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  1. Priority support answered me after two weeks with no useful information then closed my ticket.
  2. I've been blocked from NCL rewards purchase for "1 per 60 days" rule. The problem is my last was in December with 1 per 30 days terms. No response from customer service.
  3. I've wondered for years why a half sheet cake costs twice as much as a full sheet cake while feeding the same number of people.
  4. Applied Friday via email. Immediate form letter confirmation. Monday "done" email confirmation. Monday amenity confirmation receipt. It is showing on the web site summary at the top as well as a purchased add on, non refundable.
  5. On the Sky last month there was no sign out. Just take and return as you please. They were also setup at every port for easy access. The best part was seeing the worker picking towels up from the entire line of unoccupied deck chairs in the middle of a sea day.
  6. On the Sky last month they didn't have Kraken. Told me Captain was the only spiced I could get. Ten days of disappointment!
  7. My last cruise lost two nights of entertainment for this.
  8. Maloney's, ask for it by name.
  9. NCL has the highest charge and lowest quality service of the five lines I've been on post Covid. I adjust my other spending accordingly.
  10. I hired "King David." He personally drove the two of us to the zoo, introducing us to all of the animals, and then to another stop I had requested. We also went into the jaguar cage for that experience to give the zoo more money.
  11. I was on a Sky 10 day last month and they only offered discount laundry on day 3! Carry on only was fine for my trip with no laundry.
  12. Just off the Sky and the people claimed no expiration dates. All onboard paperwork showed otherwise.
  13. I'm just off a six stop Caribbean and every port had a street hustler with a monkey or four to take pictures with. The going rate seemed to be $10 your camera or $20 theirs Wait for a "donations" person if you need cheaper.
  14. I'm just off this excursion and it was what I researched: free drinks, no stops, restroom on board. Additional notes were to sit on top level for clear photos. I chose across from the stairs so I could stand up to take pictures of the other side without bothering anyone. The bench seats are facing in so you are looking over your shoulder mostly. The cars rock a lot. The only thing I learned onboard is that the train is half the trip, scenic bus ride back. Or vice versa if you have the later excursion. Recommended experience!
  15. Onboard they let me cancel my pre booked excursions and immediately rebook specifically to use up non refundable credit. It processed only through my onboard account so credit card reward points were not affected.
  16. $3.55 to make my bed and empty the trash can? Don't tell my wife at home!
  17. I use a small worthless magnet to identify my door. I've found there are significantly less people trying to enter my room by mistake! So there's the other side of the drunk coin for you naysayers.
  18. We went to the atrium as our THIRD choice one night on the Getaway. The first two were already closed to standing room and the atrium was over packed. We settled for a table where the event could not been seen. Wait staff refused service because a host didn't seat us. So the solution is to not have more people than they can handle!
  19. Higher service fees combined with lower service. Don't get me wrong, it's all good cruising. But those are my notes compared to Carnival, MSC, Royal, and Virgin last year.
  20. Does anyone have experience with Upgrade Advantage triggering the rebate?
  21. On the Royal Caribbean world cruise, luggage shipments are included. So I would recommend finding out who they trust.
  22. I use the room service breakfast card on my door. If you dare wake me up, bring me a bagel at least!
  23. Here is how my shareholder OBC is listed for my cruise: Purchased Items (1) $100 On-Board Credit Certificate
  24. My new cards first statement did not receive triple points for charges last month. Live chat opened a case.
  25. I had shareholder OBC appearing on the top summary for two weeks before disappearing. Live chat confirmed I had no credit. I emailed shareholder and they sent me a new email receipt showing I purchased credit, which is now how it appears online.
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