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  1. I was just at Woolworths and a tube of Pringles - Meat Pie flavour, jumped into my trolley. I think they were mentioned on here a few weeks ago by Mr Gut? Anyone tried them. :p


    Have to wait until wine'oclock to sample them. So sad.

    Hope yo survive the ordeal Uncle Lea, I believe they are Canada's answer to the Scot's Deep Fried Mars Barclear.png?emoji-grin-1677

  2. Hi Folks,


    In two short weeks I am heading off on my first cruise with my family. We are sailing on the Carnival Spirit, leaving Monday the 9th of October. We are flying in from Adelaide, due to arrive @ Sydney Airport at 11:30. The cruise is due to depart @ 4:00PM.


    Is this pushing it fine with potential delays in flights? Should we be arriving the night before? What are other peoples thoughts? Its going to cost us around another $650 to reschedule our flights and a nights accomodation (depending on where we stay, for 4 people).



    Always travel the day before, and after the airport problems yesterday I think you should think along the lines of "Peace of Mind". $650 Iis a small price for that.

  3. hello fellow cruisers! Help please. I'm flying into Sydney the day before my March 10 cruise and staying one day after as the flight leaves too early on debarkation day. Princess wants to charge me over $1200 for two nights. When I pull the hotel up on Expedia it's only in the $230 CAD range...I'm already paying more for the cruise being single but it looks like they are trying with the hotel. How difficult and expensive is it to get to hotel then ship, then hotel then airport? Thanks!

    Book direct with hotels on there Websites.A room should cost you between $200 and $300 AUD unless you want to go into 5star. Use your keyboard and you will save a mint.

  4. I booked out 1st Cruise Today

    16th Jan 2019 8 Night on Carnival Legend

    Sydney, Noumea, Lifou Isle, Melbourne


    Where in Melb so will need to fly up (happy it debarks in Melb so no flight to get home)

    Do we arrive the night before and stay or do a morning flight on the day of embarking?

    We are a family of 6 (2 Adults 4 kids) its the middle of summer school holidays

    Will accommodation be hard to get or be pricey to get that time of year??


    Any recommendations for places to stay that are reasonably priced, close to OPT


    and that will fit all 6 of us if we decided to fly in the night before would be helpful too



    Just heard the "News "Sydney Airport completely closed throwing all air travel into chaos.Your question has been answered.

  5. Not sure what bus you mean? They have a couple of routes




    There is a Harry's on George Street near Capitol theatre I'd guess getting off at Central and a short walk down George would be the way to go.

    Maybe a walk down George St is not a good option with all the construction going on at the present time ,I believe the Drop Bears are very aggressiveclear.png?emoji-winktongue-1704

  6. I was impressed to read of this latest innovation, which is one of the few times an advance actually makes things easier for the passenger, of late.


    Virgin have recently successfully trialled a portable check-in system at Sydney OPT. This enables passengers to check in at the cruise terminal, including their luggage to be taken to the airport. This has benefits for the passenger in a number of ways:

    - check-in out of the way earlier, at a quieter location

    - luggage collected, so the passenger doesn't need to transport it to the airport

    - luggage collected, so free to roam the city without the hassle of storing/collecting it before the flight


    Understandably with the above benefits, it got very high ratings from the trial passengers who benefited from it.




    As a result of this successful trial, Virgin will be rolling it out on future White bay and OPT cruise arrivals. Unfortunately this isn't any benefit to me at this point, since I'm based in Sydney, not leaving Sydney after a cruise, but it's still good to hear such progress. This may be of benefit to the posters here based in other cities, who fly Virgin.

    Can't find any info on this on Virgin's website,can you assist?

  7. Your Premier Beverage Package includes:


    • All beer, wine by the glass and cocktails $12.00 USD and under as listed on our menu(s) or $16.00 AUD and under for ships based in Australia
    • Bottled water (500ml only)
    • Fountain sodas, fresh juices ( if available), specialty coffees and teas, Red Bull energy drinks
    • Gong Cha items (if available) 

    • Frappe’s at Coffee & Cones
    • Smoothies and milk shakes (if available) 

    • Enjoy the convenience of your beverage package on our Private Islands and all food and beverage venues that offer beverage service

    The package includes an extra 25% discount on the following items that are otherwise excluded from the package:

    • All bottles of wine 

    • One-liter bottles of water (if dining at a specialty venue, a large one-liter bottle of water, still or sparkling, is covered by the package)

    • Canned soda, and bottled juices 

    so i take it no spirits now?????

    Can anybody tell me which Cruise Line your quoting?

  8. Spend big and stay at the Hyatt, right on the water but $$$$$$$$$$$$.:loudcry:


    With Holiday Inn if you join their loyalty club on IHG you generally get much better prices. I got the best price available when I booked H.I in Southampton next year, they threw in breakfast for IHG members.

    Uncle Les could you please send me $1100 so I ca stay at the Grand Hyatt in Feb.before I jump on the Ovationclear.png?emoji-grin-1677

  9. No way Uncle Mic, NSW State Govt could afford that largesse. 2nd prize = Circular Quay to Darling Harbour AND a 3 day old stale Mrs Macs sausage roll, unheated.:p


    After many posts on this topic, might I admit you don't have to be mad to be on here, but it helps, lol.

    I think they certified me at birth, anyway I'll just go on singing "How Sweet to be an Idiot" with apologies to Monty Python clear.png?emoji-tearsjoy-1678

  10. Queensland is not really known for it's wine or even wine regions, I would leave a winery tour for the more well known areas of Australia or NZ.

    If you are really keen for wine and Brisbane is the furthest south you go in Australia, I suggest going to a Bar.

    Great idea make mine a 4x Gold and a Pie and sauce.

  11. Maybe Sparky can post the apple pies out,

    Please just send a self addressed Post Pack (get a box that fits inside the post bag) with postage included to Sparky and they can send them back to us before it gets too hot.

    Note to Sparky, we will add the Cream when they arrive. :p

    How do we get the Clotted Cream from Devon??

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