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  1. I'm glad to see such positive responses about gluten-free options for us Celiacs. We will be on the Mariner in September. I'd love to hear about any "must try" GF items that you had that were made special / off menu. Also, did you have to ask your server about pre-ordering for the next night? And if you skipped dinner one night, how did you go about ordering for the next-next night?
  2. Thanks for sharing the links. The blue is $2 less and the pink is $1 less than the other colors. I like the idea of having a different color for each person as I'm always the one in charge of passing out the passports to family members. And now that everyone is grown and can keep up with their own documents, it will be nice to each have their own color.
  3. Since the OP switched to Early Dining and doesn't need the My Time Dining reservations any more, will the reservations automatically drop off, or does the OP need to specifically cancel them so they'll be available for someone else to reserve? Just wondering how that works.
  4. So does everyone get a free bit of Voom? Is it just available on the first day?
  5. We just booked a similar itinerary for September on the Mariner, so we have been following this thread with interest. Thanks for sharing the pictures and experiences.
  6. I'm glad you asked this question because I was trying to find out the times for MTD. I can see reservations for our sailing starting at 6:45 but I didn't know if they had seating prior to that (we will be sailing on the Mariner) that you just showed up for. Now I know. We don't want late, and the early time was too early as we like to enjoy sail-away (or in our case, port arrival in Bermuda on day) on deck rather than from the dining room. If we make a reservation for a MTD time but decide to not go to the dining room for dinner, I'm guessing we should be sure to cancel it so someone else can have that time slot, right?
  7. I was just reading about the testing at the ports on RCCL's FAQ. Maybe this will help you out: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-if-i-dont-find-a-pre-cruise-test-or-get-test-results-in-time Select the port you are leaving from and see if they have any appointments for when you are sailing. It says pricing starts at $99. If you are arriving at your departure point the day before sailing, you can always check online to see where tests are offered locally at Walgreens / CVS, etc., to see if you can get an appointment for the rapid test. Good luck!
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