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  1. Make sure you are replacing XXX123@ with your booking number not just XXX123.
  2. I wasn't suggesting children should be vaccinated for Covid to enroll in school, only pointing out that Florida does require proof of vaccine for certain businesses (schools and daycare). It is simply illogical that some Florida businesses (Carnival) can't require proof of vaccines and some can (schools/daycare). It does not matter what the vaccine is for, requiring proof of vaccine is the issue.
  3. So in Florida businesses can't ask for proof of vaccine for Covid but you have to provide proof of vaccines for seven different diseases if you want to enroll your child in public or private school or enroll in daycare. http://www.floridahealth.gov/programs-and-services/immunization/children-and-adolescents/school-immunization-requirements/index.html I suppose DeSantis will be changing the requirement to show proof of vaccines for school/daycare enrollment as well? After all private schools and daycare centers are businesses. Oh wait, probably not since the restrictions of proof of Covid vaccine is clearly just political grandstanding and pandering to his base.
  4. Not sure about it appearing in the Hub app but if you go to your Cruise Manager, select Print Documents and Print General Information the OBC show up on the second page right below the Itemized Charges section.
  5. I have the $99/person non-refundable deposit on the cruise. I started with the rep that answered the regular 1-800 number and explained what I wanted to do. After she looked up my booking she did transfer me to the casino department where they took care of the re-pricing. You will need you booking number and PIN when you call.
  6. Yes, generally you can get the better rate. I just did this yesterday for a casino rate that we booked a couple of months ago. The total cost was $150 less that what we originally booked it for. I called the 800 number and the rep was very helpful in repricing my cruise. I received the $150 difference as OBC. Also, there is a time limit on re-pricing your cruise. We are sailing April 26 and the rep said I could re-price until February 11 but no re-pricing after that.
  7. Does anyone know if any of the Carnival snorkel excursion in Grand Turk visit The Wall? I know a couple private tour operators go there but I don't know if Carnival provided excursion do. Thanks.
  8. Does anyone know if any of the Carnival snorkel excursions in Grand Turk visit The Wall? I know a couple private tour operators go there but don't know if Carnival provided excursions do. Thanks!
  9. If you want to play the slots on Carnival at a 10% discount try this. Sign up for the free AllState Drivewise app and earn points (there's a whole thread on this elsewhere on the forums). Once you have enough points you can purchase Carnival gift cards at a 10% discount. A $100 Carnival gift card costs $90 plus 1000 points. They also have $500 and $1000 gift cards as well. You take those gift cards on board with you and apply them to your OBC account. After you setup your casino account on your Sign & Sail card you can transfer funds from your OBC to your casino account. Transfer that $100 credit you paid $90 for and voila you're playing the slots at a 10% discount.
  10. Hey Big_G_111 - Thanks for working this out. I will make use of this on my Carnival cruise next April.
  11. You can also fill out the Special Needs form at https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/allaboutcruising/guestSpecialNeeds.do There is a check box for CPAB/BIPAP machine. I did this for my upcoming cruise in October and got an email response back from Special Services within 48 hours telling me an extension cord and distilled water would be in my cabin upon arrival.
  12. You can always purchase the drink package when you see a "reasonable" price and then if the price goes down simple cancel the drink package a re-buy it. For my sailing on the Empress Oct 16 I can cancel and re-buy as often as I want up until Oct 14. I've already done this once as we bought it at $52 and it went down to $47. This also works for the excursions as well.
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