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  1. You can buy gift cards with your OBC at the candy shop on the ship in amounts of $100 to $1000 and use them to pay for your next cruise. https://carnival.ourgiftcards.com/faq
  2. Lots of people who can say no. CLIA, I think CDC for ships leaving US ports Probably some other US agencies (DOT?) Foreign ports, some of which have not approved the return of cruise ships
  3. Miami and PC each have three ships. Two ships from each operate short cruises. If Cozumel and Nassau are open, those can go. Miami and PC also have one ship that makes longer (6-8 day) cruises and stops at more ports. Those are more problematic. Would not be surprised to hear next that those are cancelled or shortened.
  4. Thanx. You posted while I was looking it up. I am more hopeful for the shorter cruises going to fewer ports at first. We booked New Year's Eve cruise with our grown children. We'll discuss with them. Do not have to decide today.
  5. Sailing from two ports, close to their HQ, with limited ships for short trips makes sense as a way for a warm restart. From Port Canaveral: Elation -- 4 and 5 night cruises Liberty -- 3 and 4 nights, all Bahamas Breeze -- 6-8 night cruises, mix of east, west, south (would not be surprised to see these cancelled or shortened) From Miami: Sunrise -- 4-5 nights Conquest -- 3-night Nassau or 4-night Cozumel Horizon -- 6 west or 8 south (also would not be surprised to see these shorten or cancel) An issue with the longer cruises is that they go to more ports, and each country gets a vote on whether to accept them. If Carnival can get ok from Mexico and The Bahamas, they can operate the shorter cruises.
  6. ^ this Short cruises from a few ports. Stopping at private islands. Something like this: Port Canaveral - sea day - Half Moon Cay -- Port Canaveral. No transatlantic, no Alaska, no Hawaii, no Canada. I don't see how they can cruise from west coast.
  7. We had April cruise cancelled. $600 OBC Rebooked to December on the Radiance. Carnival changed the ship to Breeze. $200 OBC. Total $800 OBC. That's the only way I know to get two. The second one was Carnival apology for changing ships, and of course, cabins.
  8. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Passenger_Vessel_Services_Act_of_1886 The Jones Act is cargo.
  9. Carnival Australia has an Indian restaurant. I would like to see that in the larger ships.
  10. We are retired. HAL in Alaska was toooo old for us. ;D We have not tried the skyscraper-on-a-raft class of cruiseships with 10,000 people aboard. Hope to avoid that as long as possible.
  11. When our cruise was cancelled, Carnival refunded the gratuities, port fees and taxes. The "sticker price" went to future cruise credit.
  12. Happy wife; happy life. Nothing rhymes with husband. Sorry.
  13. We had two adjoining balcony rooms for Radiance and received the same on the Breeze. In both cases, there were cabins above and below as we like. Good work Carnival.
  14. If they go bankrupt, debt will be restructured as well. I could see Carnival Corporation reducing the number of brands. Carnival - fun ships Princess - love boat HAL - old folks Cunard - rich old folks Costa - ciao bella AIDA - ja wohl Carnival Australia - crikey, it's fun mate Seabourn - pricey P&O - holiday, old chap P&O Australia - Carnival Australia with a London accent
  15. 90 days either way. Yes. You may want to wait to rebook. Probably not. We did get $600/cabin OBC for cancellation plus $200/cabin when they changed from Radiance to Breeze on the rebooked trip. Expect that will not increase if we need to rebook again. If you want to rebook for same date a year from now, go ahead. If you want to rebook from cancelled October to this November, I would hold off a while. That's likely to be cancelled anyhow.
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