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  1. Suggest you bring sport coat and tie at minimum. Maybe the suit would be better, but if you don't want to bring both, one or the other should be sufficient. We only have one SS cruise experience to Alaska, with a single formal optional night. I wore sport coat and tie that night and did not feel out of place. Others were dressed nicer, but I felt no disapproval directed my way. I did wish I packed a second tie for going out, that's just me. On informal nights the sport coat or suit jacket is sufficient, tie is optional. Some restaurants are more casual than others. We are looking forward to a Caribbean cruise this December on the Shadow. I hope you have a terrific time on the Wind!
  2. Outstanding, will watch for the results on FB
  3. News on this is hard to find, searching Ecuador Riots did turn up some current info from The Guardian
  4. Made this tonight, turned out great. Good side dish recipes not easy to find. Thanks for sharing JP!
  5. I totally don't understand it, so I wouldn't sign either! Also offering best wishes Mr. and Mrs. Silver for a great cruise. FLL to Lima sounds so interesting! Peru just a place on the map to me, soon it (and other places) will be memories for you. I'm hoping you'll see better weather than what Florida gave you in the picture above. OT: Wife and I did sign up for the Dublin to Amsterdam cruise, sort of embarrassed that I thought it warranted a separate thread so I'm sneaking this in here...
  6. Thank you Observer and JP. We would like to stay over in the Netherlands, but we are also looking at the possibility of a land tour of Ireland pre-cruise, so for us, one or the other locations would be one night.
  7. Tomorrow afternoon I'll either put a deposit down on Cruise #4009 Dublin to Amsterdam on the Whisper, or not, for cruise 3. Love the itinerary (spelling again?). Thoughts anyone?
  8. This was also true on our recent Alaska cruise on the Muse. We'd run over and open our door to the hallway to hear them (like any good newbies!). Is there some switch or something to get announcements in cabin? We have been following your cruise with interest, really appreciate the beautiful photos, and I hope you both are feeling better.
  9. Sounds delicious JP. Getting ready to bake some fresh Ahi tuna I've been marinating, wish I had some of that semolina dish as a side!
  10. Our condolences, and we are so glad Celebrity helped a bit. We have been considering trying Celebrity, your post changes our thinking from "perhaps" to "when" Best wishes
  11. We just completed our first SS cruise in September. It was 7 days, the first leg of what we learned was a trans-pacific cruise to Tokyo. We loved it. Food was superb, fellow cruisers were friendly, included wines were enjoyable, and the staff exceeded in so many respects I won't list them for fear of understating our experience. You may come across one or two posts here (and on other lines as we found during researching for our cruise) that seem to disparage 7 day cruisers, but I can assure you that once on board, you won't feel anything but welcome. Pampered was our experience. Those of us new have to start somewhere after all! There are many folks on this board that can knowledgably (spelling?) answer any other questions you might have, but let my wife and I be the first to say "welcome aboard" and that we wish you have the best cruise ever!
  12. Thank you nowornever, so good to hear from you. It was certainly our pleasure to meet you and your husband! I'm so glad the rest of the cruise went well, we both wished we could stay aboard. But it is on the bright side for all of us to have another SS cruise coming up pretty soon 😉
  13. Jimmyke, thanks for bringing these videos back to the first page. We very much enjoyed watching!
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