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  1. I wouldn't wanna be the 1 to clean that up
  2. Is there such a thing as a service cat ? ???? Just asking
  3. I would think children would be happier on a Disney cruise. Seems like there would be more for Children to do.
  4. I've been on hold with Holland America for about an hour and they can't tell me if the shower is separate in the vista suite. It does say World pool bath/ shower ..I need a separate shower as I can't climb over the tub. Anyone know?
  5. Thank you. I'm 75 years old. Take a look at thread 27.
  6. That looks like a great menu. Not really sure how it works yet But I'll keep reading.
  7. Thank you so much. I would have never figured that out.
  8. I know you posted this about a month ago but I just got around to buying this wedge on Amazon that you pictured here. I have a question. How do use it? I got it but it didn't come with any instructions. Mine is exactly the same as yours, even the color. Thought you could help. Thanks
  9. Where do you get the cans of water? Also, can you get cans of soda from the bar unopened and take them back to your room?
  10. Great YouTube video on this subject. I forget the name of the guy doing it but it was very informative.
  11. Thinking about taking my 1st princess cruise and was wondering if there is a charge for room service. Thank you
  12. The only reason I'm looking forward to 4 star is for the laundry.
  13. I agree. It was a well kept secret. I've been traveling with Holland America since 2017 and never knew lunch was being served in the main dining room until last year. the only reason I knew it then was because another passenger mentioned it. I really enjoyed it because I don't much care for the Iido at all. Oh well
  14. That's the 1 I'm looking at now on Amazon. The 1 for larger people. Thanks again for the advice
  15. This is great information. Thank you. I also had the same problem getting the rollator out of the cabin door. I had to drag it! It was very difficult and awkward.
  16. My plastic bottles of water were taken away from me in Boston in the port terminal. I was not allowed to carry them on board.
  17. I would have to say yes. Last year was the 1st time I took a rollator with me. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, it did keep me from getting on the tenders so I do feel like I lost out on a lot. Now I find my myself looking at the excursions that are accessible.. They are not many...... Some trams will not take the rollator. Some buses will not take the rollator. So yes it is more difficult for me
  18. I feel the same way. That's why I don't announce when I'm going of how long.
  19. There was an issue where I was concerned. I had to talk to quite a few people before I got a resolved. I have been a member for 22 years but somehow I could not get into the rewards. The representatives were wonderful And somehow it got it done., you may have to call AARP
  20. Terrific information. Thank you. I was able to get in and I bought some and it was great thank you so much. I've been a member for 22 years and I've never ever used it.1 more question please Can I use the cards towards my deposit for the trip?
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