this July and plan to adhere to the dress code because to do so seems like good manners and makes the evenings feel more special. For smart casual evenings, I'll wear something I'd wear to church. The DH will sport nice trousers, shirt (sans tie) and a jacket. For formal nights, I have a simple black sleeveless gown to pair with several different jackets or pashminas. The DH will bring a tux, but he could easily wear a dark suit instead. The dress code really doesn't seem that onerous. That said, clothes really do NOT make the man (or woman). They're just a way to signal respect for yourself and others. I'd rather have a conversation with someone who is curious and willing to share the adventure of a grand cruise with us than someone trying to impress with mere "stuff." We were blessed to take the 2018 WC on Princess and I got a chance to visit with a lady who was in an inside cabin on the lower deck. "It's what we can afford," she said, "but we're here! and that's the main thing." I heartily agreed. Don't fall prey to comparing yourself to others. It's never a good thing. I remember one cruise we were seated with two other couples for lunch. The other two gentlemen started talking about their boats and comparing their relative size. The conversation went something like this: Guy 1: "MIne's a 28 footer." Guy 2: "I own a 32 footer. How about you? How big is your boat?" (This directed to my DH, who had not contributed to the debate up to this point.) DH: "My boat has wings." (He's a private pilot and we owned a Cessna 182 at the time. But the point is, while he wouldn't have started down this comparison conversation, he certainly brought it to a screeching halt.) There will always be someone who has more money, more stylish clothing, houses, cars, higher degrees, or impressive careers than we. So we don't try to compete. My goal is to be the most authentic version of me that I possibly can. And if I'm genuinely interested in others, I'll worry less over what they think about me. Sorry for the book-length post. This touched a nerve. No one should feel unworthy of a grand experience.
  13. We were on the 2018 Princess WC. They had a few different groups providing live music. One was David Craythorne, beloved director of the passenger choir, and an excellent pianist and singer. His "Send in the Clowns" moved me to tears. A duo called 2Kool provided 80's-90's rock before supper. Her rendition of "Me & Bobby McGee" was a real crowd pleaser. The other so-called live music was a disappointment to me. They struck me as glorified karaoke because most of their accompaniment was canned. The 5 piece stage band was excellent. Hope they' still have it for the 2019 cruise.
  14. Wow! Lucky teenager! What a priceless gift!
  15. How I envy you, Go Bucks. Since the Prize Patrol didn't hit my house, it'll be 2021 before we do our 2nd world cruise. I just re-read that last sentence, and I realize what a spoiled rotten baby I sound like. I'm blessed to have been able to go around this beautiful blue ball once. 2020 is our year of sharing. We're planning to take my parents and our kids to Alaska for a week. Anybody ever get a discount for booking 4 balconies on one cruise? It'll be wonderful to enjoy the trip with our fam!
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