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  1. Had a cruise booked for next March get cancelled as part of the ship sale. Part of the cruise had been paid for with cash and part paid with FCC. TA was able to transfer cash to a new booking, but the FCC was listed as active, but not immediately available. Its been this way for 7-8 weeks with no change. Its odd that $$ was able to be applied immediately, but the FCC stays in limbo. Anyone else experience something similar or have a suggestion to get some resolution? I'd like to get it resolved soon so i can take advantage of the early payment discount.
  2. I don’t think there is a way to see any pending or soon to be refunded FCC or FCD. We had one cruise canceled due to the ship sale and that FCC was issued fairly quickly. However the FCC that was applied from the cruise has not been returned to my account and they say it will take 30-60 days to show in my account. HAL can see it as pending, but I can’t access it for our use.
  3. Just a heads up, called my BBTA yesterday. The FCC I saw on my account is correct, however it doesn’t show the amount I had paid from my previous and cancelled cruise. Hence why I was only seeing half. HA and my TA were able to apply everything correctly to my new booking and even transferred over my OBC from my previous booking.
  4. I haven’t checked yet, but assume each mariner number would have received the FCC. What I can’t explain is why $350. My initial deposit was $600, I had paid $1400 at the time of cancellation. If it’s double the deposit I should have $300 (600*2/4 passengers) if it’s off the $1400 I should have $700(1400*2/4 passengers) I’ll call later this week to get the details.
  5. Monitoring this thread. Our deposit was 600, had only paid 1400 for a cruise with 4 people. Was told by our BBTA that we should expect 700 pp. Today I checked and only had 350 FCC in my account. Also, no accounting for the previous 1400 paid.
  6. It’s a complete mess. I switch between Chrome and safari to find what I need. I do find better results using the mobile version of chrome.
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