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  1. Yes, but Governor DeSantis has a press release that says the Judge ruled that they cannot request it under Federal or State law. I think at best it's another "misunderstanding". Actually, no I don't.
  2. We all believed that based on what we knew, the CDC was within it's delegated powers. The interesting thing to me is that the decision seems very inconsistent. On one hand the CDC's actions are unconstitutional, on the other hand if the Judge thinks they are more reasonable, they become constitutional? He went far deeper into the subjects than I am willing to. So at this point, we might have been wrong but within the next 30 days it might change so that we were right. We actually know less about what our cruises might look like than we did last week though. And last week we didn't know.
  3. However there is a very good reason that the 2 month time period was chosen. If you are interested, research it so that the information not from me. It's not that natural immunity is a threat, it is just not clear how strong that immunity is, if it varies between people. There is still research to be done on that. Hopefully there will be results soon.
  4. I have not found that anywhere in the decision, and no one has been able to show me where it says that. The only mention of "vaccine passport" is in a footnote about the Florida law contributing to it's claimed harm. And this is directed to others reading your post, not you.
  5. I also would have to plead guilty, but I find most of it interesting.
  6. So you are making the decision for those people? You have determined that other peoples fears are baseless? To compare this situtation to other vaccines totally ignores reality. You can not want to provide proof of COVID vaccination, but at least be honest and recognize the difference and at least respect that, based on what I've seen, most people do not agree with you. That doesn't make them right, but at least recognize their opinion.
  7. I love how people from both sides attempt to use the other sides terminology against them.
  8. The way they can make a majority of their customers happy right now would be to let them determine who is vaccinated and who is not.
  9. You are ignoring the fact that the majority of their customers want vaccinated cruises for now.
  10. That is the second time I missed the sarcasm. Thank you for not coming after me, I deserve a bit of a flame for not catching that one.
  11. That is forcing someone to provide a service to someone they perceive as a health threat. It is also not allowing a business to provide what their customers perceive as a safe place to be. The businesses only other option would be to maintain masks and social distancing, which almost always limits their capacity.
  12. I just searched the entire decision for the word passport, it is used 1 time. I have skimmed the decision, but not read it all, but I can't see where he said that, nor would that be part of the question before him. So all I am asking is if anyone knows where it says that. It's certainly not in his conclusion
  13. So youvare unwilling to take any drug that has not been tested for 20 years? But in any event no one is forcing you to get. You have that choice. And like all choices, there are consequences.
  14. I would like to see where they think that. Vaccine passports are only mentioned one time in a footnote regarding Florida contributing to it's damages by passing that law.
  15. I think you two agree, but just don't realize it.
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