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  1. https://www.forbes.com/sites/geoffwhitmore/2020/05/20/is-hawaii-open-for-travel/#7ecf637763e8 Effectively, Hawaii is shut down thru June. Unless you have a relative you can stay with for the 14-day quarantine, don't go.
  2. I do not take a suit. I am retired. I wear dress slacks, button-down shirt, tie, light solid-color pullover sweater. Some years, it is the only time I wear a tie, but some years, funerals and weddings.... I'd say I'm about average in attire.
  3. We all know, of course, that $600 OBC doesn't cost Carnival $600.
  4. Would it be a surprise if a cruise corporation went out of business? Or if CCL reduced the number of ships or brands?
  5. If "up with the times" means I need to prebook entertainment months ahead of time, I hope Carnival is never that modern.
  6. weather cold on Hawaii trip? That's on our bucket list. Probably DR from California. San Diego, SF, LA each seem to have a couple.
  7. We received $600 per cabin because our April cruise was cancelled and we chose to rebook.
  8. DW, two daughters and I are cruising New Years. $1200 OBC. I think spa day, jewelry, what else? Can OBC be used to book the next cruise if you book while on board?
  9. On past cruises, some OBC was refundable and some was use-or-lose. I never worried about which, because it wasn't all that much. Now because of cancelled cruise and rebooking we have $1200 OBC (two rooms) for a New Year's cruise. We don't gamble and couldn't possibly drink that much. Any idea how much is refundable? If the women want to use some for spa day, can that be booked ahead, or is OBC only for after we are on board? Other ideas (jewelry?)
  10. Fully-paid April cruise cancelled. Full refund promised. Rebooked to December. Part of the money went to the new cruise. The part that was for port fees and such is supposed to be credited back to credit card. Waiting! I do not understand why I needed to long up $500 new deposit right away, but when they owe me it takes 90 days.
  11. Central Florida. Anything a tourist would want to do is closed -- Disney/SeaWorld/Busch Gardens/Legoland/Universal/Gatorland, beaches, state parks, restaurants, shows, MLB spring training, outlet malls -- so traffic is incredibly low. We had to go past the Disney exits on I-4 (aka Mickey's parking lot) at 6 p.m. and the traffic was less than at normal midnight. Availability of items at grocery is spotty. If you aren't picky about which type of veggie or which type of fruit, there is plenty of good food. I was at Wallyworld when a pallet of toilet paper came down the aisle -- she handed every cart a pack; mine was an 18-roll package, shared with nearby family. Gas prices seem to go down every day. We are youngish retired and volunteer a lot. All those places are closed. No AARP tax prep, for instance. So finding things to do has been interesting. Megachurch pastor arrested today for not following social distancing rules in Tampa area. Our church has been creative with streaming. They started having the children's time as a different link, rather than buried inside the overall service. Decent weather, although we need rain, so good for walking and golf. Would hate to be stuck inside in March some places I have lived.
  12. Interesting that people blame the association when it made up of cruise lines.
  13. We had two cabins for 18 April sailing. TA got us rebooked to December. Full refund. Less than half was FCC, so used for next cruise. The rest was credited to our credit card, which I will send to Carnival in September. Not a lot of work on our part -- maybe a lot for TA? She is trying to get Allianz travel insurance to transfer to the new date as well. Getting the shore excursions (not thru cruiseline) rebooked too.
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