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  1. Sort of got it sorted old son, after having had the dreaded Coeliac since 2010.


    So what does normal beer, bread cakes and pies taste like? :(:loudcry:

    Just great but for you Uncle Les a pack of Ryvita and a 4lt Flagon of Scrumpy will have to suffice. Noons Pies were bigger than 4n20 in Melbourne when I was a lad. Haven't seen any posts from the Essex Plumber lately do you think the Mafia might have done him harm?

  2. This port is part of our cruise in March of 2018. In reading it seems that the town is far from this dock. Taxi cab $60 AU. Does anyone know if Celebrity has a shuttle to get passengers from the ship to the town. Any advice or knowledge on this port would be great.


    Thank you!!

    A top Shore Excursion is the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary traveling up to it by the Miramar River Ferry, Use the Shuttle to get into the city then make your way to the ferry terminal. Suggest you go on line and look at the websites,also Viator is a good pre booking source. Have a good cruise.

  3. It was smoking when we were in Rabaul on Pacific Princess, circa 2005.;p


    Must be getting close to another big eruption.

    My late father told me the US and Australian Airforce's bombed the Volcano on Rabaul around the clock for months hoping to get it to erupt; all to no avail during WW2. Dad said you can't get Nature to turn on because you want it to,he also said it never stopped smoking; which drove the "Brass" insane.

  4. I was sitting up in the wheelchair area and heard a supervisor asking staff to let that section out last until the Capt made a decision about it.


    If they weren’t punted they came darn close.

    Thanks for the review Mr Gut, rather disappointed that Celebrity didn't handle these boguns with a bit more force. Booked a 10 dayer on this ship for 2018 after canceling 1 of our 2 RCCL Cruises,much to Mrs Beats displeasure. I think Uncle Les and Mic's comments are spot on. Trying to tell her in the house is harder. Welcome back Mic, did they have Curried Apple Turnovers?clear.png?emoji-smile-1742

  5. @MrYellowDuck thanks for the info on the paid eateries. May give the sushi place a miss as where we live, due to number of Japanese who live in the area, really good sushi, sashimi and more are to be found! And so we've been spoilt.


    @whimsey no problem doing internet free cruise in the past but having young grandchildren would have been nice to connect on Christmas Day, even if only to share photos etc. We'll see the photos etc when we get back...they live in far north WA so we're used to that. Maybe there will be WiFi in Noumea or even Fiji, not hopeful re Lifou. But thinking about it definitely in Noumea as sure the crew will all be heading off to do the same, connect with family back home.


    @banzai will look out for ice show slot and take note that we need to arrive early. I am in awe of skaters so really want to see the show. Didn't think one could get in more than once unless allocated passengers didn't arrive. Thanks for the tip.



    Got allocated our cabin today and it's as expected, very humble but it's ours for the trip.


    Thanks to all who have replied and if anyone thinks of info please post.

    Firstly the Coffee Card is good value, saving you $1.20 a cup approx. Secondly I also dismissed Izumi a few cruises ago on the Radiance as just a sushi place. My mistake ,the Hot Rock cooking at your table experience is really superb. We now dine at least once but normally at Izumi.Hope your MTD comes through and enjoy your cruise

  6. This is our first trip on RCI ship...Explorer of the Seas..Dec 24-Jan 4th, so would appreciate any hints and tips with regards to how this cruise line works. Just the two of us. We booked only few days ago and have been assigned late time dining and just wondered how likely would be to get onto My Time as assume early will be busy with families on this sailing. Can I try and swop once on board or is that a no-no?


    What are the "paid" restaurants like? Which would you suggest I try? Saw something about a dining package but then couldn't find any further info.


    Not having sailed on a ship with this number of passengers or extra activities that require pre-booking not sure how to go about it or if I need to. Is it cheaper pre-cruise? As it's school/festive holiday season does this make a difference?


    Other than that this is also our first visit to Fiji so any hints on tours etc would be great. How easy is it to DIY once ashore or does the over three thousand people make it more difficult to "wing" it?


    Did try searching the forum but not very successful.


    Sure I'll think of other things in the coming days but if any of you helpful and knowledgeable people could respond I'd be most grateful.��

    Use your Cruise planner under Dining to try for MTD they may put you on a wait list if booked out .Having done 28 ea days on Voyager I can recommend Izumi and Chops as enjoyable.Explorer is a sister ship to Voyager

  7. Washed down with a nice, well chilled bottle of Pinot Grigio or perhaps even Prosecco. :halo:


    Lubbly Jubbly, I can taste it from here.

    Double up the booze and I will grab a Large Game Pie and a Stilton from the Windsor Farm Shop.The lady who owns the Castle also owns the shop.Produce is outstanding, a bit like Harrods with prices to match. Our cousins in Windsor say you have to be a Peer or a Plumber to be able to shop there lol.clear.png?emoji-tearsjoy-1678clear.png?emoji-winktongue-1704

  8. Thanks for both of these replies. Unfortunately this cruise doesn't seem to offer such a post-cruise option, maybe because we're flying independently. I think what we're going to end up doing is taking a taxi to the airport, store our luggage there, get the train back into Sydney and spend the day sightseeing.

    Grab a cab to Central station and put your luggage in Storage. On return you can catch the train direct to the Airport, There are Tickets available at the Station you can buy for multi use ;Bus,Train,Ferry,etc.Great city to have fun in Sydney.

  9. Vinegar on mac & cheese,yuk.Turn the pies upside down,open them up,chilli vinegar and green liquor,yummy.

    Better stay close to the NHS you will need a Stomach Pump on that cuisine.Went to Burnham on Crouch a few years ago and had a Fish pie for dinner,best I have ever eaten. Brown's at Windsor also do a great Fishy.Sorry had to get topic away from vinegar!clear.png?emoji-roll-eyes-1744

  10. Yes, this is what we did and it was great!! If you go early you can get a tour of the brewery (and free samples!!). Look online for times for their tours but I think it was 10 or 11 am on weekdays. They have a great story to tell and excellent beer. We have a photo of DH, sitting under a blackboard that shows the brewing process, with his head down on the table, totally dejected he has to leave :D


    Then we walked out to the beach and on the way back stopped at shops to get T-shirts. Was a very pleasant day. And I agree that Manly is waaay better than the (over-rated) Bondi!!


    Good luck


    Glad you enjoyed 4 Pines,it is a place I hate leaving as well Cheers

  11. Hi,theres one called Robins but its in the shopping area going towards the station.Theres another one in Lakeside foodcourt.The secret is to turn them upside down and smother them with vinegar.I use the chilli vinegar to enhance the flavour,lol,cheers,Brian.

    Vinegar!,Brian please get out of the Italian sun before your brain melts Refer to Uncle Les's comments for the condiments for Pies.Mrs Beat being from the UK has problems with the sun; also has big problems with me. clear.png?emoji-tongue-1703clear.png?emoji-winktongue-1704

  12. They tell fibs sometimes, but then many do in a court of law, from both sides.


    Enough of that rubbish, let us get back on the topic: Meat Pies. Walls in UK make good ones, big range of products, old company. Brian could tell us about them. www.walls-pastry.co.uk

    Crikey Walls have got a Chicken Tikka Slice ,we should send a box to both plumbers.! Is it worth having a whiparound and sending a few snag rolls as well.? Been to the UK many times and never seen this product. clear.png?emoji-wink-1685

  13. The Ndrangheta has a large branch in Aus.Watch out for that fish on your doorstep,lol.

    Their headquarters is in Carlton a suburb of Melbourne, if there is any of them left;they keep shooting each other. They do run the Fish Market so they have easy access to the said product. I will leave a pot of Osso Bucco on the doorstep for them, second thoughts maybe a dodgy 4N20 with "dead horse" lol.clear.png?emoji-tearsjoy-1678

  14. Hey, Brian....You Brits love the Indian Tucker, your national dish is no longer Fish and Chips or Bangers 'n Mash, it is....'Chicken Tikka' Right? According to Jamie Oliver, that is. Enjoy.


    Like in Australia, UK migration has some benefits, like new cuisines, new flavours !! Lubbly Jubbly.



    Just get rid of the deep fried Mars Bars. Perhaps a Deep Fried Crunchie would be a change.:eek:

    Hey Uncle Les, those Plumber's really like to show the wealth they gained from their trade,ones in Italy money laundering with the Mafia;the other is trying to find apple turnovers in India. clear.png?emoji-winktongue-1704

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