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  1. I much prefer the RCCL / NCL approach. Scientists working for industry, such as the panel Terry describes, can and do solve problems like this. The solutions so developed benefit consumers and add to the bottom line of their employers. In addition, the solutions developed by private industry must be approved by a regulating authority before they are implemented. To be effective, the regulator must be competent, impartial, and not care one bit about the supplicant's bottom line. In this case, in the US, the CDC would be that regulator. Carnival could be taking advantage of the "open" approach Terry describes above. Results from RCCL / NCL will be shared with all so Carnival gets them for free. Or, perhaps, we are seeing a sort of cooperation among these rivals. Put two heavy hitters on the science. Put the other on a sort of public health/PR tack. We want to cruise again. Thank you Terry for these posts, and as I've read somewhere on this board, " Keep them coming" 😉
  2. As the deadline came and went for the early booking bonus expiration, I did not hear from Silversea and also did not contact them. Although we use travel agents for our land trips, our experience working directly with Silversea for cruising has been stellar. I believe they would have called or emailed if $$ were at stake. So, my thinking is, under present conditions, both I and Silversea will hope, wait and see.
  3. Reminds me of Mad magazine's Alfred E Neuman for president back in (who remembers when?)
  4. They do not even approximate how good yours looked, however I think thanks to your input they will be better than version 1! Time to eat...
  5. The UK, Norway, and the Netherlands. This is the itinerary we were supposed to be on a few weeks ago. We so looked forward to the ports and being on board again. Agree with Mysty:
  6. Hope you can stay dry Davey! Neither am I 🙂
  7. An 8 day land trip across Ireland we had scheduled through a travel agent for early August was cancelled late yesterday. I guess no escape from the heat this summer. Feathering the edges of the roasties tonight as per our daveywavey, hoping for the best to go with tilapia and steamed fresh green beans.
  8. Glad yours worked out emtbsam! I also brought out the Old Bay in full as well as other crab cake spices we prefer (white pepper, a bit of Colgan's dry mustard, etc). I can only conclude that I can't cook worth a da** - no, wait a minute, a little joke there - I can only conclude North Carolina catfish no, grouper yes, if making faux crab cakes.
  9. I so agree with Homer, and love the grilled steak pic by Chas. But, has anyone else here ever heard of mammalian meat allergy, or alpha gal syndrome? This insidious condition makes one allergic to all mammalian meat. So cruel. Apparently I got it from a tick bite a couple years ago, and it is still with me. Poultry and seafood all fine, but no real bacon, no filet mignon, veal parmigiana, etc. Not looking for sympathy. But, as I hope to meet many or all of you folks on a cruise someday, thought I would get this awkward bit out of the way. (Yes, I really am ordering the chicken at this marvelous steak venue 🙂)
  10. Ditto to Spins' wishes to Mysty and all the good people way up North
  11. Carl Reiner was a genius IMO. Terry's list of his accomplishments would mirror many of my all time favorite movies, shows, and even audio bits like 2000 year old man. Jonathan Winters was a huge favorite of mine years ago, but oddly, I can't remember a single thing he did apart from remembering a TV show I enjoyed. I would like to recommend avoiding a recipe I tried last night - catfish cakes. The idea was to replicate crab cakes for a fraction of the cost. Didn't work for me, maybe others have had better luck.
  12. Today's email: early booking bonus requires final payment by end of June. This is for a cruise 6/14/21 from Barcelona to Rome on Silver Moon, which sounds so good right now. But the relief I felt when getting the refund for this year's cruise makes me wonder - do i want to do this? Before calling Silversea rep, I hope this topic might be a good place to hear some thoughts, fully understanding there are no looking glasses that see a year into the future...
  13. Why do tomato sauces taste better the second day? Or maybe that's not generally true...
  14. Looks delicious TLC! My night to cook tonight, won't be posting pictures of the spaghetti...😏
  15. We recently started sailing on Silversea and found the posts from observer and JPAlbny (as well as others here) extremely helpful and on target in the preparation for our 2 cruises to date. So, nothing to add, just wanted relay our experience, and add a welcome.
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