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  1. And so this thread goes on and on, I plead guilty !! :mad:


    OK you mob, if you are ever in UK, nearly every town has a Greggs. They sell cakes, pasties, sausage rolls, sambos, drinks etc. People are often lined up in the street at lunchtimes. They are very well priced too.




    They have great Chelsea Buns and old fashioned "Sticky Finger Buns" reasonable coffee and offer a 10% discount to us aged.

  2. Great book, Glory, Glory to South Sydney. Anyway mate, just checked out Ridgey Didge website, plenty of outlets up north, big rang of GF dogs eyes, in fact big range of all pies. You lucky people.:loudcry: They even have outlets in Tamworth and Gunnedah.

    Last time I looked at a team with green and red jumpers they certainly were "Rabbits" and eating huge Humble Pies, belted 64 to 6 by a massive STORM.

  3. Best pastie I have ever had was at St Ives in the UK, a proper Cornish pastie in Cornwall and it didn't disappoint.

    Spot on great pasties at St Ives, also Padstow and Polperro have great ones. Largest I ever had was at Dartmouth, about the size of a house brick. They make good Eccles cakes in the west country, they are super with Clotted Cream

  4. In the early 60s my dad, on payday (Fridays), would bring home Darby's pies from Darby street in Newcastle. They've been my favourite ever since. Tried a Mrs Mac once, yuk also. Now there are Darby's pie shops all over Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. They also made great cream buns and cream horns but dropped them from the menu quite a few years ago. They still do lamingtons, vanilla slices and apple turnovers and others. I don't know if Darby's have a shop close to the harbour foreshore as it is a long hike down to the Darby street shop - it's still there 50 years later.

    Do they bake Boston Buns or Yeast Buns? Cant' get any of these at the shops these day's

  5. I have Googled Tom Diddle unsuccessfully. Please explain. Are the meat pies like pasties?


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    They look like a UK Pork pie but are eaten hot ,like a Cornish Pastie. Cornish pasties are best eaten with a pint of John Smith's Bitter in a nice pub in Devon or Cornwall.Think I might need a plane ticket to cure my hunger

  6. I have been looking at hotel prices around the Opera house and noticed that the Hilton seems to outrageously high in price compared to others. Is there something special about this hotel? Has anyone ever stayed there?

    Suggest you try The Rocks and Circular Quay on hotel sites to obtain prices and position around this area. Some great hotels at a far lower cost than the Hilton.

  7. Sinbad is right about time being to tight, Suggest you get your TA TO CANCEL your flights and re book to arrive in Sydney 24 hrs earlier,also the same on exiting. Reason is if you have any problems on your 22hour trek eg.delay;s at airports on the way because of fog or bad weather etc you wont make the boat.As a seasoned 24 hour flier to the UK i can assure you ,you will be knackered after the flights and will be looking for a bed

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