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  1. We are being told in the UK that as long as the vaccine is WHO approved, which AZ is, it will be accepted for entry to USA.
  2. Did you know you can convert Avios points to Nectar points in Sainsbury's? Like you we won't now fly BA and this is a good way of using them as long as you like Sainsbury's! We had 'free' grocery shopping for about 6 months.
  3. I'm on holiday so I want to sample a cocktail or two and a nightcap. Definitely agree it's all about what you want to drink rather than the quantity.
  4. If it was the other way round and only 28 from US I am sure Viking would have done the same thing.
  5. Yes please as I just can't understand why people do this. I must be missing some cultural aspect.
  6. Probably filling the gap following the Australia/New Zealand cancellations
  7. As long as you take your hat off!
  8. I think the OP was talking about a different cruise line.
  9. Are you risking travelling without insurance given FCO advice?
  10. So I was born and identified as a female and as i have no issues with being a female that classifies me as a cisgender?
  11. Sorry but what is a cisgender?
  12. From my experiences over the years as long as the airport you start from checks your luggage through to you final destination you just transit through all connecting airports. Never been through customs en route in 20 years.
  13. In which case those not wearing masks should be asked to get off the bus and forfeit the excursion. If they remove them during excursion they should not be allowed back on board. That'll soon get everyone following the protocols.
  14. It was to be a repositioning cruise but that was cancelled. Just crew on board.
  15. There is only one included excursion at each port and this is indicated when excursions are published. You cannot select your own 'included' from all the choices.
  16. One benefit the US has is that they can cancel much nearer the date of travel. In the UK we pay the balance much later but lose more for late cancellations.
  17. With SSBP any and every drink under $15 included.
  18. And politeness costs nothing but is of great value.
  19. If I was on a tour where someone took their mask off I would ask them to put it back. If they didn't I would immediately leave the tour and report the passenger to Viking on my return to the ship.
  20. Sorry but I can't believe anyone would travel without insurance especially in these times.
  21. Not going to talk about safety concerns as made my views known as have others. What I don't like about these events is that I don't think Viking is about Ra Ra events with name badges. Meet and mingle for less than an hour is fine. Quiet conversation with fellow guests and staff members. Not inclusive events that can deliberately exclude others. I recall a river cruise where 90% of guests were part of a school reunion organised by said person. If I had been one of the other 10% I wouldn't have been happy. Apparently they sang their school song before dinner each evening. Sorry, not what I want on holiday.
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