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  1. We decided to do our first Journey cruise when the Pride leaves Baltimore in Oct and of course they won't allow you to use the code on longer than 8 day cruises.
  2. I also always tip an extra $1 per drink.
  3. We are on the last departure of the Pride from Baltimore at the end of October and ending up in Tampa....we are hopeful a vaccine will let us actually take that one but who knows at this point.
  4. Does it seem odd that they are staffing up the Pride since her home port is still Baltimore?
  5. The promotion states it is combinable with other promotions which is nice but the 50% off is only for cruises through March 31, 2021. I was looking at a Seaside cruise from Port Canaveral but I will need to look into how they handle cancellations if they aren't cruising by then from the US. If it gets cancelled and then the offer doesn't apply to when rebooking it may not be worth tying up the deposit at this time.
  6. My wife and I were status matched to MSC pre-COVID and wanted to try out the line. She is a healthcare working but what is the process for booking via this offer? Will it only be by calling in to get the pricing?
  7. After all the cancellations this year, we decided to try a 14 day in Oct. '21. Hopefully things settle down enough to actually get cruising again.
  8. I haven't received the offer letter for my March 29 cruise and the cruise disappeared from my bookings on the website. I am not sure what to do.
  9. So if two people booked a cabin and wanted to take separate cruises later. How would the FCC and OBC work in that situation? Would each person get 600 OBC or 300 OBC.
  10. I would guess it is going to drop harder at the opening due to Princess cancelling all cruises for 60 days. I am not sure where the bottom is going to be at this point.
  11. I work a lot from hotel rooms using a laptop and a spare 15" portable monitor that is HDMI and packs up fairly easily. If you look on Amazon you could pick up one to take with you. He could then set it up anywhere that has a plugin.
  12. With the nightclub around the corner and Alchemy bar close to being above, if you are noise sensitive, I would consider picking another cabin if possible.
  13. For Chrome this should work... 1) Click the 3 dots in top right. 2) Click on Advanced on the left. 3) Click on Privacy and security on the left. 4) Click on Site Settings on the right. 5) Click on Cookies and site data on the right. 6) Click on See all cookies and site date on the right. 7) Search for Carnival in the top right. 8 ) Delete all the cookies related to the Carnival site. 9) Close and re-open Chrome and log into the Carnival site. Hopefully that helps some people.
  14. Princess Cay is more rocky and if you are looking for the best beach, I think I would go HMC. If possible get a cruise that stops at HMC and Grand Turk.
  15. My wife is a lifetime member as well. When we cruise she actually doesn't track near as much as at home but still eats similar to what we eat here (seafood, chicken, veggies) but with a bite of dessert or of what I am eating here and there. The secret we have found was to get up and walk a few miles on the walking track and never use an elevator on the entire cruise. This keeps us both within our usual range. She always uses wifi to sync her WW and Fitbit accounts.
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