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  1. Does anybody have a new map with the pool on it? Or experience using the pool? Was it crowded?
  2. Considering a villa for next spring. Does anyone have a copy of the current map that shows where the pool is located? Or something that shows the different types of villas and locations. I've done some searches but don't find anything.
  3. I have the same question. I see you can buy a resort pass to Ocean Club through Resort Pass, but you'd have to pay for food, drinks and transportation. Not sure what all the NCL excursion covers.
  4. We just booked with BF sale. Still a little more than I'd like to pay, but I'm interested in a more quiet location with not a ton of people around. I know the island is huge and there are plenty of seats around but with 11,000 people there that day I'd rather know I have a quiet place to relax.
  5. Hopefully your experience can keep others from making the same mistake. I'm not really surprised; there are many establishments that rip off tourists and hope they don't notice. Book at a private beach club for one price and places with good reviews. May be a little more expensive but not so much in the long run and you will have a better day. Maya Chan always gets good recommendations. We went to Almaplena (a little farther away) and they pay for taxi to get there. It's a small place, very quiet, includes food and drinks - a great experience.
  6. I was going to mention that I read about this so don't think RCCL is lying to people. I know i would be disappointed but better to be safe.
  7. Is there waiter service for drinks when you are on the patio of the villas or on the beach?
  8. Yes, that is the correct Towne Place hotel. Look for the cruiser promotions or specials.
  9. Can you tell me what you saw/did on Godfrey tour?
  10. We have booked TownePlace Suites in Port Canaveral. They have a special cruise rate where you show your boarding pass at check in. The rate is about $200 incl. taxes. Seems like one of the least expensive in the area and it is a newer hotel.
  11. Can OBC for pax 1 or 2 be used to buy dining package or a la carte for pax 3 at specialty restaurants?
  12. Curious where you stayed in Cocoa Beach and what you thought of it. Most hotels look pretty old and the price pretty high.
  13. It is my understanding that you have no control over the flights that the cruiseline books for you. That alone is reason for me to want to book my own flights. I'd rather pay a little more than have horrible connections or late/inconvenient departure/arrival times.
  14. Chatted with someone at NCL - they quoted me the T&C and it says: Limit one CruiseFirst certificate that may be used per reservation. CruiseFirst certificates are not combinable with CruiseNext, So maybe some people have been able to use more than one, but looks like that may be a random and not guaranteed occurrence.
  15. Is it just one certificate per booking? 3 of us on the reservation - can we each buy and apply a certificate?
  16. We saw two small lemon sharks (I think that's what they were called) at South Beach. The lifeguards call them their pets, Salt & Peppa. They aren't dangerous and about a foot long maybe.
  17. Curious what the price is. Just looking at booking with NCL for a cruise that will go to GSC.
  18. Thank you for the detailed report of your trip. Were your beach excursions in St Thomas & BVI through the ship or did you just go on your own?
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