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  1. Hi we have been on this cruise the last three years and we are booked in December also we have never encountered unstable seas we always book balcony though we like the daylight it’s a fabulous cruise and can’t wait to be back on board the fabulous QV.
  2. Hi I’ve just received a new confirmation invoice from my TA stating the amount of on board credit for our Iona cruise in August but have not received a new invoice from our Britannia cruise in July that we booked direct with P&O. Both cruises were savers because that was the only option available.
  3. We are in June July August September November and December
  4. I had thought it would be valid for a year, bit of a pain updating it every 4 weeks or so but it’s better than nothing and if it gets us back cruising and doing thinks we love so be it.😃
  5. Why is there an expiration date of June 20th on the covid vaccination proof, will we keep having to renew the proof?
  6. Oh I think it was after choosing option for covid then choosing my covid vaccine status
  7. Have phoned 119 this morning to request vaccination status for myself and hubby easy peasy don’t know why but I was expecting it to be difficult or being on hold for hours whole thing took less than 3 mins.
  8. My husband did his at the same time and he was asked for extra proof as well and his verification came through same time as mine.
  9. They sent an email
  10. Yes then it took 4 days for them to verify who I was but done now and my vaccinations are all on.
  11. Hi I received the email regarding our 4 night in July and 7 night in August we also have one booked with Cunard wonder if they will follow.hope you get an answer soon
  12. Yes I’ve just looked and they are not open on the 3rd July ☹️
  13. Thanks Tomx will definitely check first if there are any race days ,as we are from the northeast of England and usually no traffic jams (unless roadworks) we are amazed at the amount of traffic there is as we travel further south and agree so exciting seeing all the coaches going to Southampton 🤗
  14. Thanks everyone for the tips and advice have a good day all.
  15. Certainly will do praying everything will be ok for us and all the following cruises what can go wrong if passengers are all fully vaccinated and crew tested and quarantined what more can you do
  16. Thanks for the tips can’t wait to be having fun and living life again.
  17. Thank you for all your replies our first cruise is only 4 days on Britannia on 4th July can’t wait fingers crossed all will be ok. Lindy
  18. Hi Graham we would love to visit Highclere castle and thinking about going before our cruise. Lindy
  19. Thanks will look on the website we are staying at the premier inn in Newbury but will drive to Southampton on the morning
  20. Hi all can anyone recommend a tried and trusted parking company for Southampton I’ve just tried to book my usual one and sadly they’ve gone bust. Thanks Lindy
  21. Absolutely agree with you, we’ve been badly bitten and it’s only come to light because of the pandemic we’ve only received a portion refund of what we’ve paid to the TA and now we’ve been told we will have to wait 120 days for the remainder.
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