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  1. Agree. Also used Blue Puffin company for tour in Tromso. Fabulous guide, Viktor!
  2. If you want to be sure to have a turkey dinner on the right day, be sure to mention it to one of the restaurant managers at least 24 hours ahead of time. The staff always appreciates getting these requests in a timely fashion. I was on Majestic last October and wanted a turkey dinner for Canadian thanksgiving. The kitchen put together exactly what I had requested for my meal that day. I know from experience that it is far better to ask ahead of time for any special requests rather than wait to see "if" they provide exactly what you want on any given day of celebration for your culture. IMHO Enjoy your cruise! @GetGlowing
  3. @DaisyRose Pretty sure the Royal class ships are the ones with the concierge lounge. Usually on Deck 14 mid-aft. Check on the deckplans for the ship you are interested in. Enjoy your next suite booking!
  4. @TenneSea Thank you for posting your pics- loved seeing Portwenn especially! I am enjoying your reports immensely. Random question about the ship breakfast location, please and TIA. I will be boarding this ship next month and would like to be ready to "hike" all the aft, or ...? Is it being served in the Palm dining room?
  5. @Pirateskigirl sorry if I missed it. Can you post a pic of the officer board, please? TIA Who is the captain?
  6. I also like the idea of window suites ...suites in general, yes! That said, I am not seeing the standard suite perks listed on the amenities page for the most current Window Suite cabins, particularly on the Grand. I am looking at sailings for fall 2024. Has anyone noticed if Window suites will continue to get the standard "suite" benefits as in the past? I would hate to book one of these cabins and NOT get the breakfast in the specialty dining room and the Reserve class dining. TIA
  7. For anyone sailing at this time...hope you have flatter seas ahead. If anyone happens to see the officer board, please post a pic here. Thank you!
  8. @Lindy Sue Which ship are you sailing on? They usually hold back enough restaurant reservations for suites; your concierge should be able to assist you without any trouble. Re-lax, enjoy your suite experience! Bon voyage.
  9. @kstaffen Yes, I missed seeing Sheila after Honolulu, but Jay was still there and ready to serve with a big smile every time!
  10. @kstaffen I took this officer board photo on the last day of our sailing. It has a few changes...as of 04/30/24. Nice meeting you at Adagio. D
  11. @Turk1 Last month I canceled a reservation and it went to my account on board. OBC I had my request processed at Guest Services, Ruby Princess
  12. @TenneSea Love it so far! Keep it coming, please. I'll be boarding this ship soon. Thank you for taking the time to share with us. Love the food photos. Always.
  13. I just might meet you face to face on the Majestic before the year is out...fingers crossed. Love that ship! @LACruiser88
  14. @LACruiser88 Details, details! Don't want you going to the wrong dining room...but then again, I recall - you are going to Harmony every morning. Lucky ducks! Thanks for playing along.
  15. @LACruiser88 I thought that the aft dining room aft on deck 6 was the Allegro! The restaurant listing on the memo says Concerto...deck 6 aft. Oops!
  16. @brewcrewI was on Ruby P, had a thermal spa pass for the 16 day cruise. Enquired at the front desk of the spa and found out that prices are higher once on board. I suggest you purchase the pass prior to boarding. Sorry this is all underlined. Enjoy!
  17. @PastryPal I was recently on the Ruby...and spoke at length with several members of the staff at the Future cruise department. New to me, they are now promoting packages that include various combinations of hotels with the future cruise deposits. Yes, they are in the thousands of dollars range. Fortunately for me, or unfortunately, they are only offered in US$ and using the new program, one must book using US $. As a Canadian, I did not like that idea, so I declined. I did see that there could very well be some value to the program, for a small extra amount of OBC..more than usual - up to $300 for a larger package. If I recall correctly, the smallest package was $3499, then one for $5499 and one for $7999, or thereabouts. There may even have been one for more money. These are fairly new promotions, about a year in the making, as far as I am aware. They are not "scams" to my understanding, but perhaps your parents were charged for MORE than they bargained for. I also believe that the bulk of the costs charged will be applicable as payment for the upcoming cruises that are booked. I hope this helps you. So sorry to hear that your parents were not advised as fully as they could be. I asked many, many questions of the program. I think there are some benefits, but a lot of money is charged up front, in US$$.
  18. @LACruiser88 is the expression...Great minds drink alike? Enjoy every sip and gulp. Love your reports. Thank you for sharing so much info. Is Darko the concierge with you?
  19. @LACruiser88 Me too. I tried Silver Palm last night, not having another glass.... Happy to know my palate matches yours. I'm doing my best to keep up. I like Silverado too! On Ruby 😉 Super Tuscan lunch April 24th. Cheers!
  20. @cr8tiv1 I love maui (greasy) chips. Since I don't have enough food to eat already here on Ruby!
  21. In Kahului on Saturday with memoak. Where should look for the Maui chips? Please, and mahalo! I'm thinking of riding a public bus to go to the Marine Centre from Kahului. Is it encouraged or frowned upon for tourists to ride the buses? So economical!
  22. @Wabashmom Was forward on Marina deck, on Regal, with hot tubs directly above. Certain times of day I would hear lounge chairs being moved around...did not affect my sleep...However, I do prefer to have my cabin below other cabins. Cabin location was assigned to me after a "successful" bid!
  23. @laynp Enjoy the lounge! The location is considered mid-aft, as noted, on deck 14. Entry can be from port or starboard side (on the Majestic, it was!). ONLY for suite guests. NOT mini-suites.
  24. @Ancon Travelling solo, you are charged for a single crew appreciation. Add whatever you wish - can easily give cash to your steward as you go along. For 32 days, you are feeling that the steward is "shortchanged" by the solo traveller? As with all things related to gratuities, do what works for you!
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