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  1. We were on a cruise from Vancouver to CA coastal, on board for Canadian Thanksgiving which came and went without a peep. Not offerings on the menu resembling turkey dinner. When a different guest expressed his disappointment to the head waiter over this, that's when I heard the advice. When you want something specific in the dining room, you can request it - a day or two in advance. Makes sense to me. Now I know! The head waiter was very polite, told the guest - almost anything is possible.
  2. Be sure to ask your head waiter a day or two in advance. Having missed out on a Canadian Thanksgiving meal, we were told we could have requested something a day or two in advance. Try that!
  3. Yeah!!!! I wonder if Carlos from Portugal is still on Rui's team as a head waiter? We are excited to be with Rui again. Was Carlos a maitre d on Golden? 2019? Thanks in advance.
  4. @PescadoAmarilloThank you ever so much for posting here in CC AND in your blog. Just wanted to add my gratitude for all of the time you share with us. With the photos of the patters, menus and food pics, I can live vicariously through you - until I sail again in 2022. Congratulations on reaching your milestone! Love hearing how Princess has been recognizing your loyalty with those very special treats. Enjoy! Side note- On the Star, in a wakeview cabin, I also experienced the vibrations and noise which I did not anticipate. Hats off to you - for making the most of the situation , that you can. You are in control of your own positivity. Love knowing that you are in the formerly named SHARE space for specialty breakfasts. Your cabin location sound perfect for all of those aft areas that you are frequenting. Looking forward to reading about EVERYTHING you post! Reading about the staff, by name, is also appreciated. I know you met Misa in the CG on the Majestic, and as I follow you on the Emerald, it will be fun to see if you encounter other staff that I know. 💖
  5. Jelly fish at a Chinese restaurant looks like a pile of wet rubber bands. Chewy. I have eaten this delicacy many times on the appetizer cold plate at Chinese restuarants around the world. Usually served with a dressing of sorts, sesame oil flavour mostly. Enjoy! Personally, I like them.
  6. You're in luck. The George Inlet Lodge is open for a crab feast on Friday, Sept 10th - Enjoy!
  7. @JustBCruzNot sure if they still have this as a shore ex these days - Georges Inlet Lodge in Ketchikan. It was a crab expedition that showed you how they are caught and where. At the lodge, they serve up the freshest, sweetest crab - all you can eat. To die for! I haven't checked the lodge online lately; you can arrange for just a meal . It was offered in 2019. Good luck!
  8. @JBJ48Sanctuary booking for Glacier Bay. We did this in 2018, pre-covid times on the Star Princess. It was a lovely experience and we felt totally spoiled, for food services, and views, on that day. Biggest benefit of this space is that it is enclosed, so you are cozy while viewing the glaciers. There is a food service setup in the morning, you order from a menu for lunch, and later on, you are presented with afternoon tea at the right time, with all of the usual offerings. Delightful! Since you will be viewing the glaciers through the glass, you may venture away from the space for getting photos without the glass. I ran down to my balcony stateroom to get the best pictures, once we were close to the glaciers themselves. Another benefit for booking the Sanctuary would be not having to jostle for a front rail view, since you will have an assigned spot and lounger once you book this. In 2018, the Sanctuary service on that day was managed by the food services dept. and I have read about some changes to this, recently. So I can not guarantee that your upcoming experience would have exactly the same benefits. However, since I have taken this cruise more than a dozen times, the Sanctuary was a comfortable and pampered version of our day of viewing the glaciers. We also received a photographer's photo to commemorate our time there. Loved it all! I hope your experience there is as wonderful as mine was.
  9. Desserts look amazing! What were you drinking with your appetizer? Thanks for the delicious pics.
  10. Oops! Sorry. Thank you to @4cats4me for posting the pictures of the flowerpots. And to @KLM3164 for posting all about the cruise, as well. Thank you to you both. I am enjoying cruising along with you, all.
  11. FYI - I think the flowerpots are made of a plastic material. They had them on the Caribbean Princess in 2019 and I was also surprised when I first saw them. I'm was happy to see that @KLM3164 posted the picture, because describing them, just doesn't make sense to anyone who hasn't seen them at the buffet before. I had a good chuckle when I read about them on the Majestic. Especially funny are the comments from people who haven't seen them before! LOL
  12. Thank you for ALL the gorgeous pictures throughout the days. Food is wonderful, but this morning, the photos of your approach to Skagway is sublime. Oh, how I miss cruising in Alaska. @4cats4me@KLM3164 Enjoy your day ashore. What fantastic weather you are having. Beautiful! Keep it coming. Please, and thank you.😎
  13. Good to see that you weathered the day, ready to help another. Have a great time! I enjoyed your earlier posts. Thank you for taking us along.
  14. Hard cheeses and green apple can help as well. Order in - or pick some up at the IC on your way through the Piazza. Feel better - soon. This is the only rough bit, usually.
  15. @4cats4meThanks for keeping us posted. I'm enjoying your reports! You mentioned that Kevin is the cruise director...is it Kevin Tugwell? From my recollection, he is Canadian. That's good news for him. Thanking you in advance, for a response. If it is him, please tell him that a fellow Canuck misses cruising from my home port, in Canada! I met him on the Star in 2017.
  16. @4cats4meThank you for your reports. Love your cabin pics. Crossing my fingers, your WIFI will miraculously get better and we'll hear from you more. No pressure! Pescado Amarillo suggests a Elderflower Paloma in the Crown Grill. Just sayin. I can't wait to try that one. Have fun! Enjoy your return to cruising. Thanks, again!
  17. @geoherbThank you for your positivity. Those of us who are not quite yet ready for jumping onboard, have benefited from your generosity to share your experiences with us. You brought back some wonderful memories of ship life for me, and now I have a new option to look forward to in 2022. I especially enjoyed seeing your photos from the winemaker's dinner, complete with the Yao Ming reference to his basketball career. No wonder there is a giant size wine bottle on display! Was is 7 feet high? LOL Safe home for you. Enjoy these final hours on board.
  18. Here's a thought...only a suggestion. How about passing along your comment about this specific dessert directly to the chef, or kitchen at least. Crew chat? I read on previous threads that the comment cards are no longer available at the passenger service desk. Since you still have a few days left in your cruise, maybe, maybe, you will get an improved and more satisfactory product in a day to two? Just an idea. Would love to know if this yields any change. Personally I have never ordered the key lime pie onboard, however, from your photos, I agree that it looks like lemon pie filling, the mass produced kind. Good luck! Looking forward to see if any change occurs. Enjoy the remaining days you have on this sailing. Have you tried any profiteroles at the IC? Those were a favourite of mine.🤭
  19. I was also very impressed with the chef and his team on the Caribbean P in 2019. Those were the good ole' days, for sure. Every bite amazing in all venues.
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