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  1. It's showing up again for us - looking forward to seeing a bit of the island. six more weeks!
  2. We just started looking at this as a possibility for my post-retirement cruise! I'm happy to see a recent review.
  3. I heard back from Carnival today and they said they have this excursion lined up again, but I still don't see it on the excursion list. Guess we'll just keep an eye out for it.
  4. Thanks for the info and explanation. I have emailed shoe excursions about it and had no reply, so thanks for this info.
  5. We were in St. Thomas the day after you all were. Regarding the hotel on the right, it was damaged by the hurricane - basically blew out the whole thing from what the tour guide told us on our boat ride over to St. John. Thanks for all the info - I"m enjoying your trip report.
  6. Thanks for the info regarding FFTF. I am excited about being able to get on the ship and go to the cabin to drop off our stuff before exploring. Here's a picture of the Breeze in Port Canaveral on the afternoon of May 4th, taken from the Disney Fantasy.
  7. We were on the Disney Fantasy at the same time you were on the Carnival Breeze. I took a picture of the Breeze like this one 😉 We are sailing on the Breeze in September. We got FFTF for our September cruise, but I haven't figured out what it really means we get to do because of it. Can you tell me about what happens at the cruise terminal and boarding with FFTF? And once you're on board, you can really go directly to your cabin and it's ready? What about other things onboard during the week? And also about disembarking at the end? We usually self-carry but if my bags will be waiting in the terminal for me AND we can disembark earlier in the morning, I will leave my bags out the night before. Looking forward to reading your report. We will stop in Grand Turk in Sept and have just booked an early 2021 on another cruiseline that goes to San Juan.
  8. @shof515, when you get back, if you think about it, will you let me know how it turns out (or if you find out before you go)?
  9. Hi. We are sailing in September and will have a stop in Grand Turk. We have pre-purchased the Rainbow Calypso Island Tram excursion through the cruiseline, but when I went to look at the excursion description, etc., today, it doesn't show up in Carnival's excursion lists. I see it under Manage My Cruise but it now has h_ in front of the excursion name, and shows "no image available" for the picture. We have another excursion booked for a different day / port and it shows up as expected. Should we be concerned about this excursion being cancelled? I couldn't find anything to indicate what the h_ might indicate.
  10. OP, we just booked the Harmony for January 2021 and our TA said "early dining" is at 5:15 and late dining is at 8. She said that it seems to change on RCCL seasonally and based on itinerary. I had thought perhaps we had reserved MTD but this was traditional. We have switched to MTD though because 5:15 is too early and 8 is too late.
  11. Thanks for the recommendations. I'll check out the private guide recommendation. The other couple decided they'd like to just go shopping that day, so DH and I will be able to move about a bit faster and can customize our "wish list" to our interests.
  12. We are traveling with another couple and have an overnight in Bermuda in September. We are considering a "build your own" itinerary for the day we're there (ship leaves at 4 PM) and I've been put in charge of making a short list. We've looked at a few "suggestions" from tour companies, but I'd rather hear from you all. We want to see the beaches, but not have a beach day. We're not interested in swimming, snorkeling, golfing, horseback riding, etc. We are interested in seeing and learning about Bermuda from a history and development perspective, and some picture taking. The other couple wants some time for shopping while DH and I only need a little time for our usual souvenirs (magnet, postcard, etc.). I also like to bring home some local sweets/candies, etc., for my office-mates, so if there's something like that that I should look for, please let me know. For those who have been and/or have done their homework, what places would you put on your short list for a 6-hour day?
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