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  1. Are UK cruisers required to be vaccinated and tested for Covid prior to the cruise?
  2. I totally agree with everything in your post. If Princess were to have an eat and cover and/or sip and cover policy I would comply. The mask is for the safety of others, and if its inconvenient for some so be it. I would much rather wear a mask and cruise, then have to stay at home.
  3. Maybe a call to Princess would answer your question. Since downloading the app months back I have only had minor issues which I was able to find a work around for.
  4. Select Cruises from Australian Ports on the Following Ships: Coral Princess through January 17, 2022 Royal Princess through March 9, 2022 Sapphire Princess through April 8, 2022
  5. Too all the naysayers on this post, I am new to MSC and wonder why anyone would bid on just a higher room and not get the experience? Does not make sense to me. I agree with the posters who stated they got the experience as well as the upgraded cabin.
  6. I was hoping to not have to bring my card along but...
  7. Why do you need to show the card if Global entry is linked to a passport?
  8. How do you know tables are crammed together on the Majestic? The ship is at reduced capacity
  9. The app is not going away anytime soon. Maybe its time to try another line that isn't using an app.
  10. I must be in the minority then, as I have yet to have a problem with the app.
  11. Im sure it has to do with Covid, They dont want people gathering in masses outside the dining room for dinner before it opens. Same goes for embarkation.
  12. All of the above cancellations are on the Princess website as well.
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