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  1. Just disembarked this morning. The Captain announced yesterday that they had four positive cases on board, consisting of 1 passenger and 3 crew members (who are all vaccinated). It came a few hours after they were doing the pre-disembarkation testing of the under 18's, although there was no information about whether the passenger was under 18 or not. Though, it wouldn't suprise me as the adherance to mask wearing by almost every single child was non-existent, and there was zero enforcement by the crew. I wonder how many more will test positive in the next few days now.
  2. I use a US travel agent all the time, and it has never been an issue (haven't tried on the Celebrity website though). I stopped cruising with Princess as they blocked you booking outside your country, and I'm grateful that they did as Celebrity is much better and I haven't looked back!
  3. Great news..! I am on Edge in October. Very pleased she won't be on it.
  4. https://www.mirror.co.uk/travel/cruises/msc-cruises-changes-vaccine-policy-24423357
  5. Well, of course, only those that are of an age to be vaccinated. Interesting with the availability. You'd think that even with the ship only half full they'd give maximum availability to both singles and doubles as half the cabins will be empty anyway. But then, Celebrity have never made any sense with their decision making.
  6. Just in case anyone wants to do the best price guarantee... the UK Gov has now removed the 1000 passenger limit if all passengers are fully vaccinated, and therefore they can operate at 50% capacity instead (an extra 500 or so passengers). Celebrity have opened up the 3rd and 9th July sailings. May be cheaper for some, and there are now also NO single supplements!
  7. I can't imagine anything worse than meeting someone that has had that great vision to utterly destroy the Celebrity brand, and who will only be happy when it is a women only cruise line.
  8. Looks like they have pulled the first two sailings from sale, despite having huge amounts of availability yesterday. I wonder if they are thinking the same as me, in that June 21st is going to be delayed, and therefore have a 1000 passenger limit. 😪
  9. Still showing 25% for me, which is the same as it has been for weeks. Maybe I need to look at some other sites.
  10. I think Celebrity are missing a trick here by not even seeming to be considering UK cruises. What a shame!
  11. On a TA I would definitely go for anything which enabled me to have an idea of what it felt like outside, and therefore what to wear. So many times in an oceanview you think it looks nice and the tv says it is (but it didn't get updated, as always). Having just checked out some of the videos for the infinite veranda I personally would avoid it like the plague. I like to leave my balcony door open slightly overnight so it isn't so dry in the a/c, and also to peek my head through the curtains if I wake up. I don't want to have to raise a floor to ceiling blackout blind to be able to do that.
  12. Pete, For future reference, you can call the US for free on Skype if it is a toll-free number. I use it all the time, and certainly with Celebrity. Like everyone, they have been beyond ignorant in answering the questions raised in emails. Just as incompetent on the phone too I have found of late. I am getting so frustrated about issues where they have retrospectively changed their terms and conditions on refunds/FCC's.
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