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  1. I would imagine places like Eden, Kangaroo Island, Burnie, Gladstone etc are feeling the hole left by the "Cruising Pause". A lot of money spent on infrastructure...that's not being used...nor paid for. Surely we can get Australian Ports-Only cruises going...with Australian-only passengers (and Kiwis if we must).... after appropriately quarantining and testing the crew.
  2. Not being part of the "Travel Bubble" means not allowing Melbourne to be an entry port. It doesn't mean you are entitled to ban them from entering the state, after passing through the proper processes in Sydney. They provide no greater biosecurity risk than a New South Welshman...once they have been screened in Sydney. However, once in Victoria, they must abide by the Victorian regulations...just as a New South Welshman entering Victoria must...just as they have in WA, where they entered quarantine. If Victoria doesn't want visitors...close the Border.
  3. It's all in the interpretation.... Federal Government states that once arrived, NZ arrivals are to be treated as "Domestic Aussies"...and must adhere to state border requirements. The NSW/Vic state border requirement is that anyone can go into Victoria...it's only when you try to leave that issues arise. However, Victoria apparently doesn't want to accept that these people be treated as "domestic aussies" ... but as international Arrivals...although they have been already cleared at their arrival port, Sydney, and are now domesticated. See clear as mud.
  4. Latest bit of news out of the Industry. Queensland only cruises?
  5. Well, it won't be before 18th December 2020 in Australia: Media Statement
  6. I apologise for getting back on the subject, but Taiwan seems to have found a way to kick start local cruising: https://www.cruisecritic.com.au/news/5419/
  7. I see Genting Cruises are about to commence local Taiwan cruises. No reason it couldn't be done here also, with the appropriate preparations detailed in the article. And if using foreign crew, prices could be kept to the minimum. https://www.cruisecritic.com.au/news/5419/
  8. He may...but that doesn't mean he can make us spend our cruising dollar on land, in the meantime. I, for one, am not going to blow my hard earned "cruise holiday dollars" on some over-priced holiday in Australia. I'll just wait till cruising starts. However, if he allows "domestic" cruising, I'll certainly consider that. Win-Win.
  9. The Minister might prefer that we stay on land, however, the people will decide where they wish to holiday.
  10. I may have been a bit harsh as I've had a look at a few bookings I have ...and there doesn't appear to be a lot of consistency. I have a P&O booked for "11 days"...but we will be on the ship for 12 days. We have a carnival one booked for "10 nights"...and once again we will be on the ship for 11 days. I guess its all in the interpretation. Obviously for FTTF...they count all "ship days".
  11. I think you better sort out your days from your nights. You said its a 10 night cruise. That's 11 days. The 8th to the 18th is 11 days. The price seems right to me.
  12. Wow...great photos. As for the Russian ships, we sailed on the "Felix Dzerzhinsky" out of Sydney for the islands in the late 70s. She was about 7,000 tons. She, like the "Fedor Shalyapin", were marketed by CTC Cruises in Australia. I still tell the story of how we hove to in the middle of the night as we traveled up the NSW coast. I swear to this day that we pulled up along side a submarine...and I hadn't had too many vodkas that night. All in all, it was a nice cruise...except for the continual smell of cabbage wafting through our cabin ventilation..
  13. The problem is, I believe, that Ships departing a US port for Alaska, have to stop at an international port during the trip. If Canada is out...perhaps Russia ?????
  14. Canada has closed its ports to cruise ships carrying over 500 passengers and crews...until the end of July. That is going to cause big problems for the Alaska cruise season. More discussion in the Alaska Forum
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