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  1. Pro: Reach out and pet a dolphin! Con: You can't look down onto the promenade?
  2. It would have been the best white party ever.
  3. My wife had to email requesting the Docusign and then email again requesting the winner code to book her cruise. They were pleasant about it, but nothing arrived on it's own like it was supposed to.
  4. No kids and a balcony hammock? I booked immediately!
  5. We did the Chankanaab dolphin and manatee excursion where you stand on a platform in the water and there were ladder steps in both pools.
  6. I left -4 degrees and cruised into 96 one January!
  7. I'm more concerned they called it a perfect "day", when we left at 2pm.
  8. After I booked with the RU code, it is now listed as RX. It must be the prescription for savings.
  9. I went to check my cruise dates when you posted the 28th! I drink vodka and that's my birthday...
  10. I'm on the 30th, which is also not showing on their web site.
  11. I've experienced the Carnival site frequently having temporary problems. If something doesn't work, wait until tomorrow.
  12. My August cruise shows a final payment date in June so this "extension" reduced my time.?!
  13. I had the card until a merchant refused to ship my order or refund my money and customer service wouldn't protect my account, despite having this information in writing, from the merchant.
  14. Now only do I avoid connecting rooms, I also stay away from the room next to connecting rooms assuming there's a 50% chance of it being someone's kids.
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