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    New to MSC

    Most cruise lines let you bring one bottle of wine on board. What are the MSC rules? thanks MIke
  2. M&A

    Internet access

    Okay, just that on my last cruise on Carnival I bought the one device internet and as long as I logged out of one and then I could log on to the other device. It was one device, but one device at a time
  3. A question about the internet packages. If it states one device, does that mean one device at a time or just one device. ie can I log on with my Iphone and then log out and then log into my chromebook? or do I need to buy the two device package?
  4. Sea day today and cool but sunshine. you can sign out a few big towels if you want but no blankets. There is a string trio on board
  5. Gothenburg Sweden today, beautiful city with canals and lots to see. The port is out of town and Carnival has a shuttle ($19) return A sea day tomorrow before returning to Dover
  6. We are on the Pride right now. Just received our red tags to leave the ship. New room cards will be left in the slot outside our room in the afternoon. We have to pack our stuff and they will be moved to the new cabin. We have to vacate the room by 7 AM
  7. I have been slow to update, too busy in the various ports and occupied on the ship. Tallinn was beautiful and well worth seeing. we just walked around the old town for hours, so much to see. The historic old town is amazing. In Helsinki we did the hop on hop off boat and bus tour. Stockholm was canceled due to weather but we had a fun time on the ship. They are enforcing the 45 minute rule in the Serenity area, we showed up around 9:am and the attendant was removing towels and books from cabanas, we got one but then an hour later some guy showed up and asked us where his stuff was!! Had an extra sea day and the weather was cool and cloudy we sat out anyway. Did karaoke and then listened to the resident rock band CIA The wifi isn’t bad so we can watch movies in our cabin later on. Today we are in Kiel, no trips just wandering around, shopping- prices are really reasonable and drinking German beer and eating bratwurst
  8. Our third day was the port of Warnemunde which is a suburb of Rostock. Most people signed up for the train or bus to Berlin but we did a tour of Rostock in the afternoon. In the morning we walked into Waramunde a short walk from the ship. A very quaint beautiful town, there is a canal with restaurants, bars, shops lining both sides. Waramunde also has a beach area with cabanas and a long concrete boardwalk. The guided tour of Rostock was interesting, the tour guide told us about life before 1990, it was in the old East Germany, showed us the Soviet era apartment complexes. It’s a beautiful old city and worth the visit, we had lunch there and the best coffee!! Just had lunch a Guy’s burgers, and no lineups!! A sea day today and Talin tomorrow Sitting in a cabana in the Serenity area, very few people out here, cloudy and cool. So far we have had hot sunny weather.
  9. They have installed a large screen by the main pool area, just to the right of Guy’s burger place
  10. We are into our 3rd day on the Pride and am impressed with the ship. Had read the negative comments from some people and don't understand some of the complaints. We stayed with friends in Surrey and took the train to Dover without going into London. Arrived at Dover Priory station on Sunday around 11:30, someone at the station asked us if we were going to the cruise ship and that there was a shuttle outside to the cruise port, our check-in was for 12:30 so we decided to get a coffee in Dover and then walked to the ship. The hike to the cruise ship was longer than expected and the Pride docks the furthest away at the cruise port. Check-in was fast and easy. First day out of Dover was a sea day and we were up early, did our work out and after breakfast out to the Cabanas at the rear of the ship. Of course ALL were taken but no one using them. Most people must have got up early put towels and books in them and back to bed. We got some lounge chairs around 9AM, some people didn't show up to their cabanas until 11:00 AM. I thought the ship was in very good shape, they keep it very clean and they are always out there painting and cleaning. We ate dinner in the Normandie dinning room both nights and it was excellent. In my opinion the food was as good as any of the other cruise lines we have been on. We did breakfast and lunch in the buffett on Deck 9, a really good selection. After dinner we went to the Red Frog pub and listened to a really good band CIA, these guys could play anything and the lead guitarist was fantastic. We ended up both nights there and didn't do any other venues. Copenhagen - Tuesday August 23rd Tuesday - the Pride docks at an industrial terminal approx. 4 miles from the centre. As part of our work-out routine we decided to walk, however we took a few wrong turns and we had walked 6 miles before we got to the Tivoli Gardens. The weather was sunny and hot around 80. We got on the Hop-on-hop off bus and then the canal/harbor tour. I would recommend the Ho-Ho bus with the boat tour - well worth the 75 Euros. A beautiful clean city. The shuttle to the cruise ship was every hour and we had just missed it so we walked back, this time it was 4 miles.
  11. Yes we have booked On Point for our Pride sailing out of England, taking an FDA approved home test and doing the zoom call.
  12. I sailed on an RCI ship a few years ago just after they ended the chocolates on your pillow. When we had the question and answer with the Captain, a woman actually asked him why they stopped the chocolates on the pillow. With a straight face he said "too many people were getting chocolate on their faces"
  13. We have booked an on-line test in the UK for Thursday morning, the ship sails Sunday afternoon - 3 days. Carnival Site: CRUISES 6 DAYS OR MORE On cruises 6 days or longer, testing requirements remain in place for guests age 2 and older. Except where destination requirements differ (see below), all guests may take their test (PCR or antigen) starting 3 days before departure (for example, if the sailing is on Saturday, the test may be taken any time from Wednesday). For itineraries that include Bermuda and Canada, in order to comply with destination regulations, guests may take either a PCR or an antigen test within the timelines specified below: A PCR test within 72 hours prior to sailing (for example, if the sailing is on Saturday, the test may be taken any time from Wednesday). An antigen test no earlier than two days prior to sailing (for example, if the sailing is on Saturday, the test may be taken any time from Thursday).
  14. My daughter and son-law sailed 2 weeks ago on the Legend out of Baltimore. They had a great time, didn't mention any rust or elevators not working or toilets not flushing or any problems at all. The only negative they talked about was the one hour wait to get into the Baltimore parking area. Food was good, entertainment good, etc Sailing on the Pride in 2 weeks so I will let you know how good it is. But I won't be running around the ship and taking pictures of rust spots or railing that need varnishing. We will be there to enjoy ourselves
  15. Why? because we are flying to the UK and with the number of lost bags by the airline, I will carry-on only. Plus we will be doing a lot of train travel pre-cruise, switching trains and traveling Italy by train. So why would we want to cart around a big suitcase?
  16. it's showing up on VTG site balcony and suites available. Oct 30th 2023 but then "sold out"
  17. I believe that was an exception on July 25th, the day of the channel chaos and the first day of the schools summer break. Roads to Dover were gridlocked and taxis coudn't get to the station.
  18. It's 1 mile from the train station to the cruise terminal. Some people were talking about walking from the station because of the traffic tie ups and a lack of taxis
  19. You could put them in your carry on, but I don't know if security would take them. We are sailing on the Pride on Sept 2nd out of Dover and looking to book a test in the London area. Booking one in Rome may be more difficult due to the language barrier
  20. Yes there are people going to Paris and you should go on to the roll call. We are on that cruise but not gong to Paris, we did it a couple of years ago from LeHavre and it was a long day, but worth it. I think it was 3 hour drive each way, a fast tour of Paris and a river cruise on the Seine. The 3 hour bus ride back was made bearable because we picked up a couple of bottles of wine and drank it with our friends on the way back
  21. If it's really a problem and so many people want to get up early and put their stuff on a chair then maybe Carnival could start up a Lounge Chair reservations system put it on their App. The reservation system could open up in the morning, they have an on-line map you choose your position, reserve it and then the staff put a card on the seat. You show up and someone is in your seat you show them your phone........................😀
  22. We are sailing out of Dover UK on the Pride in 3 weeks, we need to get a covid test. Yet, there is P&O ship sailing out of the UK and calling at the same ports but their passengers don't need a covid test. Doesn't make sense.
  23. Yes you are right. We are sailing on the Pride in 3 weeks time and looking for ideas and reviews from people that actually cruised on it. Frustrating when you get people giving their opinions on the Pride that never actually sailed on it!! - one pers stated - "why would you sail on a rust bucket out of Dover" ? they never sailed on the Pride. Quite the exageration to call it a "rust bucket" - that must have come from a review in June where the poster had gone around the ship doing a rust hunt, they had taken a picture of rusty screws at the top of the ship and a bracket sticking out near their balcony, that hardly makes a ship a "rust bucket" The comment about Dover, well it's got better train service than Southampton and it's used by a few other lines like the upscale Seabourne, Disney, Hurtingen. The poster had never actually sailed out of Dover but was using someone else's comment to exagerate. As for the current review, I don't think any of the comments would affect us. We have no tender ports at all our our Euro cruise, it's all docking. We are not boarding in the morning like everyone else seems to do, we will board in the afternoon to avoid the line ups.
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