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  1. Yes I thought it would have had the same expiration date as is on the one we can download from the NHS app, but I’m happy there is no expiration date so. Looks like this one will suffice for all my cruises this year 👍
  2. Hi all just received in the post my covid vaccination proof from NHS and there is no expiration date on anywhere,
  3. Hope your hospital appointment goes ok Graham you might bump into my daughter she is there at 1 pm today
  4. Hi great choice you will have a fabulous time please report back after your cruise.
  5. Hi I’m excited for you please post when you have been allocated your cabin I’ve still got 43 days to go😐🤗
  6. Yes we have definitely learned our lesson the hard way, and I’m annoyed with myself for being so trusting and actually believing everything that they said.😰
  7. Hi everyone when will P&O start to allocate cabins for the seacations.
  8. Hi it’s really fantastic to see cruise ship sailing again after such a long time I hope everyone on board adheres to all the new safety measures and all have a great safe time onboard.
  9. Thanks I suppose I’ve just got to hang on till the 120 days are up at the end of July. All my other refunds from P&O and Cunard came through very quickly so you can appreciate why I’m reluctant to use Ta for my future bookings
  10. Yes we are really really cross with them because if they had transferred our deposit to the cruise company it would have been refunded by now or we would have had an extra 25% toward a new booking but we live and learn. My next cruise is a 4 day on Britannia in July and our payment due in June we booked direct with P&O so all fingers and toes crossed that we can all cruise safely this year and stay safe too.
  11. Hi we are booked on this cruise also and can’t wait to be back on board QE and really looking forward to sailing into our home port Newcastle (North Shields) we did this cruise in 2019 on QV and loved it.
  12. You would think so that’s why I was surprised I received Iona one first did you book direct or through TA?
  13. Hi please do your research about which TA to use we booked with the same one as you and are now waiting 120 days for the refund of our deposit we’ve now booked most of our future cruises direct, I’m confident the cruises will go ahead this year so enjoy every second of it and I’m sure you will be back for more.
  14. Hi we booked Iona first then Britannia second so maybe the email is on route
  15. Hi the roughest seas we’ve encountered was on our QV cruise around the British isles in the Irish Sea and that was August 2019🥴 We prefer late sitting but it’s personal choice really one thing for sure you will be hooked on Cunard cruises they are fabulous and whichever cabin you choose you will have a great time 👍
  16. Hi we have been on this cruise the last three years and we are booked in December also we have never encountered unstable seas we always book balcony though we like the daylight it’s a fabulous cruise and can’t wait to be back on board the fabulous QV.
  17. Hi I’ve just received a new confirmation invoice from my TA stating the amount of on board credit for our Iona cruise in August but have not received a new invoice from our Britannia cruise in July that we booked direct with P&O. Both cruises were savers because that was the only option available.
  18. We are in June July August September November and December
  19. I had thought it would be valid for a year, bit of a pain updating it every 4 weeks or so but it’s better than nothing and if it gets us back cruising and doing thinks we love so be it.😃
  20. Why is there an expiration date of June 20th on the covid vaccination proof, will we keep having to renew the proof?
  21. Oh I think it was after choosing option for covid then choosing my covid vaccine status
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