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  1. I'll think I'll buy a jumbo cruise ship inflatable and ride that in my pool. That's the only cruise I'll get for awhile.
  2. MLB can't keep it out of their bubble testing daily and taking extreme precautions. No cruise ship can come close to this. Toss in ports of call, forget it. Crew and passengers will keep walking this virus on ships until it's totally eradicated from the globe.
  3. W.H.O. Director just said: The World Health Organization (WHO) fears that the corona crisis will have an impact for decades. The pandemic continues to accelerate, WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at an online conference Monday. The greatest danger is not the virus itself, “but the lack of global solidarity and global leadership”. An unsolidated world could not defeat the pandemic: “None of us are safe unless everyone is safe.” The corona pandemic was not only a health crisis, but also an economic and social one, and in many countries also a political crisis. “Their effects will still be felt in the coming decades.” https://www.web24.news/u/2020/06/who-chief-fears-the-corona-crisis-will-have-a-decade-long-impact.html
  4. It's truly unbelievable that any government would push to reopen their economies too rapidly without first containing this virus. Nearly every country has experienced a surge when reopening. I get that businesses need money but at what cost? Cruise ships cannot afford anymore negative publicity. Airlines are parking planes in long term storage. They anticipate normal air travel will not return until 2024. Cruise lines need to start planning much more long term. These stupid 30-60 day delays aren't helping anyone. And taking reservations for ships destined for the scrap yard is very a deceptive practice IMHO. I do not think cruise lines should be playing games like this with their most loyal customers.
  5. Our favorite Star Class suite is the Villa Suite VS. This 4 bedroom suite sleeps up to 14. AVG price is $14-$16K for 4px and again adding $650-1K each add on. The room is a nice size and the balcony is a dream with an outdoor Jacuzzi, wet bar 4 chase loungers and table that seats 14. The most we've taken in the group is 9 and we've always been more than comfortable. The huge hump deck provides expansive 180* views for sail a ways and docking.
  6. Anyone can experience Star Class if you go with family or friends and share the cost. A1 is about 12K for 4pax (sleeps up to 8pax adding avg 650-1K each additional pax) we tip $100 ppax/pday to our Genie and $50 pp/pd to the room attendant. Starbucks & Sugar Beach (ice cream) is included not to mention all alcohol, wifi and specialty restaurants. We always have 2 bottles of Chandon on ice in the room and fully stocked mini bar with whatever we want. If you want liquor in room they prefer to just bring per ounce (shots) but they sometimes allow you to have full bottles in room also.
  7. We have loved Star Class on the Harmony & Symphony. Also we sailed on Solstice in the Penthouse and had Butler service which is equivalent to the Genie service. We loved the Genie always making each sailing special. We celebrated my Mom's 60 and my Grandpa's 80th bdays. Genie's really went over the top with making these occasions special such as reserving the rising tide bar just for us during a promenade party and making an entire Thanksgiving dinner for us in a private dinning area (the week before Thanksgiving). They have custom cakes made, they make your dinning and show reservations, they handle your excursions, they order you in room dinning from "any" onboard restaurant, they bring you gifts towards the end of the cruise. They visit you daily in room and at dinner. They visit you on coco cay even lol. We never wanted for anything because even if we did, poof out of thin air there was the genie. FYI they track your movement on/off ship where you use your key card or bracelet so they always know where you are lol. On one of our stops in Alaska it was pouring rain and our butler was at the dock waiting for us to return to the Solstice. She walked us straight to the front and right to our room using their special elevator card passing the huge lines on and off ship. It's money well spent to say the least. You may get a side eye from a fellow passenger, just say "enjoy your cruise". haha
  8. Malta could be a pit stop waiting for an open beach slot at Aliaga. She's 30 years old. How long does Royal typically keep their ships?
  9. Airlines need to make passengers sign a mask wearing agreement which provides a fine for removing the mask during flight. These "freedom" idiots need to keep their aces off flights if they don't want to wear a damn mask. What a huge inconvenience and risk for fellow passengers and a big unnecessary cost to airlines. Can't anyone just cooperate? What happened to treat others the way you want to be treated? What happened to loving thy neighbor? The US will never curb the spread of Covid since it's citizens can't be bothered with wearing a mask and staying out of bars & clubs.
  10. southern hemisphere's winter is already showing a more severe second wave as seen in Australia. Weeks into a shutdown cases are spiking. "Deep into the Southern Hemisphere winter, Australia’s second-most populous city Melbourne is experiencing a virus resurgence that dwarfs its first outbreak back in March." What other countries experience first, the US will experience 10 fold just as we are now. Other countries shut down 95% of their economies to contain the virus. USA shut down roughly 45% of it's economy. Greedy much? time will tell.
  11. Don't worry it will be cancelled anyways.
  12. We don't need a new logo, we need a website that works and timely refunds!
  13. I hated it. Hopefully everyone will just watch it in their cabin or "listen" over the loud speaker. I'm tried of standing next to someone coughing or sneezing.
  14. which site are you using? please share
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