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  1. Yes we are really really cross with them because if they had transferred our deposit to the cruise company it would have been refunded by now or we would have had an extra 25% toward a new booking but we live and learn. My next cruise is a 4 day on Britannia in July and our payment due in June we booked direct with P&O so all fingers and toes crossed that we can all cruise safely this year and stay safe too.

  2. On 4/17/2021 at 8:29 AM, SALAD MUNCHER said:

    We have just booked to sail 'around the UK' on 1st October where QE will be stopping at Newcastle, Inver, Glasgow, Belfast, Liverpool and Holyhead. 

    They do require passengers to be UK citizens and all have to be double vaccinated. I am quite happy as this 3 months after the alleged 'full opening up' of the UK.

    Hi we are booked on this cruise also and can’t wait to be back on board QE and really looking forward to sailing into our home port Newcastle (North Shields) we did this cruise in 2019 on QV and loved it.

  3. 2 minutes ago, MX-Drew said:

    You would think they would process them in the sail date order. I'm booked on Britannia on the 27th June.

    You would think so that’s why I was surprised I received Iona one first did you book direct or through TA?

  4. 18 hours ago, cazza f said:

    🙂  Oh yes definitely... just hope, as after this cruise I'll be a retired from work pensioner, I'll be able to afford to cruise again!! 🙂 

    Hi please do your research about which TA to use we booked with the same one as you and are now waiting 120 days for the  refund of our deposit we’ve now booked most of our future cruises direct, I’m confident the cruises will go ahead this year so enjoy every second of it and I’m sure you will be back for more.

  5. Hi the  roughest seas we’ve encountered was on our QV cruise around the British isles in the Irish Sea and that was August 2019🥴

    We prefer late sitting but it’s personal choice really one thing for sure you will be hooked on Cunard cruises they are fabulous and whichever cabin you choose you will have a great time 👍

  6. Hi we have been on this cruise the last three years and we are booked in December also we have never encountered unstable seas we always book balcony though we like the daylight it’s a fabulous cruise and can’t wait to be back on board the fabulous QV.

  7. Hi I’ve just received a new confirmation invoice from my TA stating the amount of on board credit for our Iona cruise in August but have not received a new invoice from our Britannia cruise in July that we booked direct with P&O. Both cruises were savers because that was the only option available.

  8. Just now, zap99 said:

    I think we will need to update it nearer the time, but no big deal. I'm sure all these clever folk have planned this all out.

    I had thought it would be valid for a year, bit of a pain updating it every 4 weeks or so but it’s better than nothing and if it gets us back cruising and doing thinks we love so be it.😃

  9. My husband did his at the same time and he was asked for extra proof as well and his verification came through same time as mine.

  10. 37 minutes ago, ToxM said:

    As a local I would suggest you be careful about dates for going, traffic is a nightmare on race days and when there are events at the racecourse which may well cause you problems when coming off the A34. It’s a lovely place to visit, but maybe the day before a cruise, not the actual day.


    on a personal note, I cannot wait til I am driving down the A34 again and seeing all the coaches going to Soton, it’s exciting to see it and I am always a bit jealous!!

    Thanks Tomx will definitely check first if there are any race days ,as we are from the northeast of England and usually no traffic jams (unless roadworks) we are amazed at the amount of traffic there is as we travel further south and agree so exciting seeing all the coaches going to Southampton 🤗


  11. 5 minutes ago, Angel57 said:

    I’ve always used CPS and have had no problems.

    How wonderful to be going on your first cruise. Make sure you let us know how you get on. 

    Certainly will do praying everything will be ok for us and all the following cruises what can go wrong if passengers are all fully vaccinated and crew tested and quarantined what more can you do

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