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  1. And passengers need to take their own responsibility as well. It's not all about poor customer service on their end. You did what you felt was right to protect yourself. What's "fair" in your eyes is one sided.
  2. The future bookings desk was packed everyday on Harmony two weeks ago. Busiest I’ve ever seen it.
  3. We were at the Coco Beach Club yesterday and 8 out of the 20 over the water cabanas were empty. Guess the $2k cost (a time of cruising) is the top limit of what people will pay. They were cheaper right when they became available to book but I can’t remember what it was. Surprised RCCL didn’t lower the prices to sell them out. There were two ships docked and plenty of people.
  4. We're not a fan of the CK lunches or dinner's. It's limited and basic and doesn't seem to change. We do however on several nights order from the main dining room menu (suite perk) and have it delivered to our suite for an intimate setting. Can't speak to the drinks as we aren't heavy drinkers and never get the drinks package. I do appreciate the coffee, tea's at the CK and the bottled waters for port days.
  5. Having something being "Worth It" is all relative. We live in Seattle where there's a small window of water parks to go to and there's nothing like Thrill Water park. I for one don't do water slides however my kiddo had a blast. It was a great experience to do once. Worth it to us. Oasis Lagoon was too crazy for me however I saw lots of people enjoying themselves, smiles on their faces, having a great time. Worth it to them. Wave pool. Fun but lots of noise and commotion. People enjoying themselves. Worth it to some, others maybe not. While my kid was doing the water slides I parked myself on a chair, with an umbrella, reading a book, drinking an island drink. Worth it to me. Others may not like it as it's too sedentary. Not worth it to them. If waiting in line is not your thing then get up at 8:30 and get there first like we did. Worth it to us. Moseying off the ship at 11 and expecting there to be no one else is unrealistic. If you don't like being on a schedule, having to be somewhere, and still expecting to not have to wait, not worth it for you. The island truly offers all levels of fun. It's value and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  6. Deck 6 & 8 are my favorite on Oasis class ships.
  7. I’ve benefited by upgrading on my last cruise with my TA as opposed to bidding on RoyalUp. It wasn’t a sold out cruise. However, my cruise this weekend is fully booked and a GS at the time of booking was way out of my price range. Just won my Royal bid to a GS that was half the cost what it was when I booked my Balcony room. Definitely check before bidding but it can work the other way as well.
  8. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/booked/cruise-room-upgrade You can either check on your confirmation bid email or here.
  9. I'm 2 points away from my next jump. It's a good excuse to take another cruise if you can't do a suite to get the double points. Enjoy the cruise!
  10. Thank you for these, I just bought them for my next cruise. My kiddo always needs a light on and leaving the bathroom door ajar with the light on is not ideal. The door moves and squeaks with the waves. Thanks!
  11. I didn't get a RoyalUp email but went to this link and put in my information. It ranges, as I was able to do this 40 days out. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/booked/cruise-room-upgrade keep checking.
  12. If you are in a Royal Suite your Genie will pretty much make it happen for you. That's what they are there for. Enjoy!
  13. Well...one hour after I posted this I received my upgrade email from Royal. Soooo excited! It's been a sold out cruise for a while. GS here we come! FYI- I put in what was considered a fair bid. I'm not telling my family until we arrive.
  14. I placed three RoyalUp bids on 1/6 for my cruise that leaves this Sunday 2/16. Two of those bids now show as expired and the 3rd for a GS is showing pending. Now I have my hopes up 🙂
  15. I always book the cruise when I'm ready to do it and not wait for another sale. Rates fluctuate so much. For my cruise last summer I was able to upgrade my room twice after booking because the fares kept dropping as it wasn't selling out quickly. The cruise I'm taking in 5 days the fares have done nothing but go up after I booked it.
  16. 8pm is when it leaves but be sure to verify that last call time for all aboard. Have fun!
  17. We prefer the GS as you can order off the dining room menu for free to your room as part of the benefits. There are a few nights where we just like to sit on the balcony and chill. Also access to the lounge, we grabbed waters everyday, sat and had coffee, got away from the crowds. Not to mention you get access to the private sundeck as well.
  18. How many of you with multiple cruise live within driving distance of the ports? The max I've done is two however I have to fly everywhere. Unless I do an Alaska Cruise every other week as I can see the ships from my office 🙂
  19. Chill island and south beach are free, plenty of chairs and umbrella's. I always tell people if you're very particular about locations of your chairs it's always best to be first however if you don't care there will be plenty available for you.
  20. We cruise on Harmony in a week and the water park tickets have been sold out for well over a few months now
  21. I feel a credit is honest and fair by Royal for this situation. What else would prevent the masses from cancelling because they just don't want to go? So many would take advantage of this situation out of fear. You too hold an obligation with your ticket when sending in the final cruise payment.
  22. This was my first thought in looking at if my RoyalUp bid will be accepted. 🙂
  23. You can honestly wear whatever you want just be prepared for those disapproving looks coming your way. 🙂 I appreciate a devil may care attitude myself as long as you are clothed.
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