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  1. If the "comic" ever harasses you if you get up to leave. Just explain to them that you figured out you were in the wrong place. You were looking for the comedy show. But be sure you leave very quickly after that, you won't want to hear his responses.
  2. Despite the expert recommendations here, I would get the documents that RCCL indicates you need, and make sure any copies are certified copies. I do not think that RCCL or DHS will take the responses to your post as to what they need to see. Or you can wait to test it either on the day you board or the day you try to get back into the country.
  3. Ask them to send you a copy of the cancelation summary email. It will show how the refund was processed. Like the others have said, it sounds like the issue is with the TA, not Royal.
  4. If you are lucky enough to have Mark Cordes as your comedian, be sure to see him! He is very funny.
  5. But as time went by, the F word became every other word and he spent a lot of the show grabbing himself. Ok, that's an exaggeration, but you know what I mean. It the same as George Carlin, I liked him much more before he went political. I don't want to be shocked, grossed out or have my political views reinforced or attacked. I want to laugh.
  6. Being associated with George Lopez is stepping up your game? I hope RCCL never tries to play in that game.
  7. Reminds me of the time My wife and I took her parents to see a show in Las Vegas. I guess she didn't think about how prevalent topless showgirls were. She was clearly embarrassed. My father-in-law saw this, so he started to talk to me about comparing sizes and shapes. I miss him.
  8. So who decides the guidelines? I personally do not enjoy the profanity laced and graphic style of comedy that has become prevalent. Personally, I do not like it, for example, I like early Robin Williams much better. But imposing "parameters" is a scary thing. It was an adult show, so expect "adult" content. But versions of that particular joke (I didn't hear it, but I am sure of the jest of it) have been around forever.
  9. This thread is an amazing example of why it is really impossible to base your choices on reviews. The exact same cruise, with rooms next to each other, can get a 1-star and a 5-star review. It really comes down to personal experience. If 1 thing bad happens, and you let it get to you, everything can start to annoy you. I have had that happen many times. I have gotten better at trying to move on and have a good time anyway, but I know that is hard sometimes.
  10. I don't want to make you mad, but you are on a vacation. Relax. Windows get dirty. It won't spoil your view unless you let it.
  11. You can get champagne Stoppers: https://smile.amazon.com/s?k=champaign+cork&ref=nb_sb_noss_1 I take a couple of bottles of champagne and one of these. The taste changes fairly fast (maybe 1 day), but it is great for mimosas.
  12. http://translatingcuba.com/cuban-police-have-their-eyes-on-the-tourist-guides-in-old-havana/
  13. No news report. Read this thread and others in the Cuba board:
  14. Where did you hear this. I have not heard anything about that.
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