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  1. We were in Venice for Halloween 2019 and saw lots of costumes throughout the city. First the young ones, who went from store to store to trick & treat, then later, the young adults were out & about in full costume. And alcohol, of course! We were surprised, because we also didn't think that it was "a thing" in Europe, but then Venice is different...
  2. And now the rocket ship is gone again!
  3. YAY! CC is back! I was suffering separation anxiety....
  4. How about the daily crossword puzzle? Hard to do that online!
  5. Thank you, Lisa, for taking us along on your cruise. The detail you provided was wonderful, and your patience is incredible! Have a safe trip home.
  6. Wow! I hadn't heard about that. We just got the thunder, lightening, and rain. No wind at all!
  7. I'll pass on the cheescake -- usually too heavy. But I had a wonderful FIL that died too soon from Pancreatic cancer. And I concur that the Daily is an excellent reflection of International Friendship. Thank you to all for keeping it a safe space! We were only to Skagway once. We docked in Haines and then took the fast ferry. Our plan was to take a van tour up into the Yukon, then take the train back into Skagway. The van driver gave us a wonderful tour, then took us to the train stop, where we found out that the train had broken down and wouldn't return to Skagway until after the ship's departure! Luckily the driver had stayed around & offered to take us back down with an extended tour. Needless to say, he got a HUGE tip when he dropped us off at the ferry!
  8. We have tickets for the one in DC in September. I'll be interested to hear your reaction!
  9. Jacqui - thanks for the pictures of the mountain hydrangeas. My friend has some in her garden & was showing me today, but couldn't remember the name. Mystery solved!!
  10. This aunt was able to visit with my two nephews, my niece-in-law, and my great-niece as we joined my sister in celebrating the the life of my DBIL. He died last year from Alzheimers, but the pandemic delayed the service. It was SO good to get together!!
  11. Thanks for taking all of us along on your trip! Looking forward to your reports.
  12. Happy to add something, finally! Oct. 6- 23. Nieuw Amsterdam, SD to FLL. Delayed celebration of my 70th bday - I'm treating myself!
  13. Please don't push yourself too hard. Sam needs you! But let him help you where he can -- it will do wonders for his recovery!
  14. I have a lovely sitter who checks on them twice a day because I don't have auto-feeders (my spoiled furry freeloaders get both wet & dry). She also scoops the litter, puts down fresh water, waters my hanging baskets, and collects the mail. All of that for just $15 per day. If she's not available, I change my travel plans!😄
  15. Thank you for this excellent review! We will be sailing a B2B in February 2022 because we thought there was just too much to see in one week. This was a terrific guide.
  16. In honor of National Be Someone Day, a quote from Abraham Lincoln -- "Whatever you are, be a good one." My October cruise is booked! Didn't actually get to talk to my PCC today to book, but thank you Roy for the celebration! Now the countdown begins. We had a scary moment in Fakarava in 2019. We had joined the CC group for some marvelous snorkeling & food - a terrific day. When we got back to the harbor, it was a little tricky getting out of the excursion boat. DH slipped and fell backwards, hitting his back on one of the benches. I thought for sure he'd be hurt, but he later said that nothing was injured but his pride! I'll see if I can find some pictures from that gorgeous spot.
  17. We always had fixed dining on HAL, so I'm not sure. But on NCL we could specifically request a server, even though they rotated positions. One cruise, we sat in every section of the MDR, just to follow our guy! Just an update, I've decided to book the NA, SD to FLL in October. Thank you all for your encouragement! I'm just waiting on my PCC to call back. I think he may have been on the test cruise, so it's taking him a while to work through his return calls.... I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon & asked my MD about cruising. She encouraged me as well. As long as most passengers & crew were vaccinated, she thinks it will be ok. And it was good to hear that the courts ruled for the CDC over the state of FL - Yay!
  18. OK - I've discovered this is a dangerous group to hang out with! After the recent discussion of the NA's repositioning cruise in October, I'm seriously considering signing on the SD to FLL segment. This would be my first solo trip, so I'd like to hear any thoughts & advice you might have before I book it. Thanks! @cat shephard welcome back! Sorry to hear about your injury though. Miss Camilla continues to take those "baby steps" towards home - yay! Cheers to all who are celebrating and prayers to those that need them.
  19. I also had to check -- Nov. 30, 2005. Time flies when you're having fun! Caviar is ok, but I'd rather have escargot! Love ice cream, but Bloody Marys not so much (although I have the T-shirt from BoraBora); I'd like to try a Caesar. Do helmet dives count? We did them in St. Martin's and in Bermuda. Otherwise, I love surface snorkeling. A nice cool day here after storms rolled through last night. An appreciated respite!
  20. Carol, it's lovely that Sam knows you SO well!! Love it!
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