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  1. We're also on that cruise and we'll plan for 1pm-ish flight back to Perth.
  2. Where is the "bus stop" located on Quantum of the Seas?
  3. I have 2 recommendations. Budget: Keong Saik Hotel ( great location, continental breakfast included ) Money Bags: Paradox Singapore Merchant Court at Clarke Quay (great location, pricey, but nice full breakfast) And, yes, book as far in advance as possible. Preferably, with free cancellation.
  4. Deck chairs stacked up or not...if I wanted to get over the railing I would find a way !
  5. 150 cases on a ship...Ah, the end of the world is neigh! 40,000 overall cases in NSW...oh, hum! I wonder where the other 39,850 cases were caught? In a plane? lets stop flying...on a bus? ..we must stop buses.... and on it goes...
  6. You all do realise...there were 40,000 new Covid cases in NSW this week? The ship figures pale into insignificance.
  7. The Sydney Harbour Youth Hostel is basic but well located to the OPT. Around A$240 for a Double with Ensuite.
  8. From memory, you can book shore excursions on your cabin TV.
  9. I am never really swayed by someone's review of food on a ship. It is so very subjective. What some else likes, someone else hates. If I had listened to people's review of food, I would never have set foot on any of the dozens of ships we have.
  10. Enforcement...not easy. However, airlines have been enforcing the rules for some time. I know its easier when all your customers are confined to a small area , for a small amount of time...but even so, all it takes is for the Law to recognise a lawful instruction from a Maritime Officer...as they do for Airline Crew. But then you have jurisdiction issues......
  11. It's just a numbers game. As you read, the OP took extensive precautions...more than I plan to take...and he still got it. I don't think its about "being careful" or "being safe"...as we all do that. It's about being in or touching the wrong place at the wrong time. That's how infections work.
  12. The more people that get scared away from cruising....the more room for me ! Bring it on !
  13. Just received an email from Carnival re 21Nov cruise....and RAT Tests are still required 24hrs beforehand.
  14. So, how are they verifying RAT tests in the terminal?
  15. I don't know what it means, but the requirement to do a Rat test has been removed from my VeriFly app for a November 21 cruise....and I now have green ticks.
  16. We've been a few times also, but we actually found a great little cafe at Port Chalmers itself...where you can get a good feed and live music, at times. Just something cheap and cheerful to consider...followed by a stroll around town and up to the small lookout.
  17. Sometimes, the full story is not detailed on these sites. As someone mentioned...if you fill out the form correctly and your details are all in line with the requirements, you normally get an ETA (both Australian and USA ones) almost instantaneously. If your details are not within the parametres....there will be extra tasks to complete....e.g. if passport or a supporting document in maiden, or different name. The over-riding advice is....get in early!
  18. If it keeps more un-informed people away from cruising...then I'm all for it. More availability for me !
  19. Perhaps the horse's mouth may be more accurate. Some passengers currently on the Coral Princess wrote this to the Press: "I am dissapointed at the misinformation being circulated in the media. Passengers WERE advised prior to boarding that some crew had Covid and were isolated and were offered credits. Everyone is vaccinated, wear masks, and are required to wash hands regularly. I have not observed anyone coughing. I feel that my risk of getting Covid here is probably lower than my local shopping centre. We are enjoying the cruise, circumstances have necessitated some changes to the way things are organised on board but still an enjoyable and relaxing experience. We are in Eden today and everyone going ashore must show a negative RAT which was given to us last night."
  20. These are the people calling cruise ships "floating petrie dishes" !
  21. Are you all aware that there's around 5000 new Covid cases in QLD a day? Where do you think they are coming from...corn flakes packets? No...they are coming from people going to work, going to the shops, flying on aircraft, catching a train, getting pissed at the pub or going to the footy. Is the media asking us not to frequent those places? How does a few managed cases on a cruise ship attract so much attention?
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