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  1. Perfect Day (PD) at CocoCay (CC).
  2. This sounds similar to one that Royal Caribbean is offering on its re-routed itineraries that will go to Grand Turk instead of Labadee. They have one called Colors of Grand Turk: Craft Market, Painting, & Museum. Did you do the cruise excursion through Carnival yet? How was it?
  3. I had the same question because I only just now found out (thank you Cruise Critiic!) that Royal Caribbean usually docks at Crown Bay. We've been twice to St. Thomas (2009 on RCCL and 2019 on Disney) so both times were at Havensight. There's a shop there that we want to go to to get a t-shirt for DH. We bought one in 2009 and when we were there in 2019, they had the exact same design/color so we bought him a new one 10 years later. We thought we'd look again this time before heading out on an excursion. Guess we need to change our plans! Thank you for posting this - I had wondered the same thing about whether it was gated off or not.
  4. Aw, we love to get pictures with these sort of things. Where is this one located in St. Thomas?
  5. Thank you so much for the link - the pictures are beautiful and the information about Puerto Plata is helpful!
  6. Did you travel yet, and if so, what did you end up doing?
  7. We will also be there on the Adventure in April. We plan to do some sightseeing since Labadee will be the day before and will be our "beach day."
  8. I don't know about the cable car, but I am interested in what you thought about the botanical garden.
  9. I find YT to be a great source of seeing what there is to do in a new place, and you're absolutely right that there is more and more to see for Puerto Plata! Thanks for the suggested search terms.
  10. Thanks for posting and sharing the pictures. We are planning a ship excursion that will be back by lunch so we want to explore the town outside the port area. Your review is helpful and informative. Also thanks for the mention of Larimar - I haven't heard of that before but it's a beautiful stone - definitely adding it to my souvenir shopping list! We like to find something that is somewhat unique to an area - this will fit that!
  11. Thank you for your review - we are interested in walking into town after we get back from our shore excursion. Were their "tourist" signs to point to some of the places of interest (like Pink Alley and Umbrella Street)?
  12. Royal Caribbean docks at Taino Bay. https://www.porttainobay.com/en/home
  13. We haven't, but it's on our short list of options. We like to do ship excursions when it is our first time in a port. We'll be there on a second cruise several months later and will likely be more adventurous. What I like about this one is that it is just 3 hours and offers 2 departure times (8 AM and 9:30 on our sailing). So if we do the early one, that gets us back with plenty of time to explore Taino Bay and the area outside the port gate. And even if we do the later departure time (for those sleepy-heads in our group), we'd still have some time to walk about.
  14. So @Colatech did you get to look around the Taino Bay area for shopping for souvenirs and if so, how did they compare to what is available within an easy walk outside of the port area? We're looking at booking a shore excursion through the cruise line but then spending some time nearby once we get back. We're scheduled to be docked 7A-4P and we're looking at a 3.5 hr excusion so we figure we'll be back to the ship area by 12:30. Did you get to try any of the restaurants nearby for some authentic cuisine?
  15. We booked on Deck 8 cabin 8536 (yeah, it has a structural support poll - we saw a youtube video) so I think it's a decent enough location. They said it's under where the pool towels are. I don't mind the noise from the day, and we've sailed in a similar location on other ships. I kinda like being able to listen to the pool deck activities / music, etc., without having to be up on the pool deck, so I expect we'll hear it from the balcony. And yeah, I'm glad to know about the sulfur smell more likely from the aft rooms.
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