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  1. Wow - that looks pretty interesting. Some very nice choices. Thanks for sharing. Not going on the Encore this time. Hope the menu is the same.
  2. I agree. A meet & greet should be free-flowing. I am not releasing my cabin number nor my personal email to sign up for a M&G. NCL know that the actual number of attendees will be about half of those who registered.
  3. We had a small group but I was glad because everyone attending got to speak. It made it so much more personal. NCL put out a very nice breakfast spread and we had a very nice conversation with a few of the officers. I did not do this for any rewards nor attention. Wishing you a wonderful M&G session. Happy cruising.
  4. Great review. Never been on Celebrity. Nice to see another point of view. Have been with NCL a long time but will admit that the food could use some improvement. You selected a great ship for your 1st time. Escape in my favorite. Really love the layout and as mentioned, easy to get around. Hope you come back to NCL again. Next time try the NCL Jewel class. They have more quiet spaces and half the people.
  5. I would like to see some salads for lunch. It's does get boring with the same items day after day. Like the idea of 'special' item on sea days.
  6. I did not get any perks on the one I did. It should not be only about what you can get .
  7. I attended a M&G recently on the Escape. There were about 150 people attending and it was held in the Brew House. Wood floors made it very noisy and hard to hear speakers. Room is L-shaped so people couldn't see nor hear around barrier. The room is not appropriate for M&G. NCL did pass out tons brew samples, all different flavors, but I don't drink beer. There were also trays of shrimp, egg rolls, and all type of apps. I prefer smaller groups where you can actually get to talk to people.
  8. Have been to several M&G's and have never been asked for cabin number. Plus I would not provide even if asked.
  9. I calculate what I would pay if I stayed in a hotel for the night. You are tipping for the room whether it's 2 or 4 people. If you keep your cabin clean and the steward doesn't have to pickup a lot of trash or clothes, then calculate accordingly. $40. per day however does seem excessive. I wouldn't leave a $40. tip if I stayed in a hotel for the night.
  10. I'm going on the Gem later this year which is an older refurbished ship. It has a small Haven area with 14 rooms surrounding a small courtyard. The Gem Haven lacks a bar and a restaurant. The Gem also has 35 Penthouse Suites. The only difference between the Haven suites and the Penthouse suites is access to the Haven courtyard. The Penthouse suites have all the other amenities ie, priority boarding, reserved theater seating, butler service, breakfast in Moderno, etc. A few ships smaller than the Gem class only have Penthouse suites and no Haven area at all.
  11. The older refurbished ships have either suites only and no Haven, or suites and 2 or 3 Haven cabins. These ships were built before the Haven design came to be and were refitted as best as could be. Sometimes, they only have a small courtyard, with no private bar or restaurant.
  12. On smaller ships, reserved seating in theater is for all suites. On mega ships, reserved theater seating is for all Haven suites.
  13. I'm guessing snacks for 40-50 people would involve a service charge. You can "order" party trays and drinks for a fee which is probably the way to go for something of that magnitude.
  14. My first Haven experience was on the Escape and has been my favorite ship ever since. Once you have the "Haven experience", it's very hard not to go Haven. I think of the times I spent standing in line for various reason and I say I can't go back. Have enjoyed your commentary. Looking forward to your next post.
  15. The water on the ship is desalinated water, as is bathroom sink water. I drank water from the bathroom sink but it's not "drinking water". Hope this "Just water" has a better taste than tap water.
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