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  1. Greek gin new to me. Glad you enjoyed it Lois. A favorite Greek restaurant nearby provided a free small glass of ouzo at the end of every meal with the bill. Sadly, recently closed. Need to try the gin sometime soon. The Ouzo made it easy to pay the bill & add a generous tip 🙂
  2. Stumbles isn't snarky. I'm not sure I could specifically describe what I had for lunch today. Uh, some salad from Publix and leftover chicken. Wouldn't hold a candle to what I saw the women post from their cruises. I already booked this USVI thing. So glad R Lois and Spins had a good time! Love the cooler
  3. So as we are slowly coming out of our Covid-19 shell, we first visited out of state family (went well) and my subsequent move was to book a US Virgin Islands visit through United at the end of next month. Tonight I'm worried I may have jumped the gun on that. It sounds to me that Silversea has a handle on things thanks to Spins' and Lois' reports, Why I thought this was a safer option is no longer clear to me. Perhaps another glass of wine shall clarify my thinking...🍷
  4. Yes I thought so too @Gourmet Gal! Don't own a tux, own a suit, so that's what I wear (or a sport coat and dress slacks) & I've never felt uncomfortable
  5. Have you all seen these playing for change music videos? Like LaBamba? all just for fun... (246) La Bamba (Los Lobos) feat. Andrés Calamaro | Playing For Change | Song Around The World - YouTube
  6. It was a white Bordeaux, Chateau Haut Guillebot. We easily finished the bottle 😎
  7. Come to think of it OP, cold cheese is not necessarily a bad thing. Enjoying a wonderful Marieke Gouda with crackers at the moment... not suffering at all 🙂
  8. and @nowornever is quite reserved in her posts (and over a small glass of wine too!) so let me pack up my anger at being sucked into this thread & say good riddance to the OP, go back to seven seas and acl where you belong ps my raspberry is louder than your raspberry
  9. Business casual with a sport coat has served me well. I chose to wear a tie on formal nights & will probably do so again.
  10. Variety is the spice of life. @rojaan19 I can no longer consider this collection complete. Dear wife added the background, she may be hinting at something... .
  11. Wow, so sorry this happened to you joanandjoe. Totally understand the toppings problem as I have this weird mammalian meat allergy which makes me no fun at any potluck lunch or dinner 😐. But, I think what you experienced is an exception, not the rule on Silversea.
  12. Understood, just experienced this with my daughter & her family. It went well, the only problem was the visit had to end. Wishing you the best for the trip & the wedding, And to your brother and his bride - all the best.
  13. Elsa bringing a flash flood warning & tornado watch here, all kinds of alarms going off. Someone send a smallish cruise ship up the James River; the Shadow preferred. After boarding all VS members, we can stop at Williamsburg with excursions then head out to the Atlantic. After, set sail for Canada or Colorado, anywhere where its not raining. Let's have a 3rd glass tonight...
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