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  1. However, if they started to integrate such a feature into all new builds, many more ports would be opened up to the Cruise Industry. but obviously it's not cost effective, because they would have already done it...you would think.
  2. Here's a thought out of left field...for Americans only....if you travel NB, you are finished with Customs and Immigration. You can buy what you like and take what you like home...as you won't be leaving the USA after you depart Vancouver. If you travel SB, you have to consider Canadian Customs and Immigration requirements at the end of the trip.
  3. ..or...a la European River Cruise....put a hinge, or hydraulic lifts, on the funnels and lower them as they go under the bridge...
  4. I have information that the blood alcohol reading quoted is very much exaggerated. I understand that it was actually below 0.05.
  5. Navy to Botany Bay.....Cruises to Garden Island ! Job's done !
  6. It's the un-intended consequences that bothers me. For instance, commercial-in-confidence material, as mentioned earlier...or, for instance, I buy something from Mr X on Ebay. Mr X then draws the attention of Border Force on his next trip. They examine his phone/laptop. My purchase information is on it...and is now public...through no fault of my own. Not only that....my name could be now associated with Mr X...in some database.
  7. Forget ESTA issues... NZ now require you to hand over your passwords on request. Some say it's okay because they only seek phone information from "suspect" persons. However, that "suspect" person may have some of my personal information on their phone/tablet...which I haven't given permission to be seen or released. It's also not a very large stretch of the imagination to believe that unscrupulous Customs Officials might have an interest in my bank information etc. Insider crime is not unknown. NZ first...who's next ? News Story
  8. I've solved my lens and bodies issues by hiring a good "bridge camera" for my Alaska trip. Wide to very Zoom...all in one. Shoots in RAW. Plenty of MPs. Taking multiple bodies and lenses is prohibitive when travelling inter-continental !
  9. One thing to remember.....the availability of dogsled rides (on snow) disappear during September. From Juneau we went by helicopter to the snow and ice fields, where they train their dogs. That isn't available from early September...as the snow has melted...if it's important to you.
  10. vozzie


    Thanks for that...would you like me to send you a photo of a great white shark's jaw...so you can prepare for your next cruise down under ???
  11. I believe that, from the 1st July, the ETA website will become operational. On that website you will be able to enter your details and circumstance and it will tell you whether you need an ETA, or not. So, don't panic till Monday.
  12. The TA's response sounds rational and reasonable...on the surface. The reality is that I paid $70 in interest to withdraw my funds from my credit card 1 month before it was "really" due...to allow for their processing systems and to allow for the possibility that I might cancel before the real last drinks call. As people have said, it's up to me whether I accept this type of system or not. I feel that I will now be more tempted to book directly with the Cruise Line in future.
  13. Hi Folks, I have received a response from the TA and instead of para-phrasing it, I will paste it word for word (removing names of course): Good evening , Thank you for your email. XXXXXXX sends final payments in bulk due to the amount of bookings and payments that are processed daily. For each cruise we have a particular date in which the final amount is sent in bulk so that our accounts systems are not overloaded, and final payments are processed smoothly. We also hold payments as long as possible to look out for our customers; sometimes with cancellations we can still have payments on file and the cruise line are unable to access this should you cancel your cruise. XXXXXXXX are then able to refund monies promptly. Your finals were due to be sent 75 days prior to sail along with the rest of the bookings on this voyage (yesterday). Please be advised that your payment was sent to xxxxxxxx yesterday at 11.21am – at may have still been processing when you logged in. I can see that the funds are now with xxxxxxxxx, and you should now be access all of your documentation. If we can be of any further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  14. No response as yet....I'm just now showing fully paid and boarding passes printed.
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