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  1. I really enjoyed following your adventures on your recent Magical Mystery Cruise to Nowhere, Andy. Viking really took care of you. Their itineraries really call to me. However, as non-drinkers, I'm still not convinced that an all inclusive would be cost effective for us. We don't gamble in the casino, and really don't spend that much onboard except in excursions. Plus I'm wondering about whether the included ones in all inclusives would be the adventures we'd choose. I was looking at Regent and it seemed all the excursions for Luxor were spoken for by higher cabin status folk except snorkeling in the Red Sea. Really? Why go to Egypt if you're not going to see a pyramid? If everyone gets the included tour on Viking, at what point is it declared full and none of the pax in lower cabins even gets a chance to book it? And I've heard Oceania's excursions are wicked expensive for their not so spectacular value. Of course now with everything tied up, we have plenty of time to puzzle it all out.
  2. On our Princess 2018 WC, we tipped our room steward and MDR servers $75 each at the end of each segment. We didn't want to wait until the end of the voyage to reward their excellent service.
  3. It'll be great to meet you, Pocomom! Have you found the World 2021 roll call yet? Here 'tis: You don't have to be on for the full 111 days to join us on the thread! Lots of fun people and some very well-organized travelers are sharing their tips.
  4. Bet your truck does turn heads, SargassoPirate. Personally, I like to keep vehicles until the wheels fall off. And we never buy new. From the time we were 30, we put 15% of our income into retirement accounts. Never missed it at the time and surely don't regret it now.
  5. We've met several Brits on our travels. I suspect a large percentage of the passengers on Cunard WC's are Brits. P & O is a popular line that caters to Brits, I believe.
  6. Seems to me that when I was looking at MSC one time, it appeared they didn't have any self-service laundry on board. Unless you get free laundry as a perk, it could get expensive sending it out for a world cruise.
  7. A year out from our 2018 WC, I started tracking those "once a year" bills, like insurance. We called the company and arranged to have our CC billed automatically. We also put our utilities on an auto-draft, and set up all other recurring charges through our online banking. Be sure to check vaccination requirements for the ports of call. Some require more than one injection over a period of time.
  8. Me too, Wendy. We also travel with several collapsible containers of different sizes to organize things on shelves above the closet rod. A collapsible set of hanging shelves that fasten over the closet rod creates another set of storage. It's a good way to stack t-shirts and casual pants and capris in a way that allows me to see what's available. I take an over-the-door hanger that will hold 10 delicate things to dry at a time. (We'll have laundry for our 2021 WC, but there are a few things I won't want to send out.) Here's a link to my blogpost about how we organized our cabin: http://roundtheworldwriter.blogspot.com/2018/01/day-3-welcome-to-cabin-7009.html
  9. Think twice before turning off your cable. We had tablemates on our 2018 WC who did just that and then realized that their internet was bundled with it. They were unable to access their email accounts on the ship because they were tied up with that specific internet provider.
  10. I've signed up to follow your adventures, Lana! Thanks so much for sharing your travels with us. It'll whet my appetite for our own WC in 2021. I blogged on our 2018 WC and while many people let me know they enjoyed my posts, I feel like it was the best possible souvenir of the trip I could have. Not only do I remember where I've been, I remember what I was thinking and feeling about those places too.
  11. Unfortunately, I can't take a yellow fever vaccine because I have a suppressed immune system due to the meds I take for a lung condition. So any WC itinerary that hits Brazil is off my list. At first I thought I'd get a letter from my doc and take my chances, but my TA says there's been quite an outbreak lately even in the cities. A few non-vaccinated tourists have died. Wish they'd come up with a non-live virus alternative...
  12. Sounds good, Muggo. But I'll never get the DH out of a balcony cabin. He's hooked on having a private outdoor space. We will, however, book the Sanctuary for both the canals on our WC. Thanks for painting a picture for us!
  13. I neglected to say we are not drinkers either and I'm not a shopper, so our onboard spending is really negligible. One other thing to consider is trip insurance. We pay less than for an all inclusive because we aren't insuring our excursions (which can be cancelled) and all the other things that are built into the price of an all-inclusive. We've never done the Sanctuary. Obviously you feel it's a plus, Muggo. Can you tell me a bit about your experience with it? We love to get into the thermal suite, but only if the ship has heated stone lounges, which the Island Princess doesn't ;-(. I was thinking we'd try to buy a day pass when we go through the Panama and Suez canals, but it looks like you're booking for the full cruise. Care to share what you like about it?
  14. Like Go-Bucks, I enjoy Princess. (Of course, any time a deck is swaying under my feet, I'm happy.) But we can afford to do more traveling on Princess compared to O or Viking. And frankly, with the perks we were offered for our 2021 WC with Princess (see my Nov 3rd post on this thread), it's almost as inclusive as the other lines. The only thing I notice we'll be missing is luggage service and help with securing visas. I know one of the O Life choices is an excursion in each port, but I'm not sure how often we'd be satisfied with the free excursion, so that's a wash. Viking and Oceania's itineraries do call to me, but the Princess WC is much shorter and 111 days is about our limit. We also enjoy the occasional formal night, which Princess offers. Love seeing the DH in his tux! I guess it really comes down to what style of cruising suits you, what you can comfortably afford, and what makes you happy.
  15. I've always believed that whatever goal we set could be achieved if we worked hard enough. I started talking about taking a world cruise about ten years ago. Somehow, we found a way to retire my DH early in 2015 AND do the traveling we'd always dreamed of. We took our first World Cruise in 2018. We're booked for our 2nd in 2021. If you set travel as a priority, and make a plan, you can make it work.
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