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  1. This is definitely something that would not be done under the "lets have a go and see what happens" technique. Engineers, Naval Architects and Mathematicians would be involved in such decisions. Could you image the consequences of "giving it a go" and coming unstuck? It was more likely a sticking clutch. You know how hard it is to get out of reverse sometimes !!
  2. vozzie


    While we're talking Talkeetna...we're doing our own trip in September. We will be spending a few days at Caribou Lodge then returning to Anchorage. HOWEVER, the train service and bus services stop for the season, a day before we are due to return to Anchorage (19th September). Have not had much luck with getting a response from shuttle people so it looks like we'll have to hire a car to get there(instead of the train...which is already booked)..and drive ourselves back. Any other suggestions?
  3. Preparing your own meals? ...in Singapore..?? That's like taking your own sand to Dubai !
  4. Two suggestions, both in great locations, close to transport: Cheap and cheerful (around $120 a night incl light brekky) Keong Saik Hotel Flash, with a nice pool (around $250 a night) Swissotel Merchant Court
  5. If you are doing the Inside Passage from Vancouver....the only open ocean is crossing the Gulf of Alaska after Glacier Bay. That's only a night and a bit....and whether it will be choppy is anyone's guess. It wasn't on ours, which was in June.
  6. Just because he was " never even questioned" doesn't give it validity. It's like saying.."it's okay to bring a gun onboard, because they didn't find it and never questioned me last time". Declare everything you have that's mentioned on the card. Fullstop ! There's only one person who can tell you if it's "okay"...and that's the Customs Officer you will be declaring to.
  7. Yep. Do it. Harbourfront is easy-peasey to get to...and we've done 2 Singapore -OZ re-positioning cruises. Always a good crowd and some great ports.
  8. Just the Cairns package.....the best I can find for some random dates in December is about A$2700 each ...for what you've quoted. So your package is pretty good. The only caveat I would add is....December is nasty in Cairns....hot, humid, and can't swim in the ocean (too many things that will kill you). But if you can handle that.....
  9. A Men's Shed...azipod on the blink?...no worries...Bob and Gazza are on the way !
  10. We've sailed on Costa Magica on a western Med cruise(2010)...and MSC in 2017 (very similar). These cruises are very port intensive, so it's all go during the day and then, drink, eat and sleep at night. I don't remember too many of the intricate details, but we didn't starve and there was plenty to drink. But it is different. The Europeans cruise differently than Antipodeans...but that's why we travel...to see different. I don't remember having too many complaints. I don't remember there being any smoking issues.What does stick in my mind was the painful announcements....in 5 languages. Another issue to be aware of is that, if there aren't enough English speakers booked on a tour, they will lump you in with a multi-lingual tour....which also can be a bit painful. They give a description, in Italian, for 10 minutes..then the English version...10 seconds. It is what it is....and usually very good value.
  11. We did a land tour in Austria at Christmas time, with Albatross Tours. You stay in one hotel in a little village and then head out each day to see the markets and sights.No packing or unpacking......
  12. If your friends did a quick trip up there, they probably did waste their time. It's 1000s of klms from Sydney...which equals time. You really need at least a couple of days onsite, to get a feel for it....then you have to factor in the travel time. It's a bit like saying..."I'm going to Rome for a day or so"
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