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  1. Rome to Barcelona to San Juan sounds heavenly! We're on the Venus Journey to Antiquities 7-night Athens to Rome in December. Greece isn't currently requiring a COVID test for entry. If Viking continues testing onboard daily then we would use that test to enter Italy. My concern is testing for the return to the US since we need a test within 3 days of arriving back in the US. We are staying in Rome for 3 nights after disembarking. If Viking tests us the morning of departure I could hopefully use that for our return to the US but as a backup I'll bring these Binax tests so we can do the proctored test from our hotel in Italy. I'm so excited to cruise after so many months of not being on the water but keeping track of all these rules for different countries is adding so much mental strain (first world problems, I'm well aware and grateful.)
  2. This YouTube video does a nice job of explaining the process. You want the ones labeled “Rx” (prescription), not “OTC” (over the counter). https://youtu.be/felpqrm6lzI
  3. I believe Freewinds is still owned by the Church of Scientology: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freewinds
  4. Here’s a link to the official EU document. There is no mention of vaccination status (although, of course, member states may include vaccination status in their entry rules.) https://data.consilium.europa.eu/doc/document/ST-11360-2021-INIT/en/pdf
  5. No, we are on the 10/30 sailing so we’ll miss you unless I can persuade DH to tack on a couple more for a B3B 😀. We just booked recently as well, I wasn’t planning on cruising that month (we have other land trips already booked plus a Dec cruise which would have been our first one since Dec 2019) but after reading all the trip reports and live reviews I just couldn’t wait any longer and added this one to our schedule. The prices in Oct seem reasonable, they tick up afterwards. And with the lower capacity they’re currently sailing at I think this will most likely be our best cruise ever. Enjoy! I’ll look forward to reading about your experience.
  6. @RICCruisers thanks! I didn’t realize I could look up sailings I’m not on. We board the Edge in October for our first Celebrity cruise and I’m beyond excited to learn everything I can.
  7. Would you mind posting a photo of the suite room service menu? Thanks!
  8. My fingers are crossed for a Panama Canal transit cruise in November!
  9. I’m also interested in a 2024 cruise to see the eclipse. I know it will cross through the US and it would be easier/cheaper to travel somewhere along the US path but Baja is more likely to be free of cloud cover. I found this cruise but it’s very pricey! https://eclipsetours.com/2024-baja-california-total-solar-eclipse-cruise/ I will just wait until the major cruise lines post their 2024 itineraries and hope that they’ll adjust their itineraries that week to be in the path of totality.
  10. Agree that you should ignore the 60-day limit. Just this week my TA worked with Air Plus to book my December flights.
  11. Anyone have experience where you had them "hold" your luggage for a week before delivering? We are spending a week on St. Thomas before flying to San Juan to board a Viking ship in February. We plan to pack clothes for the cruise (smart casual wear for the evenings) that we won't need in St Thomas. It would be great to send a suitcase or two with those clothes directly to the ship and not have to schlep them to STT and back to SJU. Anyone know what the process would be -- would they hold the cases in our home location and then ship them down to SJU right before our cruise? Or would they ship immediately to SJU and sit possibly in the heat and humidity of a warehouse down there for a week? Thanks.
  12. Love your post so much, thanks for letting us share vicariously!
  13. There are different Chase Sapphire cards so you have to be clear which you're referring to. The Chase Sapphire Reserve card which is $550/year offers the $300 annual credit and lounge access. Chase Sapphire Preferred is only $95/year and doesn't include those benefits.
  14. We're sailing out of San Juan after spending a week on St Thomas. It's a 30 minute flight from STT to SJU, with multiple flights per day (and I believe a ferry option in non-COVID times) but we're still flying over the day before to be safe. I'd rather have extra time on St Thomas but we always fly in the day before any cruise. Wish we had more sailings (and better ships/itineraries) out of Baltimore which we can drive to in an hour.
  15. We booked 2 cabins for us and our adult sons on a December cruise. A month later we invited my parents to join us. My parents booked at the exact same price as ours but they received a free Silver Spirits package as a booking bonus from the cruise line which wasn't being offered when I booked the first 2 cabins. My TA asked Viking if they could extend the amenity to us but they said no. No biggie, we'll pay the $20/day but I was surprised because in my experience with mainstream lines they will match what is in effect a price reduction. Looking forward to our first Viking cruise! Cheers! 🥂
  16. For those of you who've used RIL, how far ahead do you recommend I reserve tours with them? We have a cruise later this year with stops in Messina, Naples and Rome.
  17. Thanks, I confirmed in advance of booking that the sites we’re interested in (Acropolis, Ephesus, Pompeii, Vatican, Colosseum) will be open the days we visit.
  18. Thanks all for your replies. I know what to expect in terms of weather on shore but wanted to confirm we aren’t necessarily doomed for rough seas, although of course it can always happen.
  19. We are looking to book a Viking December cruise from Athens to Rome. Has anyone had experience with cruising the Med in winter on Viking ships? I’m wondering if we should expect rough waters and possible seasickness for the family members with weaker stomachs?
  20. I’m considering a back to back out of San Juan, one on a RCL ship, the other on Norwegian. Can I walk between the piers on changeover day with my luggage? I don’t have any mobility issues, it’s more a question whether there’s a safe walkway during a busy day with 2 ships in port and lots of traffic.
  21. We’re booked on the Jan 2nd sailing which it seems clear won’t happen. I wish they would go ahead and cancel so I can get my $$ back.
  22. We’re booked on this one too, looking for non-cruise alternatives now. We really needed a cruise fix after this terrible year!!
  23. I booked in advance via the cruise planner for my husband and older teenagers because I wanted to get a good time (not too early, not too late). I didn't realize it at the time but apparently I booked the "Dragon Fire" / "Superman" / lay down version. They didn't enjoy it, they said they couldn't lift their heads to see where they were going, they could only see below them. Oh well, so much for that $300! 🤨 It really wasn't clear to me that that was what I was booking, I'll pay better attention next time.
  24. Hi, I'm finally getting back to CC after a great cruise followed by a return to "real" life of work and other responsibilities. Yes Tyron was our room steward. He kept our cabin spotless. I really don't feel the need for twice a day cleaning so I put the "do not disturb" magnet on the door most days and only took it off when going to dinner. We DID have the green room divider but didn't use it. Did other rooms not have it? We had 3 Junior Suites in a row and I didn't notice the others being different. We could hear occasional noise from the pool deck above us during the day, it mostly sounded like kids running but it really didn't bother me. I never heard anything at night. I'm a light sleeper and would have been upset to hear noise at night. The bed was SUPER comfortable although the bottom sheets kept coming off in the middle of the night. Why don't they use fitted bottom sheets??? I loved the closet, it was huge, more like a dressing room than just a closet. The shower had fantastic water pressure although it was an awkwardly high step up into the tub (and I'm 5'10"). I know the tub is considered an upgrade in the JS but I'd be happier with just a regular walk in shower without the tub (our kids are teenagers, though; I get it with little ones a tub is nice). I would have no concerns with booking these rooms in the future. We had 14626/14630/14632 for my husband and me, our 2 teenagers and my parents. The balcony is noticeably larger on 14632. Having the balcony dividers opened on the 3 cabins was awesome and so convenient to check in on each other. Happy to answer any questions about this cabin.
  25. I’ll be in this cabin sailing on Dec 29th! I am also concerned about noise and always avoid decks below public areas but we wanted 3 Junior Suites in a row and this was our only option. I read on one of the threads that they added more sound protection to this deck as part of the recent dry dock but would love to hear from recent cruisers. I’ll bring earplugs and look into the white noise app idea. What date do you sail?
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