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  1. Everybody knows that its POSH: Port Out Starboard Home (from the UK heading to India)
  2. Ships are measure by tonnage. Commercial ships, like cruise ships, are categorized by volume. Military ship are sized by displacement.
  3. Who would want to cruise Alaska on an "E-class?" We did Alaska on Summit and it was great! Tried the Edge - never again set foot on an E-class. The Black Forest from the planet Altair 4 was scary enough. Horrible ship. Dangerous stairs. Staying with Solstice and Milli classes.
  4. Consider it an "adventure" and relish the experience. You are not in the "midwest" anymore, Dorothy. Not everything is perfect. By and large, touring in Croatia is wonderful. Lived there for three years. The people are great and friendly. Again, chalk it up to an "adventure."
  5. We have done both, a hotel near P. Roma and hotels near St Marks. The latter much better to experience Venice. First trip ever in 1987 was a small hotel around the back side of St Marks. Last visit three years ago we booked a very nice hotel near the bridge in Academia. Close to both St Marks and close to San Basilio. Water taxis will get you anywhere you want to go. Don't worry about being close to land transportation. Taxis run from the airport into the heart of Venice. Enjoy Venice as Italians do.
  6. It actually doesn't say that. And, testing pre-cruise its still required in many countries, to include Italy.
  7. Countries other than the US also have COVID testing directive to board. Heading to Italy in tens days and as of today Italy still requires pre-boarding testing. An update is expected on 15 June...
  8. The problem is there are a number of people who openly defy the safety protocols and who have openly on CC discussed ways to circumvent testing. In essence, actively spreading COVID-19. Knowingly infected and going into crowded venues on a cruise ship is totally unsatisfactory. Infecting others who may be immunocompromised and putting their lives at risk could be considered totally unacceptable. Wear the mask and follow protocols. There are there for everyone's safety.
  9. The EU, and the countries within he EU, appear to be more restrictive than in the US. EU citizens, as well. NOT mandating masks is just asking for a boat load of cases. Just nuts.
  10. Concern is that ships are chasing COVID by not mandating masking everywhere until a specific level of infection is estimated by medical. That puts everyone at risk. Had this happen on a recent TA (different cruise line) when following testing for flying into the US 2 days prior to arrival Southampton, the ship initiated mandatory masking. Waaaay too late as the positive rate was over 20 percent of those tested. COVID is not vanquished. It has to be managed to insure everyone stays healthy. And cruise passengers, all the them, need to adhere to masking policies.
  11. "AI" and drink packages have only one objective: make money for Celebrity. No one can drink the amount of liquor in a "drinks" package and stile healthy. Celebrity (and others) are simply betting that people presume it s "good deal" and opt for the packages. Celebrity wins!
  12. We are spending 3 nights pre-cruise in a hotel on Piazza Navona and found a pharmacy just off the piazza that does testing: Via di Tor Millina 6.
  13. Several years ago we did the "Angels and Demons" tour relating to the Tom Hanks movie. They might be fascinated by connecting/seeing the real life locations/events as they related to the movie and book and learning how myth and reality mesh. Having visited Rome many times and need to limit walking, we booked a "golf cart" tour of Rome which uses the back streets to visit many of the locales. Rome in an open golf cart might entice them for 3 hours...
  14. The question reminds me of my spouse's experience driving through New York City as a child: "look up and see the Empire State Building!" You cannot expect to experience any culture, much less one as beautiful and complex as Rome, doing a "drive by."
  15. We flew MCO-ATL-LAX-SYD and back on Virgin Australia, Triple 7, booked though Princess Air. Princess air worked with us to get the connections correct for Summer flying in the US South where PM thunderstorms can compromise schedules. Business class was comfortable even on this long flight LAX-SYD.
  16. Bo: We booked this well over a year ago and covers the central Med well. Celebrity Reflection 24 June-4 July with stops at Olympia, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Kotor, Messina, Naples and Livorno before returning to Civitavecchia. All wonderful places with wide varied tour options. Dubrovnik is a wonder.
  17. Booked flights FCO to US via FRA using Celebrity Air. They gave us a 1005 departure time from FCO. We have booked transportation at 0630 from ship to FCO. According to Celebrity, that is within scheduling parameters,
  18. Appreciate the advice. Have been traveling internationally since 1960 to include through FCO and understand the challenges. Over month ago requested Celebrity Air to revise the flight itinerary and offered to stay at the FCO Hilton until 6 July at our own expense and catch the same flight schedule. Nope - no way. And this is on paid business class tickets. I'm more concerned about obtaining the required COVID tests for US entry.
  19. Thank you for providing this. We are booked on Reflection R/T Civitavecchia returning early AM 4 July and schedule to fly out if FCO at 1000. Have been searching testing locations at the 3 July stop in Italy with little luck since its a Sunday and almost all pharmacies are closed. If Refection continues this policy its very helpful to all flying post cruise on day of arrival. I tried to change the flight departure date and Celebrity Air was not having any of that - Nyet on changing dates.
  20. I agree with "Fly and Sail." Cruise lines are masking numbers and doing whatever makes them look good. They are not and will not be of assistance. Bad "press" and rising costs are their concerns.
  21. Great points and agree. Problem is that many Americans do not (cannot?) follow simple protocols for keeping themselves and their fellow passengers safe. Vaccination rates in the US are well below those within the EU. While people around the globe are crying for vaccinations, many Americans eschew being vaccinated, go maskless in high density areas, and and will not abide by simple and easy to follow procedures.
  22. The difference between the "stuffy" gold ol days and eating at Golden Corral...
  23. Not today's HAL. The original Queens and SS America and SS United States. 1950s trans-Atlantic cruising. And, yes, HAL from the same era.
  24. Its not "luxury" until the ship has a waiter walking the corridors calling first class passengers to dinner by playing a xylophone.
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