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  1. There is a lot to be said for the small ships like the Sky. For cruisers in your age bracket, the Sky will be perfect. More interaction with fellow passengers and crew, nice quiet relaxing places.
  2. But I read somewhere that the 'crew room' was just below Deck 9 and where the crew smoked and spent their breaks at all hours of the day and night.
  3. You will totally love Alaska. Truly an amazing place. Beautiful scenery, eagles flying overhead. Don't let the temps get you down. Even when the temps look cold, the sun seems to always be shining so jackets often came off.
  4. I'm also on the Dec Joy Haven. Have never been to Harvest Caye so interested in what's there and if there is a Haven area. I did read in another post that the food and drink package do not apply on the island.
  5. Did I mention those pastries were low cal (LOL) PS: They have the nerve to put a scale in the bathroom. I dread even looking at the scale when I get home.
  6. My favorite for Haven breakfast is those chocolate pastries. To die for. I usually wind up wrapping one up to save for later.
  7. My last cruise was in Feb 2020 for 2 weeks on the Dawn. I hope to be sailing Dec 4th on the Joy about 3 months away. My toes are tingling with anticipation.
  8. Part of the name change I believe is because of the insertion of the word "suite". Some thought they were actually staying in a suite but in reality it is a larger balcony. Changing the name and adding some perks made it more attractive. Like you, we choose mini-suites for a long time for the extra room but again, like you, made the mistake of selecting a haven once ... need I say more. I will add that on the older ships without a 'true haven', I have booked a 'suite' cabin - discounted price with most of the Haven perks.
  9. Agreed. Free speech is not always pleasant to our ears but its better than suppressing speech. How can we learn if we shut down thoughts we don't agree with.
  10. This will actually be my first time on the Joy & so looking forward to Dec. I got hooked on Haven about 6 yrs ago when a friend asked us to join them 2 weeks before sailing. Got a last minute Aft Haven and fell in love. Your children will be spoiled forever after cruising with you. Hope you have great weather and a wonderful cruise.
  11. If you can afford to throw thousands of dollars a hand at blackjack, you should have surely been able to afford a Haven room the legal way.
  12. If you normally cruise in a balcony, the "suite" cabins are a very nice upgrade without the heavy Haven price. If a ship doesn't have a 'true Haven" I opt for a suite cabin.
  13. Sorry but you should be ashamed of what you did. I would not brag about cheating, lying and stealing which is what you did. Shame Shame Shame.
  14. The "Suite" category is a great choice - nice perks with a big saving over Haven prices. Private breakfast & lunch avoids crowds in buffet or dining rooms. Butler service for breakfast and snacks. Concierge for all your reservations and excursions. I like the Suites very much. The only missing part is the lack of private pool so for a few hundred (instead of thousand for Haven) I get a spa pass which has a private pool, hot tub, private loungers. This combo gets me just about everything from Haven but the added cost. I'm happy that I get everything I want and save thousand+ dollars.
  15. We usually book an early dinner, 5:30-6, which is enough time to make a 7pm show. Except for specialty restaurants, you won't have a problem just walking into the MDR at 8pm after the show if you couldn't make the early reserved seating.
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