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  1. While I commend Royal Caribbeans new measures for taking the temperatures of all passengers before getting on the ship, I just want to say something about my recent Feb. 28th cruise on Mariner of the Seas. When we docked at Coco Cay the Navigator was also there. After our return back on the ship at we headed up to the Windjammer for a snack. We overheard one worker telling the other that he had to get back on over to the Navigator and that he would see them soon. There is also a You Tuber who works on Oasis ( i believe) who has posted a video of himself on March 6th hanging out at the beach on Coco Cay with an employee of Navigator who was also docked there. So, my comment is that it seems that cross contamination by employees from ship to ship is a real (if slight) possibility. If the sickness can be brought on the ship by passengers, isn't there also a chance of cross contamination from employees going from one ship to the other? And wouldn't it be prudent at this time to maybe curtail ship to ship socialization? This is just a thought on my part, Our cruise was lovely, we did not get sick, in fact, other than passengers with hangovers I did not see anyone who looked even remotely ill. Everyone looked healthy and happy to be there. We are cruising again in April.
  2. Took my mother-in-law on a seven day star suite cruise in March. I feel your pain. No matter the circumstance she always had an issue. Considering the cruise was FREE for her she should have done a happy dance every minute of every day! I hope she appreciated it in the end because it was her last cruise with us!
  3. Most likely you will pack too many clothes. I always pack and then take a couple of things out of the suitcase.
  4. If it were Cozumel or Costa Maya I would say yes- if you are delicious to stinging or biting insects (as I am) I was stung while still on the bus in Costa Maya! My husband has never been bitten or stung anywhere on any cruise. Ever.
  5. We did the tour of Chacchoban ruins in Costa Maya. We did the tour through Royal Caribbean. We had a great tour guide on our 2nd visit. (our first tour guide a year before kept trying to sell us things while on the bus!)It was a short tour. Fun learning about it all. Saw a few monkeys and did a lot of walking and climbing the ruins. It is hot. It can rain. The roads are bumpy. But, overall we had a good time.
  6. I see this happen every time I fly. Why spend money on Doctors? Just take a flight! Its a miracle! Hallelujah!!!!
  7. Maybe you are not taking the right cruise. Every short cruise I have been on has at least one "way too drunk and almost naked" female.
  8. My preference would be Allure. I like the pool in the Solarium. (no Solarium pool on Harmony). I enjoyed Mamma Mia more than Grease. As far as the ports, how important are they to you? Been to them all and thought st. Kitts was lovely but thought st. Thomas was a little underwhelming with excursions. Enjoyed walking Old San Juan in P.R. and visiting the Forts. Last time we visited st. Maarten they were still dealing with hurricane damage, but so was st. Thomas. They are both great ships Harmony is a little more updated but that wouldn't stop me from booking Allure.
  9. She is having the scooter delivered to the cabin. I didn't know that there was any other option. I will ask her about seeing if she can pick it up at the terminal instead. It sounds easier. Plus it gives her a little more practice time before scooting around on the ship.
  10. Thank you molsonschooner-I need to make sure I take a pic. with my phone so I can remember all this great information. If I don't write it down or take a photo I surely won't remember it by cruise time!
  11. Yes, you will survive and have a great time. five nights are not full days so I agree about no drink pack. You will do just fine buying an occasional drink on board or at coco cay & key west. Having your own wine will also help.
  12. Thank you. I will look into purchasing a door wedge. I know from experience that sometimes when you ask the steward for something it never appears. I never take it personally. They are way to busy. How does disembarking work? Do I need to go to guest services to make arrangements? The scooter will remain on the ship and she will be getting a wheelchair escort back to the terminal. Do they stay til we are through customs, or are we on our own once we get off the ship?
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