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  1. Positive cases are not declining in Florida. We had over 14,000 new positive cases yesterday and a positivity rate earlier in the week of over 14%. I kind of think that speaks for itself. Kudos to Canada for being proactive.
  2. I don't know if Celebrity is different regarding requesting a refund but when Royal Caribbean canceled our April 2020 cruise that we'd booked through a TA, we requested the refund directly from Royal. I sent an email to our TA to inform her but she did not assist us at all with the refund.
  3. Definitely. 10 years in a row. Beautiful decorations and lots of activities for the kids.
  4. I watched a YouTube video, "10 Reasons NOT to take a TEST CRUISE! Don't volunteer to cruise before you see this!". Anyone contemplating a test cruise might want to take a look at this video and then carefully read the paperwork that comes with the invitation. I suspect these test cruises will be a far cry from a "normal" cruise.
  5. We received port charges right away. Our cruise fare refund took weeks and was divided into two credits. I had to call Royal to get the second credit. The credit amounts made absolutely no sense and the customer support rep was not able to figure it out.
  6. I think they mean that they might not go from 50% to 100% overnight. I haven't been to a restaurant yet that had to turn people away. Went to Applebee's for lunch the other day and there were 10 people inside, a couple outside. I don't know what 50% capacity is for a restaurant this size but I guarantee you that it is more than 10. If people don't feel comfortable, they won't come no matter what the capacity is and the restaurants know this.
  7. We live up the road from Lee County. The Governor's Executive Order, which I don't believe has been published yet, takes away the fines for not wearing a mask where the local governing body has a mask mandate. We live in a county without a mask mandate and I rarely see people inside stores without a mask. You should feel free to wear a mask and social distance. Our local paper had an article today in which they interviewed a number of area restaurants and nearly all of them said that they would ease into fully opening and continue to sanitize and staff would wear masks. I don't expect to see h
  8. We cancelled a reservation on AA for an early July flight and received a voucher. We were not given a choice between a voucher or refund. Shortly afterwards, we watched a Zoom presentation from Consumer Reports about their efforts to force airlines to give consumers refunds rather than vouchers. CR's recommendation was to request a refund even if you'd received a voucher. After much searching on the AA website, we found where we could ask for a refund. A week later, we received an email telling us that we would receive a refund. It showed up on our credit card about 3 days later.
  9. We enjoyed the IV and would book an IV cabin again. We were never impacted by window closures and it was especially nice to be able to sit out on the veranda during the torrential downpour we had at one of the ports.
  10. I followed the link for the military discount which took me to a limited number of cruises. I selected Edge out of Ft. Lauderdale in February 2021. When I got to the screen that asks me if I qualify for offers, for a split second it showed Military discount but that went away and was replaced by "bonus for classic members and above". Looks like, for now, it's not available.
  11. I got $41.71. Guess they called me more than they called you!
  12. We chose this option for our 14 November 2020 cruise. We couldn't find an acceptable cruise to L&S so we moved our nonrefundable deposit to a cruise in November 2021. It's shorter than our 2020 cruise and more expensive but we figure we have over a year to hopefully get a price reduction. We received a refund for an April cruise cancelled by Royal Caribbean. It was not a positive or easy experience and we decided not to go through that again. If we have any doubts about our upcoming cruises, we're not going to make final payments.
  13. We first cruised on the Solstice in 2010 and there were lots of posts on Cruise Critic about the etching on the balcony glass. We had a cabin on the hump on deck 7 and changed to one without the X. When we cruised in 2011, we had a balcony cabin that had a part of the glass etched with the X. I thought that it was noticeable and after that, we chose cabins that did not have any of the X etched on it. In fact, I thought that the glass had been replaced. Guess not. Haven't been on Solstice in a number of years.
  14. My TA and I both called Royal regarding my refund and were both told that it is "business" days, not calendar days. Maybe another rep would have told us "calendar" days. Regardless, it took me nearly 3 months to get my total refund so whether you count "business" or "calendar" days, it can be a long wait time.
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