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  1. My DH (AKA The Norwegian) and I are booked on the Viking Star for their 2022 World Horizons--121 Days from LA to Bergen, Norway. Between now and our embarkation next January, we'll be sharing our preparations for this epic journey on RoundTheWorldWriter. My DH posted a lovely poem and some of his memories from our travels at https://roundtheworldwriter.blogspot.com/2021/02/the-sea-is-calling.html Since we're all kind of homebound now with the pandemic ( which hopefully is in its declining days) our memories of happier times are fun to share. Why not pop over and add some of yours?
  2. Sexperience, huh? That wasn't in the brochure! 😉
  3. Does Viking ever upgrade passengers who book through a TA or only those who deal directly with them?
  4. Sounds ideal for you! The wonderful thing about world cruising is that there is a ship and itinerary out there for everyone. When we were on the Pacific Princess in 2018, we got to know several solo cruisers. They had a great time and made lots of friends, so being alone is only an outcome if you want solitude.
  5. Thanks, SusieQft. It's my joy to blog about our adventures and in fact, the blog becomes our best souvenir of the trip because I try to record not only what we experience but what I feel about it. Reading the blog again brings other things to mind that I have forgotten and basically recreates the whole adventure in my mind. I hear you about flying. Since I require supplemental O2 when I fly, I have to travel either First Class or Business to insure I'll have a place to plug in my O2 concentrator. We live in Missouri, so we have to fly to LA to catch the ship. I'm not excited about
  6. Well, now that makes two parties who've decided to join us on the Star--you Diana, and our friends Dave and Kristy from our first Princess WC in 2018! We're Viking virgins, but I'm sure they'll treat us gently! And BTW, my name is also Diana! See you in 505 days!
  7. Well, our quest to take a second WC has had several iterations. We started in early 2019 with a reservation on Cunard's Queen Victoria for 2021, but then after a 21 day on the QM2 in August 2019, we decided it was too formal for our tastes for a WC. So we switched to Princess for 2021. Then once Covid-19 broke out and ravaged everything, we decided we ought to book the 2022 Princess WC as a fall back position. In the meantime, I started following Andy and Judi's blog on board the Viking Sun. The itinerary of the 2022 Viking World Horizon began calling to me and after much delibera
  8. I really enjoyed following your adventures on your recent Magical Mystery Cruise to Nowhere, Andy. Viking really took care of you. Their itineraries really call to me. However, as non-drinkers, I'm still not convinced that an all inclusive would be cost effective for us. We don't gamble in the casino, and really don't spend that much onboard except in excursions. Plus I'm wondering about whether the included ones in all inclusives would be the adventures we'd choose. I was looking at Regent and it seemed all the excursions for Luxor were spoken for by higher cabin status folk exce
  9. On our Princess 2018 WC, we tipped our room steward and MDR servers $75 each at the end of each segment. We didn't want to wait until the end of the voyage to reward their excellent service.
  10. It'll be great to meet you, Pocomom! Have you found the World 2021 roll call yet? Here 'tis: You don't have to be on for the full 111 days to join us on the thread! Lots of fun people and some very well-organized travelers are sharing their tips.
  11. Bet your truck does turn heads, SargassoPirate. Personally, I like to keep vehicles until the wheels fall off. And we never buy new. From the time we were 30, we put 15% of our income into retirement accounts. Never missed it at the time and surely don't regret it now.
  12. We've met several Brits on our travels. I suspect a large percentage of the passengers on Cunard WC's are Brits. P & O is a popular line that caters to Brits, I believe.
  13. Seems to me that when I was looking at MSC one time, it appeared they didn't have any self-service laundry on board. Unless you get free laundry as a perk, it could get expensive sending it out for a world cruise.
  14. A year out from our 2018 WC, I started tracking those "once a year" bills, like insurance. We called the company and arranged to have our CC billed automatically. We also put our utilities on an auto-draft, and set up all other recurring charges through our online banking. Be sure to check vaccination requirements for the ports of call. Some require more than one injection over a period of time.
  15. Me too, Wendy. We also travel with several collapsible containers of different sizes to organize things on shelves above the closet rod. A collapsible set of hanging shelves that fasten over the closet rod creates another set of storage. It's a good way to stack t-shirts and casual pants and capris in a way that allows me to see what's available. I take an over-the-door hanger that will hold 10 delicate things to dry at a time. (We'll have laundry for our 2021 WC, but there are a few things I won't want to send out.) Here's a link to my blogpost about how we organized our cabin: h
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