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  1. Phew! Great to hear she was able to get it worked out. Enjoy!
  2. I am not tech savvy. My kids set up everything up as a PDF for me and it made it super easy to load to the Bermuda form. Enjoy!
  3. Bermuda will not accept that. Is there a patient portal or something like that where she can get a more detailed report? Maybe if she calls the location they may be able to print out something more detailed for her. Otherwise she's going to have to find somewhere to do a rapid test that has the correct information on the test results. Good luck!
  4. And a couple of FYI's for future Bermuda cruisers. The musical Six changes days and times each week. The days on our cruise were different from the week before so you may need to adjust once you're onboard. Also, do a search to see if there are any road closures in NYC on the Sundays you're leaving and coming home. When we got back this past Sunday there was a bike race or marathon and the Westside Highway and 12th Ave were both closed going south which made it almost impossible to get into the ship terminal. Have fun everyone. Enjoy your cruise. Wish I was going again!
  5. Sorry, I didn't read your post closely enough. If you aren't going to Bermuda then unless things change you'll only need the antigen test to board the ship. That one is only the bottom of the nose. Enjoy!
  6. The one for the antigen test will be at the bottom of your nose. As far as the PCR test at the pier, it depends who you get. My tech went to maybe the bridge of my nose and it was easy-peasy, just a little tickle. My DH in the next booth said it got a brain swab! They all seem to be trained differently.
  7. We just got off the Breakaway yesterday. When we arrived for check in, there were no porters at pier 90, as there had been apparently the week before. We arrived around 1pm. They were directing everyone to drop off luggage at pier 88 and then walk over to pier 90. You could probably drop a passenger off at pier 90 and then go drop off luggage at pier 88. This is if someone is dropping you off. If parking, you need to park at pier 88, drop off luggage and then go to pier 90 for testing. Of course this may change week to week. It really would have made sense to have porters at pier 90 and I hope they do that for the next sailings.
  8. Thank you for your review. I really enjoyed reading it. And thank you again for all your helpful postings. We just got off the Breakaway this morning and had a great trip, but I'm not sure how I would have handled the pre-cruise stress of getting everything done without your helpful tips and explanations. To those sailing the Breakaway soon, all I can say is do it. It was definitely worth all the stress and craziness. Once onboard, we were truly able to relax and unwind. We got the results of the PCR test by 3pm on Monday, so after that we really felt we were on vacation.
  9. Thank you so much for the great review! Do you happen to remember how often the ferry to Hamilton was running? Thanks
  10. Nothing new there. That has always been the case for quite awhile now. The fee covers the second PCR test and their processing of the applications.
  11. Thank you for the review! I was considering the mini-bus tour. How crowded was the van? I know pre-covid most places would pack them really tight using the jump seats so it was basically wall to wall people. I was wondering if they now try to have a bit more space between passengers. Glad you had a good trip and sorry about the music.
  12. If you check the 9/26 roll call, one of the members on the cruise posted all the dailies.
  13. Bermuda has pretty much the same protocols in place now as they did before the surge of cases. They have required visitor testing pretty much from the time they came out of lock down. Bermuda requires a travel authorization form be completed before you board the ship, in order for it to be processed in time that PCR test needs to be taken 4 days before sailing. NCL is doing their required antigen test at the pier. In addition, Bermuda requires an additional PCR test which would normally be done on the ship when it arrives in Bermuda. As Bermuda would have problems processing that many tests in a timely manner they made an arrangement with NCL. NCL will do the PCR test for the arrival in Bermuda at the pier also, which satifies the Bermuda PCR test arrival requirement. So there are 2 separate PCR tests which must be done to satisfy the Bermuda protocols.
  14. I actually think it was very nice of the Bermuda Government and NCL to have something set up at the pier as they really didn't have to. The protocols were very clearly stated and passengers were told that they would not be allowed to board without the approved TA. They really didn't have to help passengers who didn't bother to follow instructions, delaying sailing, and racking up port charges when there were plenty of passengers who somehow managed to complete everything that was needed. It seems to me that if you manage to find cruise critic, while on a cruise, to complain and vent, then they could have found cruise critic before they sailed, at which point they would have been made aware of the instructions. I'm sure it was also discussed on that other unnamed site. If their Travel Agent didn't forward NCL's letter with the protocols then that's on their Travel Agent. But again, it has always been the passengers responsibility to find out the entry requirement for any port they are visiting, this was even before Covid protocols.
  15. This has been discussed here and on the roll calls for over a month now. Yes, the letter from NCL could have highlighted what needed to be done, but the NCL site also states that the passenger is responsible for finding out and complying with any entry requirements for each port. This has been the case even before Covid. Travelers now really need to be pro-active about the required protocols for the countries they are visiting. Do I wish I could just be vaccinated and get on the ship, sure. But right now that is probably not going to happen. And situations are fluid and can change at any time. At least be happy that you got the information before you got to the pier. Apparently, many people showed up at the pier without having an approved Travel Authorisation and had to scramble to get it completed at the pier, which was actually pretty decent of Bermuda and NCL to let them do it there as the protocols were clearly stated ahead of time that you needed an approved TA to board. Unfortunately there were also probably some people who were left behind.
  16. That was the answer I expected you to get. Glad you heard back and now have written confirmation.
  17. PS- Just an FYI, you may not hear back until Monday.
  18. That's what I was thinking. For the most part a PCC has no authority to change the "party line" and will just tell what is written down (and unfortunately often give incorrect or outdated information). I have to think that the VP's office has more say-so than a PCC and I'm planning to accept their e-mail as the most current and correct information. Hopefully, you'll get the same response and I'm sure it will put your mind at ease to have verification in writing (I know it did mine), Good luck!
  19. Do you know who you spoke to? Was it just a PCC? The e-mail response I have is from Jonathan Rose on behalf of Katty Byrd, Vice President Guest Services and it specifically says, "We will honor the 96 hour time period for Bermuda sailings. In the event there is a positive test at the port, to cover expenses not covered by travel insurance" The e-mail is dated 9/10/21. The e-mail address was vicepresidentguestservices@ncl.com. We are also driving to the pier so don't anticipate any issues but I am bringing the e-mail with me.
  20. In the old days you could show up anytime. However, now with the staggered check-in and testing I would suggest you go for your scheduled time. More than likely you could show up whenever, but why chance having to wait extra time. Good luck!
  21. I, and many others, absolutely have it in writing that the Wednesday test for Bermuda will fill the 72 hour NCL requirement. Hopefully they aren't now back pedaling!
  22. First off, you'll be tested at the pier which will kill some time. Then you do the check in. This will probably take about an hour more or less. If the ship is cleared they will begin boarding. We've gotten on a ship anywhere from 10:30 up to 2pm (Coast Guard Inspection). Boarding time is almost always listed as 12 noon, but they will begin boarding as soon as possible. Enjoy and have fun!
  23. Boy, should have proof read this. This is what happens when you type while distracted! Hopefully everyone can figure out what I was saying. lol
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