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  1. My point is that there is no reason to be self consciouss about being Star Class, and others should not feel slighted or jealous that you are. The teachable moment is to respect not envy.
  2. Riding a couple of times in a row is something kids like to do, and they have every right to do so and not feel bad. If someone gets upset, then too bad. That is the way it works. This is not kindergarten, it is the real world. Teach your kids to be happy for the people that can afford it, and encourage them to strive for that if it is something they want, not to be envious, jealous and hateful of people that can.
  3. Not really, and no reason to be insulting. $19 it can be a pretty good deal if you want to use the amenities it provides. WIFI costs a minimum of $10 per day if bought with a drink package, so everything else only costs $50 on a 5 day cruise.
  4. And the amazing thing is that it is refundable credit!
  5. you forgot the Ma in the title. (old song reference)
  6. They are refunding the RCCL Travel protection and allowing NextCruise OBC to apply to new bookings. They really are trying to serve lemonade!
  7. Actually, they do not and will not. Things like this happen all the time, and people find out what the cruise contract actually says. It may not be right, but it is the way it is.
  8. I think that the COmmerce department and the Treasury Department (OFAC) are not communicating. Once they do, I think the argument will be that to give the grandfather clause any effect they have to allow previously scheduled cruises, among other legal arguments. It may take a court getting involved. I think the Federal District Court in Miami would favor the Cruise companies.
  9. From RCCL: We are aware of the new U.S. travel restrictions to Cuba and we are analyzing the details to understand the impact to future sailings. We expect to know more within the next 24 hours and will communicate any changes as soon as we are able. In the meantime, we are adjusting the itineraries of our June 5 and June 6 sailings, which will no longer stop in Cuba. We are communicating with our guests about those changes.
  10. I think you are fine as to the US rules. Are you on Majesty? I will also be sailing on Monday.
  11. I think you misunderstand what I am saying. I would not be worried about attacks, I would be worried about myself or the tour guide being arrested.
  12. So you have to use a secret code and special meeting place. I wouldn't be worried, Blexie has a great reputation. As for the legality, and this is a personal opnion only, I wouldn't be so comfortable myself.
  13. Because this happened to 1 person the company can't be trusted? Based on that standard, no company is trustworthy. I agree it should not happen, and my guess is that there was a problem in the reservation file. They refunded the cost difference (appx $125) plus an additional $300. based on the cost difference in the cabins, I would guess that this is a substantial percentage of the cruise fare. Of course, they could always do more, but I don't think they totally missed the boat(sorry) on this one. Perfection as a standard is simply unattainable.
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